The Belin Legacy: Generation 4 Part 7

Building the foundations of a new life.

(Through juice pong and Frisbee toss.)

Novia had really wanted to advance quickly in her career field and decided that the best way for her to do it was to go to university. (And I needed an opportunity to get to know her better without the rest of the family distracting me. *cough*Ronin*cough*.)

So, as soon as the moving truck had arrived she was off to experience her first small taste of independency.

Apparently there wasn’t enough room in the back of the truck for her suitcase despite that being all she had to take with her.

Both Lacey and Ronin watched as Novia got into the truck and drove off to her new temporary home.

Lacey: “Why are you hiding in the bushes?”

Ronin: “I’m sad because all my girls are growing up and leaving me….”

Lacey: “She’s coming back, you know.”

Ronin: *sniffles*

Through the magic of loading screens Novia arrived to her dorm building that very same morning.

She started her first day by earning jock points for throwing huge logs on the already lit bonfire because I guess tossing huge logs is a hobby for jocks.

After noon rolled around she headed down to the Student Union Building where she quickly found herself being accosted by a bi-pedal llama.

Llama Mascot: “Hey there! You look like you’re brimming with the energy of excitement of meeting new people! How about joining the University Team Spirit Club? Complimentary llama outfits for all!”

Novia: “Um, no, I’m good. I actually don’t like being around a lot of people that much.”

After her first night of interrupted sleep and morning of many dirty dishes Novia decided she enjoyed being around lots of people even less.

Instead of sticking around to clean up after them, she decided to higher a maid service and make her escape to the café.

With time to kill before her class she decided to get a head start on her term inkblot project (I don’t know how to justify this) and wandered upstairs to the café’s reading room where she found her first volunteer browsing through the books.

Novia: “Um, excuse me, I have this little term project I have to do and I was wondering if you would help me by telling me what you think when you see these inkblot cards.”

Kyle: “Sounds like fun! Shoot away!”

Novia: “OK. This is card number one…. Tell me what do you see?”

Kyle: “Looks like a sideways picture of two Martians dancing in front of a T.V.”

Novia: “And this one?”

Kyle: “Hmmm….”

Kyle: “Well, now all I can see are two beautiful expressive deep green eyes in front of me.”

Novia could feel a blush warming her cheeks as she smiled bashfully, but unfortunately she was unable to continue and instead they exchanged phone numbers before heading off to her class.

Oh, come now you guys. Classes just started.

Werewolf Chick: “DAMMIT!! I just shaved this morning!”

The next day Novia passed the time with a game juice pong with someone she thought was one of her dorm mates, but turned out to be a paparazzo.

Having it been her first time playing the game she accidentally tossed the ball too hard…

… and sent it down the paparazzo’s throat.

Novia: “Oh my gosh! Are you okay?! I’m sorry!”

Seriously? I know we’ve all felt like we’re about to spontaneously combust on some summer days, but this is ridiculous.


Novia: “Just a second. Let me look that up.”

Paparazzo: “Okay.”



Novia: “The website says running doesn’t help! It just makes it worse!”

Finally Novia figured it out by whipping out a fire extinguisher from thin air.

Novia: “I don’t get it! That should have worked!”

Luckily Nraas’ Overwatch was on the job and reset her.

The next day was a class activity day! So, all of Novia’s classmates met at the comic book shop and pulled out their brain thing-a-mah-doos that suddenly appeared in their inventories and sat in front of the shop.

This has got to be the most awkward class ever.

Blue Sweater Guy: “I’ve never noticed the beauty of wood grains before….”

Blue Sweater Guy: “They’re like little roads for tiny cars. Maybe ant cars. Do ants drive cars? Do you know? Do you think the prof would know? He is a technology prof so he probably knows.”

Plaid Sweater Guy: “…..”

Blue Sweater Guy: “Professor, professor! I have a question!”

The day before her exam Novia decided to use the need for study as an excuse to invite Kyle over to get to know him a bit better.

Novia: “You look different. Did you get a hair cut?”

Kyle: “Something like that.”

Novia: “It looks so much better on you!”

We’ll just ignore that I did a little bit of face rearranging as well to make him look less EAish. (I tried not changing him too much.)

Novia: “So, why are we studying music? I’m majoring in technology.”

Kyle: “I thought you wanted to study together.”

Novia: “Only to get to know you better, but this stuff is useless to me. I mean, how do you even read this?”

Novia: “Does it go something like this?” *whistles random monotoned tune*

Kyle: “This is for percussion… Like drums….”

Novia: “How was I suppose to know the difference? I didn’t even get past level 2 keyboard.”

Kyle: “There’s a picture of a bass drum on the front.”

Novia: “That reminds me! I know a good music joke! What do you call someone who hangs out with musicians? A drummer!”

Kyle: “Drummers and other percussion players can be very crucial to a musical piece. They can have as much importance in music as any instrument used to create a melody.”

Novia: “Oh, well I like to generally listen to pop music….”

Kyle: “But that stuff is so manufactured.”

Their studying  session actually ended very well.

During the wee hours of the following morning the floor of one of the dorm rooms randomly caught on fire. I think it was a set-up. *glares at MAXIS*

Dude In The Blue Pants: “So what do we do?”

Elder Fairy: “Didn’t you bring any water? That’s why I put on my bathing suit.”

Luckily after informing herself on how to deal with fires, Novia knew exactly what to do and called the fire station.

The following Saturday after the first exams were over, Novia invited Kyle out to the park to celebrate their temporary freedom of the stressful mental anguish that was due to come again.

Novia: “Kyle, I really like you. A lot. Even though I don’t understand a lot about music, I’m really impressed with your passion for it.”

Kyle: “I’m pretty impressed with your keen sense of understanding technology.”

We’ll just say they were both easily impressed with each other (since it’s their shared trait).

Novia: “Can we take a picture? I’d really like to show you to my family.”

Kyle: “Sure!”

Because every moment must be documented in this day and age.

Novia: “My sisters are going to freak when they see this!”

And Ronin’s empty nest syndrome will probably kick in and make him cry.

I thought it would have been nice to take pictures of them having a nice picnic by the small lake, but Kyle apparently found it more interesting to watch some random bloke play chess.

But they spent the rest of their time together where he didn’t give her flowers just once…

But twice! He may be a keeper. (Even if I’m still not too keen about it since it wasn’t my plan…. )

Well, you’re not obvious or anything….

They spent the rest of the afternoon and evening together ignoring the passing of time and the setting sun.

But when the moon rose high they realised it was time to head back to their respective dorms, but Novia knew it would be one of many days she would cherish.


And that would be all for now folks! Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed it! I’m assuming she has only one more week of university (I’m not really sure how this works yet) that I have to still play her through, but I hope it will be something worth the wait. :3

Take care everyone!♥ ◝(⁰▿⁰)◜

5 thoughts on “The Belin Legacy: Generation 4 Part 7

  1. Oh college life! (makes me jealous that I don’t have it haha)

    Novia and Kyle make a cute couple! Even if the study date was a little rocky 🙂 Can’t wait for the next update!

    • If you plan to get it I’d suggest waiting for a sale price. Even though it’s not bad, the university aspect of it is OK though sometimes boring. It is a good way to spouse hunt though. 😀

      Aww thank you! hehe, Those two get along in their own way. :3

      • Yeah…I have to fix my computer first if I even want to play sims 😦 My video card is basically shot…plus i usually wait for expansion packs to go on sale before I buy them anyway…I’m cheap 🙂

        You’re welcome too :)Novia is was my favorite, and will always be my favorite!

  2. Omg I almost used Kyle in my legacy too! I’m so happy for Novia, I’m glad she’s enjoying her time at uni. Ps. I so died laughing at the robber doing the street art! Your commentary is the best.

    • lol Really??? That’s funny! XD Even though I remade his face, for an EA townie he didn’t look bad. :3 I was really reluctant to have her pursue him, but when I saw how fast their relationship grew I gave in. It’s kinda funny too because he’s a witch and so was Jules so I wonder if she has a secret thing for witches. lol

      Thank you! haha, I was so surprised to see that guy spray painting there. It was like he was begging to go back to jail or something. (Also, I think I got a message from you on tumblr? I’m not sure if I’ll be on Skype this week, but I’ll try to. I’ve been working a lot of weeks with just one day off so it’s been difficult and I’ve been really tired from it. @_@ )

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