The Belin Legacy: Generation 3 Part 6

~Welcoming Generation 4!~

Welcome back to the Belin Legacy!

Pochi: Oh? We have guests?

Go back to sleep, Pochi….

Lacey: “These are delicious! You’re cooking has become consistent now too!”

Ronin: “Actually, we’ve been eating leftovers for 3 days.”

Lacey: “WHAT?”

After breakfast they had discovered the pile of hay I plopped in their paddock.

That’s not why I put it there, but OK then. I feel bad for the future horse that is gonna be eating from it….

Ronin: “HELP! LACEY! I can’t find my way out! …I think I’m stuck… And there’s a needle somewhere in here that keeps poking me… And I can’t find it….”

Lacey: “….”

And meet said future horse! His name is Cashew and that’s all I really have to say about him….

The poor little guy misses his mom and Lacey isn’t helping matters.

(She thinks they’re bonding.)

The day of Ronin’s first gig arrived!


(It may become appropriate later….)

To make a long performance short he only had two audience members and pretty much got booed off stage. This is probably due mostly to the fact that I didn’t know I could choose his next trick/action until it was too late.

Sorry, Ro.

Ronin: “It’s OK…..”

Later that evening this little guy was trying to watch TV from the outside of their house. Feeling bad for him I let him have a seat on the couch where he could watch it better.

Bunny Gnome: “This game is so intense!”

He was so into it he forgot about his ice-cream.

Dixon: Keep your bills away from my son and young master, evil Mail Man!

Instead the “evil Mail Man” ended up dropping everyone else’s bills on Ronin’s property before running away with Dixon behind him.

Ronin: “I thought we were going to whoohoo in the shower.”

Lacey: “Sorry. I got distracted by the sparkle of my ring. The lighting in this room is amazing!”

Pochi: Hey! Guys! My food bowl is empty! Hey! Guys?! ….. What are you doing?? …Never mind… I’ll come back later…. *backs away out the door*

Back in the dog park performing for tips….

Ronin: “Ta-DAH!”

Ronin: “Asima, you killed my flowers!”

Asima: “No I didn’t!”

Ronin spent the whole day in the park performing and managed to gain the attention of the local paparazzi earning him his first celebrity status star.

I have 4 paparazzi in this town but no vampires? What’s with that? /:

Meanwhile, Lacey’s needs were getting pretty close to danger zone and I went to go check up on her.

Go inside and eat!

Lacey: “No way. There’s dirty dishes in there. If I go in there first I have to clean them up.”

Pochi: *doing his dance aerobics on the couch while everyone has gone to bed*

Some time during the night Lacey had woken up with a sick feeling in her stomach. During her short life as a real sim this was her first experience with nausea and she really didn’t like it.

She threw up twice that night.

Lacey: “I never knew there could be such consequences to eating delicious things.”

~✿~Ronin service.~✿~

And apparently he gets frizzy eyebrows after he showers.

Lacey: “Finally! Something fresh again! At least this shouldn’t make me throw up.”

Ronin: “Maybe you’re pregnant.”

Lacey: “Don’t you even joke about that! I told you! IFs are like seahorses!”

Ronin: “Didn’t I just clean you yesterday?”

Pochi: I’m fine. I don’t need a bath. It’s just my new heavy fancy cologne called Dirty Dog. Attracts the all the doggy ladies.

~The next evening:~

Lacey: “OK, so, maybe I was wrong about the whole IF thing. I thought it might be really bad gas making me look bloated, but when I went to the doctor they told me I was pregnant.”

Ronin: “I have a show tomorrow night at the coffee shop, so, if you need me even to open a jar of pickles for you just call me and I’ll come home right away.”

Lacey: “You know, I’m not weak, I’m just lazy.”

While they were having their conversation, outside in the paddock Cashew was celebrating his birthday! Unfortunately it was night time, so, I couldn’t get a good shot, but since his aging is obligatory to mention this is all I got. :X

Even though Lacey hadn’t at first seemed too thrilled about taking maternity leave to carry their child she was finding that it was going to be well worth it in the end whenever she saw the look of happiness in Ronin’s face.

Ronin: “I just know the baby will be beautiful because of you.”

And this is probably why he gets laid every night.

Since Lacey wasn’t able to give Cashew the exercise he needed, Ronin thought he would take the horse out for a ride.

But as soon as they got half way down the road….

Ronin: “Oh no! I forgot! I have a show to do in an hour!”

Ronin: “Hurry, Cashew, hurry! We’re going to be late!!”


Oh. Never mind.

When the two arrived Cashew conveniently dropped Ronin right on top of the stage. Now that’s an entrance.

Lacey had even arrived to watch Ronin’s first big show there and Cashew also decided to stick around.

Ronin: “If you’ll just step inside this box…”

Old Man Assistant: “Hmmm… It’s has a nice quality of wood. Is this mahogany?”

Ronin: *shuts door* “And now I will begin by shoving swords through the slots without injuring are poor trapped and helpless assitant!”

Old Man Assistant: “Hey! It’s dark in here!”

♪~dramatic music~♪

Ronin: “And now for the third and last sword! By the power of Grey Skull!!”

Ronin: “Crap. It’s stuck.”

Well, the power of Grey Skull did nothing for that.

After he hammered the handle in a bit with the heal of his hand it finally went through.

Ronin: “And now our beautiful assistant will step out of the box unscathed!”

Old Man Assistant: *semi-dramatic pose*

Snakeskin Pants Guy: “Boooo! That is such a stupid trick! EVERYONE knows how that works!”

Old Man Assistant: “Don’t listen to him, son. He’s just jealous that you have more fashionable pants.”

Robel the Flaming Minx’s second show ended with much success!

After he had finished packing up his things, Lacey walked over and wrapped her arms around him as she leaned in for a kiss.

Ronin: “Did you enjoy it?”

Lacey: “You put on a great show, sweetie.”

(She was actually booing him half the time.)

Ronin: “And hello there little Baby Belin!”

Ronin: “You enjoyed Daddy’s show too I hope! You just wait until you’re able to watch! Maybe you’ll be a little magician too!”

When they arrived home….

Lacey: Ugh! Did he pee on the seat?! Shouldn’t he know how to aim by now?!

The next day Lacey and Ronin decided to spend it together by doing a little bit of cram study for their future arrival.

Unfortunately they didn’t have that time.

Ronin: “I guess that means we’ll have to finish the book on the way.”

Lacey: “Call the stupid cab! I didn’t get to the part on how these things come out!”

While they were off to the hospital the dogs were doing a little baby making of their own.

An hour or so later Lacey and Ronin brought home their heavy sleeping and slobby new baby girl, Aya Belin.

Ronin took to taking care of Aya very easily and was more than happy to change and feed her while Lacey pursued her new hobby of writing.

Ronin: “You’re going to be the most beautiful girl in the world, just like your Momma! Your grandparents and aunties are going to adore you!”

One day I found Pochi hiding out over at Candace’s house where he went to all on his own. I didn’t know they were programmed to visit other sims’ houses on their own. (o_O)

Ronin: “Come on, Pochi. You’ll smell just like a fresh garden of roses afterwards!”

Pochi: I don’t want a bath! This is why I was sleeping at your sister’s!

Somehow Lacey was the only one that got soaking wet when Pochi dried himself off.

One last baby picture before we skip to toddler-Aya! (Because TS3 babies feel so lifeless to me now. ): )

She looks like a cute little monkey! (*_____*)

Unfortunately aside from eye and hair colour she is an exact clone of Lacey, but she’s still friggin’ cute! (I think she’ll get Lacey’s skin-tone when she ages to an adult since Lacey’s is a custom non-default one by LemonLeaf I believe.)

Ronin: “Oh no! Daddy’s gonna turn you into a llama!!”

Aya: *GIGGLE~♥*

Aya: Imma eat’chu!!!

Muffin: I’m really not a delicious treat!! ):

She kinda worries the dogs a bit.


Thank you for reading! ♥ (´ ▽`) This was actually Part 6 and 7 combined since Part 6 was really short. Hopefully I didn’t make it too long though. S: As usual I don’t know when I will have the next part up. I haven’t even edited nor sorted through the pictures yet (the are all still in my Screenshots file). Lately I hadn’t felt much motivation to write captions and I’ve been just wanting to play them a lot. If you follow my tumblr you will already have seen the other generation 4 babies and I hope that I will be introducing them properly in the next part. :3

Take care everyone and thank you again!♥

9 thoughts on “The Belin Legacy: Generation 3 Part 6

  1. Are IFs really like seahorses? OMG I’m laughing too hard xD It’s the best thing I’ve heard in a long time. Aya is so cute! I can’t wait to see all the baby girls play together :3

    • lol I don’t think Lacey really knows herself. I had actually been debating on making Ronin carry the babies just for fun though. XD (And also because Lacey is a workaholic and I didn’t know about the “no maternity leave” mod until after the babies were born.)

      Thank yous! X3 I still haven’t sorted through the screenshots yet, but most of them are picture of the tots, so, they’ll probably show up in the next part whenever that is. XD;;

    • hehe, Ronin gets better though now that I know what I’m doing. (>_>) But messing up is part of the fun. :3

      Pochi has been fun. I was a little worried he’d end up just being in the background all the time, but he’s been showing a bit of personality.

      Sorry I took so long to reply. My brain has been kinda muddled. (>_<)

      • No problem….I feel bad for not updating any of my legacies lately becaue my game is crashing now 😦 and I’m trying to fix it haha…I’m a little worried about it too!

        I kinda wish Pochi was my dog in real life, not gonna lie haha.

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