Going away on vacay so have a picture of Ronin having a bath!

If you follow my tumblr then this is probably old news to you, but I am going away for two weeks and will hardly be on the computer, if at all (since I’m not taking my laptop with me). I had been hoping to get the next update finished before I leave this evening, but due to my personal difficulties of writing and my new obsession with Dragon Age 2 it’s only mostly finished. (>_>) I’m sorry to all those who are waiting. I have not given up on them and I doubt that I ever will.

Also, on the week of July 13th the Belins will have been being played for 1 year! I’m such a slow legacy player. lol I wasn’t this slow with my TS2 legacy, but I guess it’s OK as long as I don’t give up and those of you who continue to enjoy it do. (:

Thank you everyone for your patience with me! I appreciate it!♥ :3

Belin Legacy Delay

I’m not sure if making a post about this here is needed, but just in case….

There will definitely be a delay for an undetermined amount of time for the next part. If you follow me on tumblr then you already know that I received my new computer on Monday. I’m going to be learning how to set things up on an SSD (which is completely new to me having only dealt with conventional computers before) and once I have successfully done that I will be installing all my games and hopefully be able to play!

I’ve also been partly feeling a little inwardly uninspired which has gotten a bit in the way, as well as indecisive about some things… ( >_>) I really do apologize and hopefully by the time I have my games installed and saves copied over those two obstacles won’t be there any more or easier to overcome.

Thank you all for your continued patience and for always coming back to read despite my lateness and delays in updates! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ~~♥♥♥

No update yet… ( >_>)

I sincerely apologize for this week and quite possibly the next week. As I’ve mentioned before (probably more than once) my brother is getting married next week and that plus work has me a bit busy. On top of that I realized I may be in a bit more of a pickle with updates than I thought I was. I need to reorganize parts because I want to try and not post a lot of pointless stuff that might run the risk of making things boring… (;;>_>)

I’m going to work on the next part because I don’t think I’m going to change much. It’s main purpose was to give a little focus on Kristi and Brice, so, I hope that it will be entertaining when I get it done. (^^;)

If you don’t already know about my simblr (though many of you probably do) I do post some current stuff on Sal and Russel, so, I hope that can make up a bit for the lateness of the next update.

Thank you so much for your patience everyone!♥♥♥