The Belin Legacy: Generation 3 Part 10

When the school bus arrived that morning Ronin made sure that Aya got on the bus this time.

Aya: “I’m going, I’m going. Geez.”

After all the chores were done he decided to give Lacey some quiet time so that she could work on her writing and headed out to the park to perform for tips.

Ronin: “Noooooo!! My doves!!”

Queen Ambear: “That’s so cool! I’ve never seen you do the appearing feathers trick before!”

Ronin: “They’re all DEAD!!”

Apparently it wasn’t a good day to be practising his magic….

Look who decided to come creeping around the back of the house that very evening.



Pochi was not much help and the other two just stayed a fair distance away barking.

When the robber realized that the dogs were more scared of him than he was of them, he went about his business stealing the family van…. (So I guess that alarm was pretty useless…)

Then he ran out to the road…

… and hopped into a taxi just as the police officer arrived.

Police Officer: “Looks like he got away. Sorry about your stuff.”


Novia: “Everything is OK, Lucky. I won’t let anyone take you away. I promise.”

The next morning Novia vowed for revenge by rolling her first LTW suggestion.

Bianca: “Ugh. This homework is too hard!”

Aya: “Oh, please! You guys have no idea how easy you have it! You wait until you’re doing my math and then when you think you finally understand everything they start throwing brackets and letters at you too!”

Novia: “But Bee is in the advanced class. She’s already doing that stuff.”

Aya: “No one likes a smart mouth!”

Novia: “But it’s truuue!”

Bianca: “This is why I usually work alone….”

After homework it was cartoon bonding time with Dad.

Novia: “Why does that coyote always chase after that poor ostrich? Surely there’s another way he could feed himself.”

Aya: “Oh, geez…”

Ronin: “It is very unkindly, especially when he can just go to the supermarket and buy food there.”

Aya: “I can’t believe you guys are seriously having this conversation….”

Bianca can’t either.

After the girls had gone to bed Lacey came down and sat with Ronin in front of the T.V.

Ronin: “I didn’t know that you liked cartoons, Lacey.”

Lacey: “I don’t…”

Lacey: “But I really love you!”

(And all my teeth fell out of my mouth.)

The next day, while the girls were in school, Lacey decided to take a break from her writing and join Ronin at the Sim Fest being held at the coffee shop.

Lacey: “Fall of the ball! Come on! Bounce off it!”

Ronin: “That’s not very nice, Lacey.”

Lacey: “I’m only here for entertainment!”

Next up was Robel and Flaming Minx! He can’t hear you screaming his name!

Lacey was very excited to watch her hubby perform. She kept cheering him on and bouncing around in circles.

(It was really cute. First time I’ve ever noticed this animation.)

However it wasn’t his best performance, and he ended up winning second place.

Novia: “Can’t we have a real meal for supper? We’re getting tired of cereal and bread with jam….”

Ronin: “We have lots of leftovers still in the fridge.”

Aya: “Bread and jam it is.”

Bianca: “DAD! Aya is licking her plate like a slob!”

Ronin: “Aya, show some table manners and put your plate in the dishwasher if you’re done.”

Aya: “Nobody likes tattle tales, Bee….”

Novia: “All this time I’ve never checked for monsters before! What if they had bitten off my toes!”

Bianca: “Don’t be ridiculous. There’s no monsters that hide under beds.”

Novia: “But you can never be too sure! Gavin said he saw a spotted blue one the other night!”

Bianca: “Gavin says a lot of things.”

Novia: Phew! Safe for another night!

Aya on the other hand was disappointed when she found none.

Aya: “Stupid monsters. I brought cookies up for you and everything!”

The following night Aya checked underneath her bed again and wasn’t disappointed when she found two pairs of red glowing eyes staring out from under her bed.

Monster 1: “Hey kid! Word was on the street there were cookies here.”

Monster 2: “Yeah, why don’t you slide right under here with those cookies.”

Monster 1: “We’re thinking of having a feast of ginger human, er I mean snaps! Ginger snaps!”

Monster 2: “Idiot! You’ll give us away!”

Then she ran out of her room and stood just beyond the threshold of the door, her heart beating quickly in her chest.

Aya: “OK, I’ve decided I really do not like monsters.”

She ended up running to her parents’ room and sleeping in her Dad’s side of the bed because she was too scared to sleep in her own.

Which meant that poor Ronin was stuck sleeping in her bed.

Ronin: “I don’t really want to sleep in a bed with monsters underneath it either….”

He made sure to keep his toes well away from the edge.

Aya’s birthday arrived and Lacey and Ronin held a small family get-together to celebrate her new transition into teenhood.

Novia tried to talk with her grandmother, but then she got yelled at:

Novia: “But I’m your granddaughter…. Don’t you love me, Grandma?”

Casper: “Aren’t you just the cutest thing! Look! You have the Belin cheeks!”

Bianca: Why couldn’t I have been stuck with the snotty old woman instead….

Nearly everyone gathered around the table as Aya stepped up to her birthday cake and pondered on her wish before she blew out the candles.

(I have no idea who that old lady is. She’s always showed up at their parties uninvited.)

Aya grew into a beautiful teen gaining the Supernatural Fan trait.


Casper: What kind of child is my boy raising?

Later on into the evening, after most of the guests had left, something tragic began to take place. The fear and realization of what was happening chilled Casper inside and strained at his heart as he could only look on helplessly.

Casper: “Oh no, no! Ash! Not Ash!”

Just then Grim made his appearance surrounded in a cloud of dark smoke in the corner of the house.

Casper: “Please, can’t you spare my wife?”

Casper: “Take me instead! Please!”

Grim: “It won’t be long before I come for you, Casper. You won’t have to be apart for long.”

It was a promise brought by Death that couldn’t ease the anguish in Casper’s heart.

Ashleigh: “It’s OK, Casper. I can see that it’s my time.”

Casper: “But I can’t bare to wake up without you in the morning. I’ve spent so many mornings without you before… Ashliegh, please…”

But there was nothing that could be done and Ashleigh passed that evening, taken into the arms of death like every sim before her.


Thank you for reading! Thank you for your patience! I’m sorry this took so long. I really do hope the next one won’t, or at least not 2 months… (>_>) I think the next part will be the first part for generation 4. Since I had decided awhile ago who it is I can probably start focusing on her, as well as her sisters too. :3

Take care everyone!♥ (^3^)

4 thoughts on “The Belin Legacy: Generation 3 Part 10

  1. Nooooo! ;___; I was so happy that you posted new chapter and I was smiling and giggling while reading the first part cuz the kids were sooo cute. And suddenly it’s so sad ;___; omg Casper looks so devastated. RIP Ashleigh… I’ll see you later, though ;o

    • I was thinking of omitting it and just mentioning about it in the next part, but I kinda like the screenshots. Casper’s proximity couldn’t have been more perfect for the moment. I’m glad you enjoyed the kids though! They’re all going to be teens soon. ;_;

  2. Oh god. Casper just like ripped my heart out! I loved the rest Ronin & the girls hilarious as always but the end it just….Im gonna bawl buckets when Casper goes!

    • haha, Casper’s death might not be as bad, especially since now you have that warning. XD Since I got their graves though at least it shouldn’t be goodbye forever with Caz and Ash! :3

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