The Belin Legacy: Generation 4 Part 3

I swear to you they will die eventually. It might just take another year.

Aya: “The side boob thing is a little awkward, Mom.”

Lacey: “Deal with it.”

As you can judge by the audience, Ronin is a huge hit in Moonlight Falls! So much so that all the teachers assign for homework is reviews of his shows. Or at least that’s what I assume because they can’t be that bored that they’d rather do their homework, right?

After his shows Ronin returns home to the only meal Lacey will make: ice cream from the ice cream machine, but he’s always more than happy with that, and probably also the swim suit I don’t ever remember giving Lacey.

Unfortunately it distracts him and he sometimes ends up losing his ice cream. :c

And Pochi seems to have caught the disappearance glitch. I guess I’ve always wanted a pet plumbob, but since I always use the headlineeffects cheat it didn’t really matter.

After installing Seasons Bonehilda had also made her own disappearance. Where she had gone is still a complete mystery, but when she came back after Ronin had called to dismiss her this is how she looked when she walked through the front door. Perhaps she went to the hospital for a “little” plastic surgery.

However having her come back as a sim worried me that my game was glitching already. I thought to myself that if this is the case I may as well get some fun out of it, so I dressed her up a bit…

But then she ruined my fun and my wasted 30 minutes of my life. Damn you, Bonehilda.

Aya: “Dude, go eat your cereal at the table. I want to eat breakfast too and your blocking the fridge.”

Bianca: “I’m having a bad mood swing. Don’t test me.”

What is this?! I didn’t hear any baby jingles! Is this from one of your nasty elixirs again?

I managed to get Pochi back! And he is now an elder dog already! It feels like it hasn’t even been that long since his father, Dixon, passed on. (;_;)

I waited too long for this. I’m so glad they gave us slow dancing while I still had them. :’3 Somehow I feel like Lacey should be the one leading though….



This is so devastating. I almost cried. (And it’s not easy to make me cry.)

With the death of one came the life of another. During the night Lacey woke up to discover that all the sickness she had been having was because of a new little Belin life growing inside of her.

Look, Ronin. I know you’re distraught over the loss of Pochi, but that does not mean you can walk around nude all the time. I don’t want to have to pixelate you in every picture because you don’t have a penis and it looks funny.

After a bit of a fight he changed into more summery clothes that showed off some of that good old “Canadian modesty”.

Lacey: “Ronin, I have some really important news to tell you.”

Lacey: “I peed on the stick and it said I’m pregnant!”

Ronin: “You peed on a talking stick? That’s not really very nice. If it’s a stick  that can talk it probably has feelings too and I don’t think anyone likes being peed on.”

Lacey: “………… What are you talking about? Oh, Never mind! We’re going to have another baby!”

Ronin: “We’re going to have another child to feed and teach and change stinky diapers for?! This is so exciting!!”

Lacey: “Well, you’ll be doing most of that.”

Ronin: “I can’t wait!!”

Ronin: *patpat*

Lacey: “….”

Ronin: “Good job, honey!”

Lacey: “I’m pretty sure this was a team effort.”

Ronin: “My sneakers are all soggy and it’s really uncomfortable….”

Ronin got out of the pool and sloshed all the way to the front of the house to try and dry his soggy sneakered feet in the sun, but because of his grumpy mood it was not working to his satisfaction.


Dusty: ….I’ll bring you the paper later when you’re not so grumpy then….

Ronin: “I’m sorry, Dusty. I wasn’t yelling at you.”

Ronin: “You miss your daddy don’t you, buddy. I miss my daddy too.”

Aya: “I don’t know why you’re having another baby when we don’t even have enough seats for all of us in front of the TV.”

Ronin: “I never considered that…”

Lacey: “That’s not a deciding factor, dear.”

Later that night, both Lacey and Ronin woke simultaneously when the message popped up that the baby was on its way!

Ronin: “What do we do?? It’s been so long I can’t remember!!”

I was going to do a home-birth, but they decided on their own to go to the hospital instead.

Lacey: “Why are you wearing a winter hat in the middle of summer?”

Ronin: “It’s not a hat. It’s a tuque.”

Lacey: “It’s the same thing.”

I think we’re taking this too far….

I forgot that I had given Lacey the fertility reward and ended up with another pair of babies. ( -_-)

(I guess I should consider myself lucky because I could’ve had more….)

As soon as they got home I aged them up because of creepy-dead-inside baby stares, so meet Talula! (Named after the song Talula by Tori Amos because it was stuck in my head and I like it anyway.)

She is a virtuoso (ironically) who loves the cold, and may be a Lacey clone with Ronin’s eye colour.

And Valentina! An artistic little sim with an interest in martial arts who looks exactly like Ronin did as a tot except she inherited Lacey’s nose, eye colour, and skin colour.

There may be some competition for the next heir after all. (・o・)


Thank you for reading everyone! I’m sorry for the long wait, especially since it was my lazy fault because I procrastinated on patching my game to meet AM’s requirements…. (>_>) I do hope you enjoyed it though. Take care!♥

7 thoughts on “The Belin Legacy: Generation 4 Part 3

  1. Woo!Canadian pride! 😀 I’m amazed you can manage a house of 7 sims and pets. I can barely manage a house of 5 without pets. Glad your able to, Tatula and Valentina are very pretty. I was thinking they’d have a boy but I guess Ronin will be the only male sim in the house then. 😛 Good thing there’s no PMS in the sims 3.

    • Sometimes I can’t handle that many sims. lol I usually try to make most of them go off and do their own thing and just focus on one. As much as I love the new twins I regret it a little. (>_>) Ronin actually rolled a want to have a girl, so I think he’s very happy he got two. XD (He’s been surrounded by girls most of his life, so maybe that’s why.)

    • I think it’s Lacey’s nose. It’s a little scrunched up in the picture of her because she’s smiling, so it doesn’t really look too much the same as Valentina’s.

  2. Nooooo not Pochi 😦 I’ll miss you!

    More babies? Wasn’t expecting that, but they’re still cute! And of course they were girls! Ronin, there’s no hope for boys haha.

    • To be honest I wasn’t totally expecting it either. XD;; Lacey rolled a want to have a child with Ronin, so, I allowed them to have risky woohoos (with a 10% chance) to let fate be the decider. lol I have a feeling Ronin only wants girls because when Lacey was pregnant he rolled a want for a girl. XD (I kinda secretly wanted a boy though, but the fact that Valentina looks so much like Ronin did I’m appeased. :3 )

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