The Belin Legacy: Generation 4 Part 6

Three or so months later late… >_>

In a last minute decision to have puppies Ronin adopted Lola from the local shelter.

Dusty: She’s nice, but can she have her own bed?

The family decided to celebrate their first Snowflake Day with all their neighbours and friends of Moonlight Falls (most of which are Ronin stalkers).

The day mostly consisted of Aya using the the opportunity to to flirt with her long time boyfriend…

… Lacey adding more sims to her hit list…

… and a game of musical chairs before opening their presents. (Everyone kept sitting down, then standing up again to find another seat. Maybe they’re just all too polite giving up their chairs to others.)

Good thing Ronin knows how to calm the murderous rage in Lacey’s heart. 😉

Her ex-boyfriend, Jules, would still contact her often despite her constant refusals and decline of their relationship.

Meanwhile Aya and Waylon were moving up with their relationship.

I mean, really moving up.

After crawling out of the igloo in their PJs Aya got down on one knee in front of her boyfriend…

And pulled out a gorgeous diamond star of a ring.

Aya: “Since I’m probably pregnant now, will you marry me, Waylon Wolff?”

Who could say “no” to a proposal like that.

(*She actually was pregnant, but the game decided to cancel it. I was pretty pissed about that. >:c )

Afterwards they had a private ceremony in the backyard and then were ready to head out into the world to live and raise their own family! Or so I’ve been hoping for….

(I would have done a wedding party, but my patience has been a little thin with so many sims in the house.)

Aya: “Come on, Waylon! I’ll race you to our new home that doesn’t exist!”

Waylon: “Doesn’t she realise we could take a cab?”

Ronin: “She didn’t even hug me goodbye.”

The house was strange with another sister gone, but Grandma Ashleigh sometimes stuck around for breakfast to fill in the gap Aya left behind.

Ronin: “I”m sorry, bees! I’m sorry! I’ll get the organic bee feed next time! I promise! No more preservatives! OUCH!”

Time moved along in which it seems nothing or importance happened until Novia reached the age of a young adult.

A couple hours later Bianca arrived home after graduating from her private school and then pomptly moved out because there were too many sims in the house for me to handle. (@_@)

One day Lola decided she might see what all the hoopla was about the swimming pool.



Lola: This isn’t so bad…

Lola’s inner reflection: HELP!! IT’S ALL AROUND ME!!!

Lola: Wow! It’s like a mansion!

Dusty: Would you like to come in for a “cup of coffee”?

a minute or so later…

Lola: Did you hear those jingle noises? Are those wind-chimes?

Dusty: I didn’t hear anything.

After joining the police force, Novia was now on the weekend hunt to find her special someone and decided to try the new local dating site.

But unfortunately they were either older than her father or not as compatible as they seemed in their profiles.

On the other side of town (while looking for a certain sim) I noticed Jules wallowing in a bar by himself.

Kissing Booth Vampire Guy: “Hey there, beautiful lady! Looking to feast your lips on mine?”

Novia: “Um, not really any more.”

Kissing Booth Vampire Guy: “Then feel the great drawing power of of my air-born kiss!”

That’s some air-born kissing power. No wonder Jules wanted to get back together with her.

Ronin learned a new magic trick and of course I couldn’t wait to see what might happen. (I’ve read death is a possibility.)

Ronin: “Do not fret! I am a professional!”

Ronin: “….”

Ronin: *awkward nervous smile*

Dusty: Look, Master! I’ve brought you the newspaper! I realise it’s a bit late, but I thought you might want to catch up anyway.

A few days later Lola gave birth to her puppies which conveniently appeared in a puff of sparkles all lined up to greet her.

I think I have chosen my keeper, Roux.

Puppies: See ya, Mama. We’re going exploring now.

Lola: WHAT???? But we just met!

Lola: Don‘t they want to be with me? Don’t they love me? Am I a terrible mother already??

Ashleigh: “That’s my rocking chair!”

Casper: “I don’t see your name on it.”

But like the chivalrous guy that he is he eventually gave the rocking chair up for his wife.

And then went upstairs to interrupt his granddaughter’s sleep. (-_- )

Lola: A ball! A ball!

Well, we know we didn’t adopt you from the circus….


Aaaaaaannnnnnd I’m going to awkwardly end this here because what I have next would be better to start with rather than end with. This is quite long enough anyway. >_>

Thank you for reading! And those that came back to read, thank you! I became overwhelmed with with frustration that things weren’t going anywhere near how I planned (like hooking Novia up with a certain sim 😦 ), so I’ve given up because I really need this legacy family. I hope the next chapter will be better, though I’m not sure. I’m still in the process of playing it.

Again, thank you so much♥ everyone who has and also who still supports this legacy. I’m sorry I made you wait so long and I hope I won’t make you wait nearly as long for the next one. (It’s dependent on life and work. @_@ )

Take care!♥

7 thoughts on “The Belin Legacy: Generation 4 Part 6

  1. yayyyyy an update! 😀 All the girls look beautiful as young adults! Good genetics they have 😉

    I don’t know why I always comment about the pets of your legacy, they amuse me haha. But, Lola and Dusty are great! I guess I’m a dog lover in the sims and real life haha.

    Looking forward to the next update..even if it takes awhile, I don’t mind 🙂

    • Thank you so much! (。・//ε//・。) I think the dogs may have saved it. I took a lot of them out and then ended up putting them back in. lol

      Hopefully it won’t be as long of a wait, but also hopefully worth it. X3 The goal was to finish this legacy before TS4 comes out, but now I’m not so sure it will happen. lol

  2. Puppies and magic, oh my! I loved this update, and don’t you worry I updated maybe once a year at a push 😉
    Your snowflake day looked fantastic! I don’t know why but it made me smile so much!
    Also Novia = ❤

  3. Yay new chapter! Funny as always (: I can’t wait to see what it is that you have planned for the beautifully grown up Novia!

    • Thank you!♥ X3 Haha, well, I can tell you that some things aren’t going anywhere near any of my plans. Let’s just say it’s a good thing I have spares. >_>

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