The Belin Legacy: Generation 3 Part 7

Generation four is officially introduced!

Aya: Oh no! The evil monster dog is trying to attack the castle!

Aya: Launch the rabbits!!

Pochi: WHAT?!

Lacey: “Right now it’s time for the little queen to go to sleep.”

Aya: But! But! My castle needs me, Momma!

Aya: I can’t abandon my people!

And then Lacey went to put Ronin to bed. (har har.)

Ronin: “Are you ready for the big day! Today you get to meet your grandpa!”

Aya: I am always ready for more adoration.

While Ronin prepared breakfast for Lacey and himself Aya busied herself with her doll house.

Aya: I guess you will do for the husband.

Then she bit his head off.

She is Lacey’s daughter for sure.

Ronin: “Look, Lacey! I made a perfect plate of waffles for breakfast!”

Lacey: “Yes! Fresh food!”

What the hell is growing on their counter?!

After finishing breakfast Ronin took Aya to visit his parents’ place where he was greeted by Dixon.

It depresses me seeing him because it looks like he has a hard time walking. Pets are too realistic. It breaks my heart. 😥

Ronin: “Hi, Red! You remember me, right?”

Ronin: “Where’s Red gone? Where are you, Red?”

Red: Who are you again?

I guess Red’s near death experience with Ronin wasn’t that impressionable.

Casper: “Well, there’s the little princess.”

Aya: ‘Princess’?! I’m the freakin’ queen!

Casper: “Look at you. You have the same eyes as your great-grandfather and the same beautiful hair as your grandmother.”

Casper: “You melt the burdens right off of this old man’s shoulders.”

Meanwhile, back at the house…

*puppeh exploshen!*

Mr.Boots: It’s very well lit, but it could stand to have more wall hangings.

Dusty: I’m hungry! Where’s the food?

Muffin: I don’t understand what just happened….

Pochi: *pretends he didn’t notice*

Ronin: “…Then Lacey took the camera away from me and said I wasn’t allowed to use it any more”

Ronin: “I said to her ‘but we have to document these things! These are acheiving moments for our daughter that we’ll never experience for the first time with her again!'”

Ronin: “Then I got a new camera and I took pictures of her first poo in the potty! I will have to bring over the photo album sometime!”

Casper: “….”

Casper had never been happier to have Bunny interrupt their conversation by jumping up on his lap.

Casper: “Well, hello there, Bunny. Are you looking for some attention?”

Bunny: I request a tummy rub.

Casper: “Oh no! Here comes the tickle monster!”

Bunny: WAT?!

Casper: “Tickle, tickle, tickle!”


It’s nice to know that some things don’t change when you return to visit your parents’ place. This toilet still clogs after Ronin uses it.


Soon after Aya was getting the crankies so they had to return home.

Aya: I need to poop, Daddy!

After dinner Ronin played with Aya for a bit before it was bedtime.

The next day a pregnant Lacey took advantage of her maternity leave to help teach Aya to walk.

Lacey: “Alright, now walk to Momma!”

Aya: Let go of my head! I can’t move forward! STAP IT!

No, Muffin!

Stop it, Muffin!!


Goodbye, Muffin. You’re cute, but I feel more guilt over not missing you and your destructiveness.

Ronin went to visit the flirty propertier lady to sign up for a performance, and of course her response was to flirt with him.

Propertier Lady: “I don’t understand! You accepted my flirts before!”

Ronin: “I’m married and value my life!”

Look who I spotted walking by! Adult Queen Ambear! Though she pretty much looks the same as she did as a teen.

After rejecting the propertier lady’s numerous flirts he performed for some tips to practice for his show scheduled the next night.

When he learned a new trick that was supposed to have to do with fire it was at this point I was 100% sure I was missing some graphics.

That or Ronin had a bad case of Saturday Night Fever.

Actually I forgot to update the no mosaic mod. Oops. So I exited my game and I updated the mod before returning.


Ronin: “AAHH!! AAHH!! MAKE IT GO AWAY!!!!”

His stage name, Robel the Flaming Minx, is now appropriate. ;D

Ronin: “PUT IT OUT!!!”

After putting out the flames Ronin saw his childhood best friend, Sarah, and called her over.

Ronin: “Hey, Sarah! You want to see a new trick I learned? I can make fire appear!”

Sarah: “No way! Show me!!”

Ronin: “….”

Sarah: “….”

Sarah: “What the hell? Is this a joke?? Am I supposed to pull your finger or something?!”

Ronin: “It was working before….”

After that bit of humiliation Ronin returned home to his family.

Lacey: “Good, you’re home. You can call the babysitter now.”

Ronin: “Why do we need a babysitter?”

Well, that was convenient timing.

Lacey gave birth to a set of twins: Novia and Bianca.

Because I gave her the fertility thing (to decrease my chances of face clones) I was scared they were going to have triplets since I was trying to have less kids. (Only one less than the other generations. I tired.)

Ronin: “Don’t worry, sweetie. Daddy won’t love you any less.”

Aya: Like I’d have to worry about something like that. Don’t be stupid.

♥ (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Ronin had his hands fuller than before with his toddler daughter and two infant daughters, but he couldn’t be happier as his heart filled with pride whenever he looked at there (generically creepy) faces.

Catcoon: Crap! A dog! Think! I need some kind of defense move!


That evening Ronin had his gig and he decided he would dress up Aya and take her with him to watch.

Before leaving Pochi gave Ronin a little good luck kiss on his nose.

Aya got her special seat at the front with her IF while watching her daddy’s show. :3

(Well, not really watching because that would have been too awesome if tots could acknowledge it.)

I think I spend more time watching the audience’s reactions than I do actually watching my sims’ performances.

Now he’s freeing real birds and not invisible ones! Hurray!

The next day the twins aged up because I got bored of babies and their scary lifeless faces.

Here’s Novia…

And Bianca!

(Both of whom you would have met already if you follow my tumblr… (>_>) )

I thought these things were suppose to be rarer to get! (>_<)

They’re primary income has become gnome bunnies because now they’re getting so many of them and I’ve been deleting/selling them because they keep blocking important things like the bathtub and dishwasher. It gave Lacey a chance to quit her job to focus on her writing which made her very happy.

Aya only got to meet the puppies once since they’re stuck upstairs.

It was a regretful experience.

Aya: The world is fading…. I can’t hang on….

Meanwhile the other two were downstairs doing… What are you doing, Novia?

Novia: I am trying to eat like a frog. I learned that they chew with their eyeballs!

It… doesn’t quite work like that….

Novia: Hmmmm… OK, I can do this….


Novia: WHY WON’T YOU GO IN?!?!!

Novia: Maybe I’ll try here….

Novia: Nope… that’s not right….

Novia: I’ll try this side again…

…. Moving along…

Ronin: “Come on, Bianca. You can say ‘Daddy’. Say ‘Dah-deh’! Or ‘Dah-dah’.”

Bianca: “…..”

Ronin: “I’m a terrible father! I can’t even get you to say ‘Dada’!”

Bianca: “I wouldn’t say that, Daddy. I mean, maybe if we had an indepth conversation I would probably be more coerced into talking with you.”

Ronin: “You called me ‘Daddy’! Daddy is so happy!”

Bianca: “Were you even listening to me, Daddy?”

Ronin: “You said it again! Daddy is so happy and proud! Daddy is about to cry in happiness!”

Bianca: “Please don’t refer to yourself in third person any more. It feels demeaning.”

With the extra time Lacey had after quitting her job it gave her a chance to help Ronin teach the tots their major life skills.

Lacey: “I could be working on my book right now.”

Am I the only one who wishes that their sims would once in awhile have a near death experience while fixing stuff? Because ever since the game came out it has never happened to me.

(Not that I want Ronin to die yet, but I figured since he’s my favourite it might happen.)

Aya’s big day finally arrived again and they invited the whole family over, which also apparently included a few party crashers.

Seriously. Who crashes a toddlers birthday party? I can only imagine the creepiest people do.

Lacey held Aya closer to the cake as the little tot took a deep breath and blew as hard as she could.

Aya: What the hell?!

Aya: Where’d it go??

Those are some sharp cheekbones.

Aya: “YAAAAAHHHHHHH!! I get my own room and now I can feed myself with cake!”

She made sure she got the first piece and that no one was going to take it away from her.

Cashew: Is that cake??

Cashew: And a full plate of sandwiches?! So much to choose from! Where do I start?

Meanwhile in the bathroom…

Queen Ambear: “What’s this?!”

Queen Ambear: “So, a challenger has appeared… You think you’re so tough!”

Queen Ambear: “‘Look at me! I’m a fierce lopsided head bear!'”

She argued with herself in the mirror for the rest of the party….

Novia: I’ll love you forever! Just like Daddy loved Momma!

It’s almost ironic that it’s the same colour Lacey was….

And I didn’t know that horses could eat newspaper in the game. (o_O)

Bianca: “You’re formal wear is exquisite, Daddy!”

Ronin: “Did you hear, Lacey! She called me ‘Daddy’ again!”


Thank you for reading and thank you for you patience! I’m sorry it took me awhile and sorry that it’s kinda long. I was really pushing it to end with the twins as tots since I’ve been posting a lot of pictures of them on my simblr. (>_>)

Take care, everyone!♥ And I hope you look forward to the next part when I have it up. :3 (Hopefully it won’t take me as long for the next one….)

4 thoughts on “The Belin Legacy: Generation 3 Part 7

  1. Oooh I feel like it’s been a really long long time although we’ve kept in touch. Probably because both of us hadn’t updated for a while 😉 The babies are so cute! You know, I would never be able to take this many toddler pictures haha. And, I don’t know why but I can’t get over the one that Ronin is holding Aya with his hands ♥_♥ She looks so tiny in the picture and frigging adorable >3<.

    • haha, it has been a bit, at least in internet time. XD lol I took far too many toddler pictures. There’s a lot that I deleted from here, though most of them went up on tumblr. hehe, they all look smaller when Ronin is holding them. I think it’s because of his natural muscle physique he inherited. That’s probably why I have lots of pictures with him holding the girls. lol

  2. I’m so glad to see you’re back again! :3 I hope you’re feeling a little bit better now! And gosh, the toddlers are so cute! Especially Novia! ♥ Haha at Queen Ambear arguing with herself, I didn’t know sims could do that o.o

    • I am, thank you! That vacation was very much overdo. lol Aw thanks! Novia is my favourite too and so far she has the lead for heir. :3 I think the arguing with the mirror is a part of the insane trait. Ronin does it too sometimes, but he doesn’t use the mirror. He just argues with the air. XD

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