The Belin Legacy: Generation 4 Part 8

In which a safety lesson of fireproofing is learned.

(Lets just say it’s a very good thing I have a sparegacy just in case…)

Novia decided that after all the fires it was time to do something about the upstairs fireplace and make it fireproof.

Unfortunately the fireplace didn’t agree to the fireproofing and retaliated.

Very angrily.

Leather Coat Dude: *sigh* “Again?”

(This is his room. Luckily he always puts it out before the fire-fighter gets there.)






Stop, drop and roll probably would have been a safer method of putting out the fire (instead of feeding it oxygen by running), but this worked too.

Afterwards Novia thought that putting out the fire first would be a better idea before she continued with the fireproofing.

These two had a momentary glance at each other and suddenly the attraction system alerted them
of a possible attraction much to Leather Coat Dude’s surprise.

Leather Coat Dude: “Look, I know we just farted hearts for each other because we share one common thing, but I’m sorry, it just wouldn’t work out between us.”

Novia: “What are you talking about?”

Apparently Novia could care less.

You little shit. You did that on purpose just because I had Novia fire proof the fireplace.

Novia managed to salvage what was left of the mac and cheese. We can’t have anything happen to the supply of their staple diet.


Plaid(?) Guy: “How are we going to make our mac and cheese now?”

There’s no way we’re paying for that! You can all use the microwave from now on! At least that doesn’t catch on fire! …Right?

Paparazzi have their annoyances, but sometimes they also have their uses.

Nightgown Chick: “How could you reject my feelings like that?!”

Cup Girl: “How about like this! Nyaaaahhh!”

Nightgown Chick: “What did I ever see in her?”

Cup Girl: “Nyah nyaaahh!”

(I love that I’m having sims hitting on other sims of the same gender without my help. This is how it should be.)

Novia: “I missed you!♥”

Kyle: “Really? I couldn’t tell.”

Novia: “I have a half hour before class. What would you like to do?”

Kyle: “There’s one thing I can think we can do.”

Bow chica bow wow~!

Well, it was originally a booty call.

Novia wished she could have stayed in bed with Kyle for the rest of the day, but she knew with her final exam approaching the last thing she should do now was skip a class.

Kyle stuck around for the rest of the day in her room playing with his wand. ( >_>)

OK, you’re kind of a cute dork. I’m having a harder time resisting you.

Novia: “Would you STOP following me! I’m not answering your stupid questions!”

Blue Sweater Guy: “But does that mean you have the answers?? Please tell me! I’m losing sleep over these!”

(Was) Nightgown Girl: “Every time I look in a coffee cup all I can do is think of her and my heart breaks into a million pieces that I keep trying to glue back together.”

Leather Coat Guy: “So, taking off my shirt didn’t help? I guess I’ll be off to class then.”


The day of the final exam had arrived and Novia spent much of her free time looking over her notes.

And after she had finished she passed with all the flying colours of the rainbow!


And now she gets to go back for another two weeks to do it all over to get her degree. But don’t worry, I won’t devote entire parts to it. I’ll just make a summery where needed and play on from there as soon as I figure out what I’m going to do with them. I want to move them to a new town because I think Awesome Mod may be lagging my game play. S:

I loved TS2 University much more than this, but it was quicker, so the repetitiveness wasn’t as bad as TS3 University Life. The only thing stopping this from being my least favourite below World Adventures is the objects and other stuff that comes with it. If I send sims to university in the future I doubt I’ll devote as much attention to it.

Anyway, thank you for reading and again sorry for being such a slow poke. I do hope to get the ball rolling with this family.

8 thoughts on “The Belin Legacy: Generation 4 Part 8

  1. Oh Novia, please don’t go starting anymore fires okay? haha, can’t have you doing those things 😛

    Also, (I know I’ve said it before) her and Kyle still make a cute couple, and if they’re going to be together forever, let’s just say I can’t wait for babies 😀

    Oh, and I love the wordpress theme!

    • She’s more taken to blowing things up now. lol

      Aww thanks!<3 I think they'll be sticking together. They seem to get a long with each other so well that it would be too much effort to break them up. XD;; I really had to change the theme because the other one was shrinking the pictures and it was bothering me. S: But thank you! It's one of my favourite themes. :3

    • haha, Maybe not as much as she should have because she went back for another two weeks. She did get her own place though without a fireplace. (The stove kept catching on fire though…)

      Also sorry I haven’t been on Skype much since the last time. Every time I’ve been on I didn’t see you online. ):

    • haha, I plan to. I’ve just been having problems playing them because of lag. I’m not sure why it’s happening with them and not the others (maybe it’s because of Monte Vista now), but it makes it really hard to get into it. Novia does have a little one on the way right now, so some progress is being done. Sorry. :c

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