The Belin Legacy: Generation 4 Part 2

Because the Belins now live in a bigger house Ronin could no longer work and do all the chores on his own, and since no one else really helps out it was time to hire their very own Bonehilda!

Ronin was a bit surprised by her height. (I never realised she was so tall!)

After completing all her chores Bonehilda enjoys playing with the dogs and teaching Dusty new tricks until he’s starving and sleep deprived with a need to chew on something.

Pochi is still warming up to her.

Navita Singh: “What kind of witchcraft is that?”

Ronin: “It’s not witchcraft, it’s~magic~!”

Navita Singh: “It’s the same thing!”

Ronin: “How about some lovely flowers for the lovely lady?”

Navita Singh: “They are quite lovely.”

Param Singh: “Hey! That’s my wife!”

Being a devoted bookworm Bianca is never far from her new MultiTab 6000 which can hold thousands of books! Or at least it would if there even were that many books for sims to buy.

It’s also great for gently swatting bad dogs away from tearing up the couch. (There are no ends to its multiness!)

That better be gagging caused by your failed elixir because I didn’t hear any baby music last night! (ಠ_ಠ)

Lacey: “Stupid damn dishwasher! We haven’t even had you new for a week! You wait until I send my husband over to talk to you!”

Lacey: Great. Now I’m talking to appliances just like my crazy husband.

I think she has the cutest nose when her nostrils flare.

After that it was out to look for ingredients for her elixirs!


This could be more difficult to achieve than I thought…. (And these were only ladybugs.)

Novia had met up with Jules by the beach. It was actually her first time seeing and smelling the salt air of the ocean. It was chillier and damper than what she was used to in Appaloosa Plains, but to see the sun dip down over large body of water to meet it’s twin reflection was beautiful and worth it, and even more so with Jules beside her.

Novia: “I’m really happy you brought me here.”

Jules: “I was actually surprised that you hadn’t come to visit the beach sooner.”

Novia: “Um, I was wondering if you would stay to watch the stars with me?”

Jules: “Sorry, I can’t tonight. Actually something came up and I have to go now.”

Novia: “But we just arrived here….”

It didn’t make sense to her, but she let it slide as he bid her goodnight and took off back towards the road.

And then I was suddenly distracted by this very photogenic generic CAS townie.

Ronin, who has recently taken a greater interest in cooking, decided to learn to make something special he had heard on a podcast, but unfortunately he didn’t think to write down the recipe and had to rely on doing it from memory.

Ronin: I hope I put enough peppers in.

Peppers were certainly not lacking.

Ronin: “That was a regretful and well learned experience….”

But it didn’t stop there…

Novia: “I’m never eating chilli again….”

Chilli is a very dangerous health and safety hazard.

Bianca: “Dad, what are you doing?”

Ronin: “I’m challenging a weird peeping green lady with my stare.”

That was when Lacey decided to run out and give the peeping green lady a piece of her mind.

Lacey: “Stop stalking my husband or I’ll sacrifice and feed you to our household god!”


Lacey: “And get a better wardrobe! You look like Ronald Mc Donald’s evil witch sister! Even our household god dresses better than that!”

HEY! Hoodies and jeans never go out of style…. :c

Novia: “Bianca….”

Bianca: “Hm?”

Novia: “Is there anyone you like? Like, like-like?”

Bianca: “Not really. Not yet anyway. Why? Do you have someone on your mind?”

Novia: “Kinda… But I’m not sure if he feels the same way. Sometimes it seems like he does, but then other times it feels like I got the wrong idea…”

Bianca put her tablet away and walked over to stand beside her sister’s bed.

Bianca: “Who is it?”

Novia: “His name is Jules.”

Bianca: “Not Jules!”

Novia: “What’s wrong with him? I really like him.”

Bianca: “From what I’ve heard he’s not serious about anyone.”

Novia: “But he said I’m pretty. He’s the only one who ever approached me and talked to me here.”

Bianca: “I’m sure you can find someone better who you deserve more. You just need to open up to other people in your class.”

Novia: “But nearly everyone is strange here. They’re not like the people back home.”

Bianca: “Vi, we’re not like the people back home.”

The next morning after breakfast, the doorbell of the Belin house rang and Novia went to answer it. She looked out not seeing anyone until she walked to the edge of the stairs….


Startled and frightened at the werewolf standing in front of her house she lost control and ~poofed!~ into her IF form.

Aya came outside walking past her just as she was starting to catch the breath that had been startled out her.

Aya: “Geez, Novia, get a hold of yourself.”

Novia: “But- but! He’s a werewolf!!”

Aya: “Duh.”

Novia: “But look at his claws!”

Aya: “He’s my friend and probably the tamest werewolf you’ll meet here.”

Novia: “He doesn’t look very tame!”

Ronin: “Hey! What are you kids talking about?”

Aya: “Go away, Dad. We’re talking about cool stuff. You wouldn’t be able to keep up.”

Ronin: “But I know lots of cool stuff… Even my shirt is cool….” *sulks away*

Aya: “So, what do you usually like hanging out and doing?”

Waylon Wolff: “Well, there’s one thing I always enjoy….”

Somehow I think they’ll be best friends.

Novia had called up Jules and made for an escape from the house while Aya had her friend over. She met him in the parking lot of The Red Velvet Lounge a few minutes before it opened.

Jules: “You look beautiful!”

Novia: “Thank you… You look nice too.”

Jules: “I didn’t realise you were going to dress up. I would have too.”

Novia: “Um, well, it is a lounge with a dress code….”

Despite the dress code Jules made it inside. They spent much of the evening singing together in one of the private karaoke rooms…

… And afterwards Novia asked if he would have his picture taken with her in the photo-booth  While he was indifferent she was very happy to have a small token of this night before they had to leave to go home because of their curfews.

Ronin: “Oh goody! It’s my birthday! I wonder what trait I’ll gain this time!”

Sorry, Ro. It all starts to go down hill from here!

I tried to give Ronin a makeover and then I gave up.

So he just stayed the same even though I’m still not totally satisfied…

Lacey also entered the adult stage. After three attempts of making her over she didn’t change much either.

I was out looking for bug ingredients for Lacey’s elixirs when I spied what I thought was a beetle, but was actually my first pygmy hedgehog! Or Chia Pet, I’m not really sure. We’ll pour water over it later and see what happens.

Dusty: Since you played with me for three days I guess you can’t be all that bad. So, where are we going, master? Are we going to play outside? Playing outside is the best!

Dusty: I don’t think I can trust you any more….

It took three days of fleas being passed back and forth while Ronin worked at earning Dusty’s trust with games, treats, and brushing. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in this game. I don’t know if that says something about the game or me…. |:


And that’s all I have until Awesome Mod is updated (because I’m two game patches behind) and I can play some more. What will become of Novia and Jules? I actually do not know since the turd grew up into an adult which ruined some of my plans. (>_<) But perhaps we shall see in the next part! I hope you look forward to it. Thank you for reading! Take care! (´‿`)ノ♥

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