The Belin Legacy: Generation 3 Part 8

When you strut makes sure you look like everyone else looks stupid for not strutting.

Ronin: “I could help you with that.”

Aya: “I’m fiiinne, Daddy.”

Ronin: “You know, I wasn’t that bad at school. I got pretty good marks.”

Aya: “I’m good, Dad.”

Ronin: “I even made it on the honor roll in elementary school.”

Aya: “Dad, if I need help I’ll ask, OK?”

Ronin: “I just want to be a part of your life….”

So, he went off to find one of the babies to mend his broken heart.

Ronin: “You’ll always need your Daddy, won’t you, Novia.”

Lacey: “Did you know Bianca had such articulated speech?”

Ronin: “Yeah, she’s been calling me ‘Daddy’ since last week.”

It’s still the only word he hears.

What tha frack?

There are two things wrong with this….

First and foremost, it sounds like he’s been having a freakin’ ORGY with a GROUP of people from an occult!

Second, after discovering this was because of Lacey being a sim-IF (supernatural beings are apparently called occults, iedk), he’s been woo-hooing with her for awhile now, and they have three children, and the paparazzi are just picking up on this NOW?? How do they think biologically related babies are made???

Ronin tried to clear things up with one of the many local paparazzi standing creepily outside his house.

Ronin: “… So, you see how that can be misleading, right?”

Paparazzi: “No, not really.”

He tried. 

The next day Ronin got to perform at his first Sim Fest in the park!

However it didn’t start off very well….

Until he lit himself on fire. Everyone was happy about that.

Announcer: “And the winner of this Sim Fest is…. Robel the Flaming Minx!!”

Ronin: “Wait! That’s my name!”

Ronin: “That’s my name?!”

Now let’s let it sink in….

Ronin: “Kaiser, you’re in the way….”

When he got up on the stage to accept his award he thanked all his supporters… with his butt apparently….

Meanwhile back home both Mr. Boots and Dusty grew into adult dogs, so, they can go down the stairs and pee outside from now on! Yay!

I still haven’t decided on which one to keep. Judging by the look on Mr. Boots’ face my gut feeling is to get him out of the house before I come back and find the whole family dead.

Ronin: “Come on, Novia! Daddy is going to teach you how to walk!”

Novia: But why?? Why can’t you carry me???

Ronin: “Come on! You can do it, sweetheart!”

Novia: … I don’t like this… it feels wobbly….


Ronin: “Good girl! See? You did it!”

Novia: Oh my gosh! I did it! I did it! Hi, Daddy! I did it, Daddy!! You saw me, Daddy!!

Ronin: “OK, let’s try again.”

Novia: But I already did it! Why do I have to do it again??

Aya: “Want your bottle, Bee?”

Aya: “Too bad! Not quick ebough! Heheheh!”

Bianca: “Give me my bottle! I’ll bite your ankles off!”

You’re a mean sister.

Aya: “I gave it to her in the end, didn’t I?”

Picking on the sister with the most articulated speech resulted in being  not such a good idea.

Bianca: “… And then she took it away and kept handing it to me and taking it away until I cried! It was very upsetting, Daddy!”

Ronin: “Aya, is this true?”

Aya: “I was just playing. I gave it to her eventually.”

Ronin: “That’s not very nice! You’re her older sister. You should be looking out for her, not picking on her. If I catch you again you’re grounded.”

Aya: “Pffft. Like you could even ground me.”

Ronin: “Don’t test me, young lady.”

Later on…

Aya: “Get out of my house! This is my house! I already have a husband!”

Ronin: “Aya! What did I say to you earlier!”

I got really tired of Pochi catching fleas every other day, so, I got this thing-a-ma-jig with the points he had accumulated. It is a real blessing and time saver.

Pochi: I don’t know if I feel about what just happened….

When I noticed this I thought, “How cute! Ronin is watching Novia making sure she’s OK walking on her own!”.

Then I saw the dog butt in the couch.

Mr. Boots: What’s up!

Mr. Boots: Dude! You seriously need to clean out the couch! I almost choked on a peanut!

What the hell is going on with my game?? I didn’t even use moveobjects on with them! Is this an omen already??? I’m scared… (⊙﹏⊙)

It’s birthday time again and Queen Ambear is the first to arrive! Free leftovers for the week! Won’t Lacey be excited!

Aya: “What the hell are you wearing, Grandma! You look old!”

Ronin brought both the girls over to their cakes to blow out their candles before they lost too much of the sun’s light. (There’s not enough room to celebrate inside the house.)

Bianca gained the Slob trait adding to her Bookworm and Neurotic traits, while Novia gained the Workaholic trait with her Easily Impressed and Eccentric traits.

I also gave Aya a hair change that I thought suited her a bit more.

Although Ronin was happy and proud to see his children grow up a small part of him was starting to feel a little lonely.

Ronin: “Oh, Duckie… All my little girls are grown up now and are at school all day. What do I do with my life?”

Now he’s making sad faces whenever he goes through his daily chores. :c

(Though it might really be because he’s sick of being the only one who does the chores all the time.)

Lacey: “I know what you did! Don’t think you can pull toilet pranks on your mother!”

Bianca: “I don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re crazy Momma.”

Lacey: “You can’t pull of fast one on me! If you’re going to pull that stuff do it to your Dad!”

Bianca: “Why Dad?”

Lacey: “Because then it’s funny!”

She loves Ronin. Really.

Casper often came to visit Ronin and his family, or Ronin invited him over. I can’t remember since this was before I went on vacation for 2 weeks….

(I try to get Ashleigh to come over, but she always kicks their garbage can over and leaves.)

Novia: “Has your hair always been that colour, Grandpa, or do you dye it?”

Casper: “….”

Novia: “I’m serious.”

Later on Novia was the unfortunate soul to activate Bianca’s toilet prank.


Novia: “You will pay for this, dear sister… Did you forget who sleeps on the bottom bunk? There will be lots of kicking tonight.”

Ronin: “Is that something I see behind your ears?”

Bianca: “Come on, Daddy. I already washed behind my ears. I know there’s nothing there.”

Ronin: “Then what’s THIS!”

Bianca: “What?? How did you find that?! Is that my money?!”

Ronin: “Now watch as I turn this coin into butterflies!”

Bianca: “But why? There are so many other better things I want to do with it!”

And just as he waved his hands to turn the coin into butterflies nothing happened.

Bianca: “Where did it go, Daddy?!”

Ronin: “It, uh, seems to have, um, disappeared….”

Bianca: “I want my money back, Daddy.”

Ronin: *gulp*


That’s all I got for now because you are all caught up to my game. XD;; I need to play them some more to get started on the next update. (>_>)

I think I forgot to mention about Casper, although at this point it’s probably no longer necessary. I copped out of writing his story because I was too nervous and it really drained me worrying about it, so, I had him “retire” and move back home since I can no longer have control over him now. I was actually going to have him murdered before he became an elder, and now I’m glad I didn’t because I adore that he interacts with his grandchildren a lot. :3 I’m not made for serious sim writing. XD;;

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this part. It was quite a bit short compared to the last. (^^; ) Tune in next time for when…. more sim stuff happens because I have no idea what’s going to happen.

Take care everyone and thank you for reading and your continued support! (ノ´ー`)ノ~♥

7 thoughts on “The Belin Legacy: Generation 3 Part 8

  1. The humongous coin still makes me laugh x’D Hmm, Bianca, I bet it’s made of…. chocolate!!

    I’d totally understand what you feel about writing sims stories. It’s especially not easy when you let your sims do things as they like. That’s why I never try it lol! I always like playing/reading “legacy playlogs”, though. Watching my or other people’s sims married, have babies, getting old and die never ever bores me. Hmm, am I a weirdo? ;D

    Anyway, I was glad to see your update. It was a nice surprise cuz I didn’t expect you would post another chapter before starting the bachelor challenge 😀

    • haha, She’ll never know now. XD

      I think a lot of legacy players and readers like that kind of thing. I like both, but it’s too much fun to let my sims live out sim lives because they always surprise me. :3

      I didn’t expect to have it done so soon either. XD;; I’ve had so much energy to do something creative and it was the only thing I could do. I probably should have waited a bit longer because now I’m thinking of stuff I could have added, but oh well. Still waiting on the two other sims and then I can start the challenge. ( -`ω´-)人

    • lol It’s your fault too! But not a bad thing to be blamed for. ;D I’m itching so much to make them have another despite my sanity and lack of room in their house. Maybe make them have risky woo-hoos from now on. lol
      And thank you!♥ I’m glad you’re enjoying them. X3

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