The Belin Legacy: Generation 3 Part 9

☆~The joys of childhood~☆


Aya: “Prepare to defend yourself, Cashew!”

Aya: “I’m gonna eat’chuuu!!”

Cashew doesn’t particularly like Saturdays much. Poor guy.

Aya: “Rawr!”

Aya: “RAWR!”


Aya: “Aimma eetchu, Momma!”

Lacey: “Go attack your father and leave the horse alone.”

Bianca: “I have such a weird sister….”

Novia: “Don’t worry, Momma! The good witch Novia will save you!”

Bianca: Am I really the only normal one?

She got into it eventually.

Bianca: “Hey, Sis! Let me up!”

Novia: “Sorry! Nobody’s home!”

Bianca: “I can see your hat doofus! Now, open the door!”

Meanwhile Ronin was hiding in the kitchen playing with his brand new ice-cream maker.

It’s like his tongue is making love to the ice-cream. I have no pure thoughts right now. (o_O)

Ronin: “Don’t worry, ice-cream. I’ll make this last one short and painless.”

Aya: “Awwww yiiiiisssssss!”

Ronin: “It’s not that I’m trying to add more pressure to you….”

Ronin: “… Just if you could put a little more colour into that rainbow ice-cream instead of just two that would be great. No pressure though. If you don’t mind.”

Aya: “Seriously, Dad. What is wrong with you?”

Lacey had accidentally been absent from the house all day. I had her take Cashew out for a ride, and thinking that the game wouldn’t have them out for very long, I just let them go until I realized the sun was going down and they were still going for a ride. (-_-)

Aya: “Why do so many people have the number 69 next to their names….?”

Get out of that chat room, Aya!!

Aya: “What’s S&M? It sounds like a candy…. I’m gonna ask.”


Novia: “Daddy, I know you work hard every day to make this place neat and tidy.”

Novia: “I want you to know that I am really grateful and I love you.”

Ronin: “I love you too, pumpkin.”

After all the kids were gone to bed Ronin and Lacey snuck out to the tree house.

Out in the open where some creeper could take pictures of them.

No, not me.

Him. : P

Bianca: “Go away, sun! No one wants you!”

Novia: “I don’t know if we’re allowed to eat cake for breakfast. Daddy says it’s not a healthy breakfast.”

Aya: “Who cares. That’s why we’re eating it while he’s asleep.”

Novia: “But Momma’s up…”

I don’t think Momma cares either.

For some reason when Casper calls the house he only calls to chat with Lacey. :/ I guess she is writing his biography, but it’s still funny.

Novia: “Come play, Bee!”

Bianca: “I’m good. I have an entire playground in my hand.”

Later she tried to make friends with Cashew, but she was too scared.

Bianca: “I’m sorry I tried to pet you. Please don’t eat me.”

Novia: “Hear ye, hear ye! The royal court is now in session!”

(Note: The boy is their paper boy that Aya invited in.)


Aya: “First order of business: What to do with the stinky sushi! We should feed it to the boy!”

Paper Boy: “….”

Novia: “OBJECTION! You can’t do that! It is unhumanitarian-like!”

I learned something while they were playing this: I didn’t realize that adults could respond to them. The repair lady they called for bowed as soon as she walked into the house and past the table.

Ronin: “Can I play too?”

Aya: “This kingdom is only for girls!”

Novia: “Sorry, Daddy!♥”

Ronin: *pouts*

(If you look closely you can actually see his pouting lip. XD )

Lacey: “Don’t worry, darling….”

Lacey: “As soon as they’re tucked in bed I’ll take you into my kingdom.”


Guess how Aya decided to spend her monday….

Aya: “Aw yeah! Skipping school is awesome!”

Aya: “What should I do first? Prank Momma and Daddy’s toilet? Practice my online fanfiction? So many things!”

Ronin: “Aya…!”

Aya: “Aw crap.”

Ronin: “I’m very disappointed in you! You should be setting a better example for your little sisters!”

Aya: “Come on, Daddy! Isn’t that a lot of pressure for one little girl?”

Ronin: “Today you’re going to do everything I do every day! You’re going to do all the chores! By yourself!”

Aya: “Stupid Daddy. Thinks he can push me around and tell me what to do.”

She says while she does everything he told her to do.

Meanwhile downstairs Lacey decided to try and make her own flavour of ice-cream.

Lacey: “Excellent…”

And with all the free time Ronin had that day (thanks you Aya’s punishment) he got to be the first to try it!

After his snack he went upstairs to his room where Aya had just finished making his and Lacey’s bed.

Ronin: “You’ve done a good job, pumpkin. I hope you’ve learned your lesson.”

Aya: “Does that mean I don’t have to do chores any more, Daddy?”

Ronin: “Nope. Keep going. You’re doing a great job!”

He did end up helping her out in the end when the bathtub broke downstairs.

After they were done they sat in front of the TV and watched cartoons for the rest of the day. I don’t think Aya quite learned her lesson though….

Aya: “Daddy, can we do this again tomorrow?”

Ronin: “No, you’re going to school tomorrow morning and I’m going to watch you this time.”

Aya: “Awww maaaan.”


Thank you for reading everyone! I hope you enjoyed it! I’ll try to get the next part out asap. (I have to play them and get some pictures for it first…)

Take care!♥ ∩( ・ω・)∩

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