Belin update will be late

Sorry to anyone who may be waiting for the next update. I’m still in the process of deciding what I want to keep and how I want to edit the next part. Last week was kinda bad for me and this week I caught a really bad cold/flu that’s lingering around, so, my mindset has been really terrible. My apologies to you. (;_;) I will have it up as soon as I can though.


If you’re interested I have a simblr now, Simbico. I don’t post much on it since I don’t usually have much to post, but it’s there. (^^;) It may not always be considered work safe since right now I have a naked (pixel censored) elder on it…. (;>_>) Anyway, if you have simblr too and want to follow each other let me know. :3

Take care everyone! And thank you! ♥

Sebastian up for download

If anyone would like to download Sebastian Belin I now have him available in the sims section (click the “Sims” tab up top). The rest of the Belins will be available when they are shown as young adults in the future.


ETA (in case anyone sees this): Sebastian now comes with his facial hair as long as you’ve downloaded it. Link is provided. :3

I’ll hopefully be posting my TS3 legacy here when I can copy and paste it from my Live Journal since LJ seems to be having issues more often than it has before and is getting on my nerves. >:S