The Belin Legacy: Generation 4 Part 5

Go away, Ronin! This isn’t your generation any more!

Aya: “Mom, can I drink one of your potions?”

Lacey: “There’s nothing there for you, Aya.”

Aya: “Can’t I just try one?”

And so she took it and drank it anyway.

Aya: “….”

Aya: “Mom! It didn’t work! I’m still not a witch!”

Lacey: “That’s because it replenishes lost powers, and you’re an IF, not a witch or a fairy.”

Aya: “What good is there turning into an awkward looking giant toy?! Ugh!”

Dear Bianca,

How is Smuggsworth Prep School? It must be very hard, but you’ve always loved challenges. I know I could be sending you an email instead, but I thought it would be nice to write you an old fashion letter and send you some photos of everyone. Everyone here is doing well. Talula and Valentina are growing up fast and have already learned to talk and walk.

Even though it was raining yesterday Aya and I went to check out the autumn fair at the park.

She dragged me through the haunted house which I wasn’t too thrilled about.

Aya: “Let’s get in line again!”

Novia: “I think I’ll pass….”

I saw Jules there, but I didn’t say anything to him. I don’t even know if he knew I was there.

There was one boy from school who seemed to like me, but that didn’t really work out very well.

Aya is still seeing  Waylon even though he’s graduated now. He makes Dad a little nervous and he’s kind of strange, but that’s probably why Aya likes him a lot.

I’ve started to learn how to fix broken electronics and I’m very proud of myself! It’s a lot of fun being able to fix things. I want to try inventing my own things eventually.

Anyway, I hope you are doing well. Mom, Dad, and everyone says ‘Hi!’ and we all miss you. I know you’ll be getting a call from Dad soon since he likes to call you a lot. Even with our younger sisters keeping him busy having you far away is still hard on him. I can’t wait for you to come home for graduation. Our room feels empty without you and I miss not being able to talk to you all the time.

Take care of yourself and keep working hard.

Love your sister,


Valentina: Could you please stop crying? I’m trying to poop and I can’t concentrate….

The Belins were finally able to experience their first heavy snow fall! Well, at least Ronin did since all the kids were at school and Lacey was busy working on her new book, but he was excitedly rolling wants to play in the snow.

Or at least I think he was excited….

Are you trying to tell me something, Ronin?

Moving along, it was finally time for the last generation 4 toddlers to grow up!

Talula aged adding Loves The Cold to her Loves The Outdoors and Virtuoso traits. (Great trait combo for playing the guitar for tips in the middle of winter.)

I had thought Valentina had the same nose as Lacey, but I think she might have inherited her grandmother Ashleigh’s nose instead which is pretty cool.

She is now Artistic, Disciplined, and Eco-Friendly.

Val, what are you wearing?? That is not outerwear appropriate for winter! Even with the gloves!

You’re a bad influence, Ronin!

Joe MacDuff: “Hey, do I know you from somewhere?”

Novia: “Nope. Not at all.”

Joe: “No, I’m pretty sure I do. You were going out with my brother in high school weren’t you.”

Novia: “Oh… yeah….”

Joe: “I know he can be a bit of a douche, but he does still really care about you.”

Novia: “I know. He keeps sending me awkward letters.”

Joe: “Oh… well… is there anything I can get for ya?”

Novia: “No, I think I’m going now.”

The girls went out to build a random snowman and…. I was trying to avoid Canadian culture insertions…. (The fact that the snowman has the number 99 on the back doesn’t help much….)

Valentina: “Talu! Check out the tree! It looks like it has a face!”

Talula: “What?”

Talula: “I don’t see any fa…”


Which then turned into the great sibling snowball war, in which there were many frozen fingered casualties.

Ronin: “Look! We’ve found a sustainable planet with water! The human race is saved!”

Lacey: Did I marry a child?

Later that evening Aya uneventfully grew up into an adult (which is why there is only this awkwardly placed picture). I forgot to write down her new trait and since she’s moved out now I can’t go back and look… (>_>)

*Sometime during the middle of the night*

Ronin: I suddenly feel like having ice-cream.


Ronin wasn’t the only one. Apparently everyone suddenly woke up with an action in the top left corner telling them to go get an ice-cream. I couldn’t understand why because there was no ice cream in the machine when they went to bed and then I found this:

Thanks, Casper. Thanks a lot. Get your evil ghost butt back in your urn.

Ronin: “Hello there little stray dog! Even though you’re not that little. Would you like a brushing?”

Ronin: “If you stay with me you can have all the brushings you want.”

But sadly the stray didn’t stay long after his brushing much to Ronin’s disappointment.

Because there’s a voice that keeps on calling him and down the road that’s where he’ll always be.

But every stop he makes, he makes a new friend, but he can’t stay long, just turn around and he’s gone again.

I think someone needs to stop me from writing….

(I don’t even know how many people are going to know where that came from… or care….)

Talula: “Not much can be seen across the vast wasteland of this planet. Nothing but rocks and boulders, no sign of life and nothing to sustain life.”

Talula: “What’s this?! A giant purple yeti just came through what appears to be some kind of portal leading out into a snow covered world!”

Talula: “Phew! It looks like the purple yeti didn’t take notice of Major Talula! I must continue to find other life forms if I am to find substances to live off of while I repair my crashed ship.”

While  Talula tried to gain information from a smaller life form a green t-rex was on the prowl for their own dinner!

Valentina: “With all the other dinosaurs dying off, food as become scarce for the last of the Tyrannosaurus Rexes!”

Valentina: “It may be time for some lifestyle changes and considering vegetarianism. Those colourful beans might be a good start.”

The next day no one had to go to school because it was Aya’s graduation day!

And because I forgot to change Lacey’s formal wear she ended up going in her wedding dress and they looked more like a wedding party….

This was suppose to be a picture of Aya throwing up her diploma in celebration of her new found freedom to go out and get a job, but instead she decided to check up on her friends’ posted statuses.

Afterwards they all went to the park where Talula tried to get a freezer bunny painted on her face.

Talula: “This is not what I asked for.”

Talula: “Hey, buddy! Yeah, you with the face crayon! You better give me a proper freezer bunny or I’m gonna send your nose to the back of your head!”

When she emerged a second time she finally got the face painting she wanted.

Talula: “Sometimes people just need a little push in the face.”

I think she inherited Lacey’s fire.

I’m quite amazed that she could make it around the rink in that dress.

After the family returned home after spending the evening at the  fair I was FINALLY able to get Aya’s graduation picture, but with the addition of Dusty peeing on the floor behind her. That’s what memories are made of.


Thank you for reading! It was a bit longer, and if I thought it was a good idea it could have been even longer, but that would have been too much I think… (>_>) I didn’t think I was going to get it done when I did because I was having such a hard time going through what to keep and all that crap. Hopefully you enjoyed it though!

Take care everyone!♥ ∩( ・ω・)∩

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