The Belin Legacy: Generation 4 Part 1

There should exist a rule that if you are an Imaginary Friend you shouldn’t be surprised by sudden genies.

The Belins had moved to Moon Light Falls because Appaloosa Plains was bugging Lacey had decided to accept an assignment to do research on the strange ongoings of the town and write a book about it, because that’s what she does now. Unfortunately they had to leave Cashew the horse and Mr. Boots the dog with his Candace back home.

The first thing everyone decided to do was go inside and check out all the new stuff. Well, that is everyone except Ronin who decided the trash can might have more interesting things…

Suddenly he could sense someone approaching and popped his head back up to glower at the potential challenger who might try and take away his precious trash.

The lady glowered back and grumbled at him, but seemed to realise she was of no match to him and moved on all the while keeping her glare for as long as she could.

After protecting his precious trash from the pylon hat lady he went up stairs to sit on the edge of his bathtub to contemplate the shade of his master bathroom.

I feel like I’m narrating a very odd wildlife documentary…. (I guess that’s what legacy narrating really is like though… (;>_>) )

Meanwhile, Novia had decided to take up a hobby of art to help her in her future forensic occupation…

(I’m assuming because she’s only become interested in it ever since she chose that as her dream.)

… and Aya, with her interest in all things supernatural, found an interest in her mother’s alchemy book that her mother had been using for “research”.

Dusty also found a new less evil hobby for Casper: back scratches.

Even though his mother was no longer with them Ronin felt a sense of completeness with his father living together with the rest of his family. It almost made up for all those days in his teen life his father wasn’t able to live with them, and he hoped for many more days like this.

Lacey: “So, we’re alone now with all the kids and your father in bed….”

Well maybe not as alone as you think, Lacey…. Creeper was standing there all night looking in…

… So, I sent out Pochi to pee on him.

However, much later into the night Casper’s life had sadly come to a sudden end, and in a burst of glittering gold dust his earthbound body burnt away.

Ronin had run into his father’s room sensing his last moments as a member of the living had come.

But Casper was quick to travel to the land of the dead to join his wife and left without a fuss or any goodbyes. :c

Novia: “Daddy….”

Novia: “I know how much Granddad meant to you. I loved him too.”

Ronin bent down and wrapped his arms around his daughter, much like his father had when he was her age, and buried his tears in her soft hair.

Ronin: “Thank you, Novia…”

The next day did not do to mend the anguish in his heart though.

His eyebrows look like they could be functional wind shield wipers for his tears….

… And suddenly I feel like a horrible person….

Bianca: “If I were you I’d get a thesaurus. You’d get a higher grade because then they would think that you’re actually trying.”

Aya: “Why don’t you mind your own business and eat your burnt grilled cheese, brat.”

That evening before bed I forced their age transition because I didn’t feel like bothering with two cakes and didn’t want them waking up in the middle of the night to do it.

Bianca, pretty much a female face clone of Ronin, grew up gaining the No Sense of Humor trait, adding to her Slob, Bookworm, and Neurotic traits…

… while Novia grew up with the Loner trait added to her Workaholic, Eccentric, and Easily Impressed traits.

She is the only child who has a good mix of both parent’s facial features thus making her the heir of generation 4!

Unless something terrible happens and she dies… *knocks on wood*

Lacey: “Hum-de-dum~♪”

Lacey gave a gasp of surprise as a purple smoke came out from the spout of the lamp and swarmed into a large cloud in front of her.

Really though, Lacey should be one of the last sims surprised by a genie lamp seeing as how she’s an IF.

When the cloud of purple smoke dispersed there was nothing standing before her.

Lacey: “Wait. Isn’t there suppose to be a genie?”

The genie had already started making his way to the kitchen before he even appeared in my game. ( -_-)

Lacey: “Umm… Excuse me….”

Genie: “Oh! Where are my manners! I’m the genie of the lamp!”

Lacey: “I figured that much.”

Lacey: “So, I get three wishes, correct? I really would like more money.”

Genie: “What? No world peace?”

Lacey: “What would I ever do with world peace?”

Genie: “Very well then.”

Lacey: “These sparkles are pretty and all, but I’d really rather a more largely accepted currency.”

After she received her simoleons and let the genie continue on with his ice cream, she went upstairs to join Ronin in bed. (I think this is the first time I’ve seen him actually wearing his pyjamas…)

Lacey: “So, I was thinking… We’re still fairly young and our daughters are all teens now. How would you feel about one more?”

Ronin: “Anything for you, Lacey.”

…. How about consulting with me too? You know, the one that will be doing most of the raising and babysitting? (I’m letting them risky woohoo, because I’m on the fence about this….)

Ronin, what are you doing? You don’t befriend the cat that knocked over your trash can! You chase it away with the water hose!

It had been a few days since the death of her grandfather, but whenever she looked up at the sky or the leaves in the trees rustling back and fourth with the wind she felt a sadness creep into her heart. She was beginning to dislike this town. She didn’t know anyone in the town and she had no friends in her class. Although she could hang out and eat with Bianca during breaks, as soon as they were over she felt so lonely surrounded by so many classmates she barely knew.

She placed her hand over her heart as she heaved a shaky heavy sigh before the tears began to gather in her eyes.

Random Guy: *stands awkwardly a small distance away staring*

Boy: “Hey, A pretty girl like you shouldn’t be crying your eyes red.”

Novia looked up when she had wiped her tears away and saw a teen boy standing in front of her.

Novia: “I don’t understand… Why should looks make a difference? Why should I worry about that?”

The boy seemed taken aback for a minute, but it was as if he understood she was genuinely asking and then he smiled at her.

Boy: “Um, well, it was suppose to be a compliment to distract you, and it’s quite true.”

Novia lowered her head in embarrassment and smiled. “Oh. Thank you.”

Boy: “It’s also nice to actually meet another more normal sim in this town. You know, one that doesn’t turn into anything or drink blood.”

Novia: “Oh, but…”

She cut herself off before correcting him that she was actually part IF. This was the first person in town who had approached her and she wanted him to like her.

He cocked his head slightly to the side looking at her perplexed.

Boy: “What is it?”

Novia: “Um… What I mean to say is… I’m happy to meet you too. Actually I moved here a bit ago and I still don’t really know anyone here.”

He flashed her his charming smile and she couldn’t help but to respond with a shy smile of her own as she felt the blood warming her face again.

Boy: “My name’s Jules. I guess I’m a little late to say ‘welcome to Moon Light Falls’!”

Novia: ” Um, no, thank you. I’m Novia.”


Thank you for reading!♥ I hope you enjoyed it. :3 It ended up being a bit shorter than I planned. Seems I cut a lot out… (>_>) It’s been slightly harder doing these parts, mostly because I can’t seem to do what I would like to because of the lack of control, so, it’s felt a little frustrating. (>_<) Anyway, I hope you look forward to the next part though. Hopefully it will be more interesting and maybe a bit longer. Take care everyone! ( ´ ‿` )ノ

5 thoughts on “The Belin Legacy: Generation 4 Part 1

  1. I really like your narrating style and I think Novia is very pretty also. Hope you make more parts! 🙂 Actually, your sim families are one of my favourites. It ties with the Hitch’s family by Oh My Sims.

  2. I wonder how Jules gained the impression Novia was normal, her hair is white/blue. Well teenagers are known to be reckless, I’ve never heard of someone dyeing their hair completely light blue/white. Must be one of the reasons Jules thinks Novia is special. 🙂

    • Thank you very much!♥ It means a lot to me that you’re enjoying it as much as I enjoy writing about them. X3 I have no plans to stop and I’m hoping to reach at least generation 10 as long as my game behaves. :3

      I think because these are the first IFs made real for me I’m going with Jules not know about IFs or hasn’t come in contact with them before, and since she’s no other type of supernatural/occult creature he assumes she’s a normal sim with very oddly fair hair. At least that’s what I’m going with and hoping it works out since I only have so much control. (@_@) (But that’s what makes it fun!)

  3. yay, congratulations! Another new generation has begun!

    You know what, suddenly it occurred to me that I have read your legacy for more than a year +_+ I have never done this before! I must really love the Belins x3

    The death of Casper was sad though I’ve already known about it. Oh well, now he can be happy with her wife in heaven at least ;____; At the same time I was so glad that you allowed a lot of space for Novia 😀 She does remind me of her both parents! Bianca is also so pretty ❤ I love how her traits go well with the elegant air about her. While Novia's trait reminds me of an outgoing sim (and yet she's even cute? omg). I'm so looking forward to seeing the next chapter. The girls will be even more cuter when they are fall in love ❤

    p.s. How much did the Genie give? If he gives a lot, I would try too…. lol

    • Thank you!!♥ It only too me a year and roughly 3 months to get this far. lol I’m really glad you still enjoy reading about them! I must have been reading the Hitches for just as long then! :3

      Casper’s ghost has made one appearance, so, maybe he’ll be back in future parts. ;3 Thank you! Novia is going to be my primary focus I think so that I can get to know her better, but I’ll likely pay attention to the others a bit too. I hope you enjoy the next chapter as well. I might have it ready for next week since I already got most of it done up. 😀

      The genie gives 100,000, so it is quite a lot, a bit too much for me, but I’ll just waste it away somehow. lol If the Hitches are having money problems with bills or just for deco I highly recommend it!

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