The Belin Legacy: Generation 3 Part 5

There’s pervs everywhere in this game….

For his first home-made breakfast Ronin decided to try his hand at something other than mac and cheese.

He still hadn’t mastered the art of basic cooking, but at least he didn’t have to lie about putting pepper on the pancakes…

After Lacey had left for work he went outside to throw out the old newspaper and bring in the new one, but his attempt was thwarted by a cute stray cat sitting on his doorstep.

Paper Boy: “BOOOOOOOOOO!!! Put on some pants!!”

Then it was time to head off to the dog park with Pochi!

Pochi: I love these seats. So cushy. You just melt right into them.♥

Quite literally.

While there Ronin thought he might practice his magic tricks and hopefully earn a few simoleons while he was at it.

Pochi: I’ll just be over here pretending I didn’t come here with you….

His first audience member was Imogen, the blindingly brightly dressed country-ish girl.

Ronin: “Watch as I make a deck of cards appear out of thin air! Cards! Appear! Appear!”

Ronin: “I’m sure the cards are on their way. Probably stuck in traffic… heh..heh….”

Imogen: “….”

He gave up on the card trick and decided to go back to his old wand-to-flowers trick.

Calvin: “Those would be a nice gift for Candace. I’ll give you §17 for them.”

And with his §17 he returned home to greet his lovely finacée with a kiss which lead them to….

…the shower where a dirty little bunny gnome stood across from.

Um, excuse me? Who are YOU? (o_O)

Oh yeah. Lacey adopted a lady friend for Pochi, so, meet Muffin! The new edition to the Belin household!

(I will have them adopt any animal I see in the shelter with a name related to food.)

She was so tired from her trip to her new home that she went right to sleep on the chair.

The next day Pochi showed Muffin around the house.

Muffin: What’s this strange smell? It smells kinda like candy.

Pochi: I don’t know, but my brother Floyd tried peeing on her to get rid of it.

The dogs are still investigating Lacey all the time. Probably because she still has traces of IF in her that apparently smells like candy.

Lacey: “I was thinking, we should get married tomorrow.”

Ronin: “OK. I’ll call my family.”

Lacey: “You’ll be wearing your fancy suit though, right?”

Ronin: “What’s wrong with what I’m wearing now?”

Ronin: “If I wear a bowtie with it will it make it better?”

Lacey: “Hmmm… Maybe for bed, but not for a wedding.”

Ronin: “Wearing a bowtie while sleeping would be awkward….”

Somehow I don’t think he’d be wearing it while sleeping…..

The next day, before his wedding, Ronin had left to meet with a propertier to audition for his first gig.

Ronin: “Now, I will insert this coin into your butt and pull it out of your nose!”

Propertier Guy: “I really don’t think this is appropriate!”

Ronin: “But it’s all I had!”

Ronin: “OK, how about if I turn this coin into butterflies instead?”

Propertier Guy: “That sounds much more pleasant.”

The Porpertier was so amazed by Ronin’s butterfly illusion that he offered him a gig for the next evening.

Ronin: “Oh look! It’s a little squirrel! Hello little squirrel!!♥”


Ronin: “It bit me! Why would it do that?!”

I can’t imagine why, running over to it like that and all.

Moving on to later that afternoon the first guest to Ronin and Lacey’s wedding arrived a little early.

Wait a second, you weren’t invited.

Falcon: I’m the wedding crasher.

You’re a little early to be the wedding crasher aren’t you?

Falcon: Whatever. I’m gonna just sit here and peck at the ground like a chicken until the rest get here.

OK then….

Asima: “Oh! Hello there, Mrs. Falcon! Would you like to come home with me where I can teach you to attack and pluck out the eyes of burglars?”

Ashleigh: “No more pets.”

Asima: “But Momma! Look how fierce she is!”

Ashleigh: “No.”

Since the sun would be setting soon Lacey and Ronin began with the exchanging of rings as soon as they arrived… much to Ashleigh’s discontent….

Lacey: “So, you know what this means, right? I catch you with another girl you’re BOTH dead.”

Ronin: “I love you too, Lacey~♥”


Casper: “Congratulations!”

Amber: “Yay!”

Lacey: “Why are they throwing rice at us? Do they think we’re birds or something?”

Ronin: *keeps getting rice hitting him in the back of his head from Amber*

Right after the ceremony officially ended Casper stepped in a stole the first dance with Lacey.

And Ashleigh took the chance to cheer herself up by nearly giving Ronin a heart attack.



Oh, family.

It isn’t officially a sim wedding until someone pees themselves….

(I gotta remember not to have weddings where there are no toilets.)

Lacey: “Oh pickle fish, that smell….”

Casper: *relishing in the enjoyment of his daughter’s misfortune like the evil sim father he is*

Lacey: “….I’m going to smack someone soon….”

Sorry, Lace. I have no control over him any more….

As the party continued on Ashleigh took out her guitar to play while the married couple mingled with their guests before dinner.

Ronin: “Wow. Having a wedding is hard work. I’m famished. Let’s never do this again.”

Lacey: *with a mouth fill of hotdog* “What do you mean again?! You’ll be dead before you ever marry again!”

A few minutes later I found Casper consoling Ashleigh over the wedding. c’:

Old woman who wasn’t invited: “You look so dashing in your suit!”

Ronin: “Umm, thanks….”

Old woman who wasn’t invited: “Here! Have these flowers! Will you go out with me?”

Ronin: “UGH! NO!”

Lacey: “I wonder if that lake is deep enough for a body….”

After the majority of guests left Ronin packed up their picnic basket and left with Lacey before the old woman could put his life in any more danger with her flowers.

Upon their return home they had barely closed the door behind before Lcaey started getting a little frisky.

Lacey: “OK, time to take off your pants! Let’s go!”

Ronin: “Lacey! Wait!”


Thank you for reading everyone! I hope you enjoyed it! This one didn’t feel as good as the last one, but I still hope there were entertaining bits.  I will keep trying to do weekly posts, so, hopefully 3.6 will be posted next week.

Take care everyone! And thank you again!♥

5 thoughts on “The Belin Legacy: Generation 3 Part 5

  1. Whaatttt no babies 😦 Oh well…I’ll keep waiting hehe

    Lovely wedding though! Best part was when that random old lady came and gave Ronin flowers, Lacey’s reaction is priceless! haha

    Also, so cute to see Pochi riding in the car! I really need to get Pets haha.

    • Not yet, sorry. XD;; They won’t start coming into the world until 3.7 (Unless I somehow shorten 3.6 enough which I’d like to do because I think a lot of it is Ronin performing and that might get boring in reading format. (^^;) )

      Thank you! lol I don’t know where she came from or who she even is. It makes it even worse that she showed up in her nightgown. (o_O) I was so scared Lacey was going to yell at Ronin or something because I’ve never had sims do that autonomously before unless they had a close relationship.

      hehe, Pets is fun, though sometimes it can be overwhelming. It’s definitely my second favourite EP and I feel that despite the bugs, EA put more effort into it than most of the other EPs. (I think it’s because TS2 Pets got a lot of slack even though I liked it when I had it.)

      • I can wait for babies haha, I think that’s my favorite part of legacies anyway. Like with this new generation that I started, I just want him and his future wife to have kids already haha.

        Yeah..old ladies hitting on young guys in their night gowns aren’t a good combo. Yeah I didn’t have pets for TS2 either, so that makes me want TS3 Pets, right now I’m having more fun discovering Late Night haha. I’m a little behind.

  2. Oh god, outdoor wedding is one of the most difficult things in playing the sims! Though I had a good laugh at Lacey sitting crossed-legged on the ground with her dress on x’D Gee, I love her character so much. Ronin and Lacey are a match made in heaven :3

    • lol I haven’t had an indoor one that wasn’t a private union since TS2. Usually I do it for the pictures, but I don’t think that spot was particularly very good. XD;;

      haha, She doesn’t conform to “lady-likeness”. She does pretty much what she wants without a care. XD

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