Going away on vacay so have a picture of Ronin having a bath!

If you follow my tumblr then this is probably old news to you, but I am going away for two weeks and will hardly be on the computer, if at all (since I’m not taking my laptop with me). I had been hoping to get the next update finished before I leave this evening, but due to my personal difficulties of writing and my new obsession with Dragon Age 2 it’s only mostly finished. (>_>) I’m sorry to all those who are waiting. I have not given up on them and I doubt that I ever will.

Also, on the week of July 13th the Belins will have been being played for 1 year! I’m such a slow legacy player. lol I wasn’t this slow with my TS2 legacy, but I guess it’s OK as long as I don’t give up and those of you who continue to enjoy it do. (:

Thank you everyone for your patience with me! I appreciate it!♥ :3