All legacy sims come as young adults.

I don’t mind if people share and you can do with them as you please, except please don’t claim any of these as your own creation. This usually isn’t a problem, but sometimes people do this. My major rule is that you have fun with them. Feel free to tweak if you want, not that I could stop anyone if I wanted to. XD If you do use any of them and take pictures in-game feel free to show me. :3

**(I was going to upload every single sim in my Belin family, but I’ve decided I will probably only upload ones that are heirs or I personally really like. If there is a sim that you would like feel free to ask me either at my live journal or my tumblr.)**

The Belins

Gen 1:

Sebastian Belin

Gen 2:

Gen 3:

Misc. Sims

You can view and download them from my simblr.

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