The Belin Legacy: Generation 3 Part 4

Microwaves need your love too. Have you hugged yours today?

With little funds (less that what the Belin founder had), Ronin and Lacey had bought the most affordable house from E.A.Realtors, which was conviniently close to his parents’ house and across the street from his sister, Candace’s house. Along with the money that had been given to him, his father had encouraged him to take one of the pups with him as well. (Mostly to spare his mother’s sanity.)

The house came with its own furniture, which included a dusty brass lamp. It certainly wasn’t a match to his parents’ home, but it had everything they would need and that was enough.

Lacey had decided to try her hand at journalism and spent the day in the library practicing her writing skills…

….While Ronin thought he might seriously attempt at making a career out of his new found love for magic tricks at the newly built coffee shop in town.

It wasn’t going quite as well as he had hoped…

And when it did nobody seemed to care.

Ronin: “I’m the worst magician in the world.”

Propertier Lady: “I wouldn’t say that. You look really cute in that bow-tie.”

Ronin: “You really think so?”


I had to stop them from flirting back and forth with each other. I was afraid she was going to take him home with her. (>_<)

Later on Lacey walked over to the coffee shop to meet up with Ronin who still hadn’t made much progress as a magician.

Lacey: “Hey. You wanna get something to eat?”

Ronin: “OK.”

After their little dinner inside the coffee shop they decided to go check out the karaoke hang out across the street.

Inside they found a teen boy and old man singing a love duet together and a passed out paparazzi guy on the floor. Alcohol, oddly enough, was not a factor.

When it was their turn to sing the old buzzard decided to play tinkering on the karaoke machine. 😡

Lacey: “I have an idea of something we can do while we wait.”

Ronin: “Why are you taking off your shirt…?”

Some undisclosed amount of time later:

Lacey: “I’ll cherish these forever!♥”

Ronin: *in a daze*

After that they went back down to claim the karaoke machine before someone else did.

Lacey: “What?! I don’t know this song!”

Lacey: *sings incoherent “words” with all the feelings in her face anyway*

Meanwhile back at the house… (because Pochi is so cute!)

The next morning Ronin woke up first to fix breakfast for both of them.

Pochi: Stupid fridge! Stop hogging all the food!

Pochi likes to bark at the fridge. I can only assume what he’s saying.

It was Lacey’s first day as a paper-girl and she was excited in anticipation of what it would be like as a real sim in the work force!

While Ronin stayed home to take care to the chores.

Ronin: “I can’t get the bubbles off of my hands.”

After taking a shower to get the bubbles off, Ronin changed into his swim trunks and continued on with his cleaning duties.

Ronin: “There!”

It looks the same….

Just then Ronin was startled when he heard the echo of a young woman’s giggle!

Ronin: “Oh no! It’s haunted! The lamp is haunted! I’ve angered the spirits! I’m sorry, spirits!”

And before him out of thin air a strange purple skinned and ginger haired sim-like spirit appeared!

Genie: “Teeheehee, you have nippleitus!”

The strange ginger haired and purple skinned “spirit” had introduced herself as the resident genie of the lamp, and because he had temporarily freed her from its confines he was entitled to make a wish.

Ronin: “I have all that I need to be happy. I can’t possibly think of anything to wish for.”

Genie: “Seriously? You gotta be kidding me, right? Can’t you think of one thing?”

Ronin: “Well, I suppose it would be nice to have more money to make sure we can pay the bills since we only have a little more than §200….”

The genie clapped her hands as she spoke.

Genie: “So be it!”

Ronin: “So be what?”


Ronin: “I’m sorry! Please don’t turn me into a donkey!”

Genie: “Relax. It’s how I channel my magic.”

Ronin: “I’m still sorry! Please don’t hurt me!”

With their newly accumulated funds (far more than I expected and wanted) The house was able to undergo renovations that would be much needed in the future.

(I want to change the colour of the house, but I don’t know what colour. :c )

A slightly bigger master bedroom was built…

Along with a neighbouring master bathroom.

The old master room was turned into a nursery because I find it annoying when the nursery is upstairs.

For the time being this is my most favourite lot I’ve decorated and played.

After everything was done Ronin joined the genie in front of the TV to watch his favourite soap opera.

Genie: “You know, if I were you I would have wished for junk food instead of all this crap. Would have gone better with the television.”

Ronin: “Yeah… Maybe I should’ve gotten a bigger TV too….”

Genie: “You think? I can probably do something about that too.”

Suddenly the TV made a loud cracking sound and smoke started rising from it before the genie clapped her hands and disappeared.

Ronin: “How is that doing something about getting a new TV?! Now I’ll never know of she married the right twin sister or if Barley is really dead!”

Ronin: “Hey! Microwave! Microwave! How do I fix the TV?! C’mon! You gotta tell me!”

Ronin: “Please speak to me, Microwave! Don’t ignore me! This is urgent!!”

Lacey: “Wait, I’m in the right house, right? I mean, it looks similar, but where did all this stuff come from?! Did you start selling drugs?!”

Lacey: “….Why are you talking to a microwave? Did you start taking drugs too?”

After Ronin had tried to explain his day, Lacey gave up and told him she was going to change out of her work clothes and take a nap while he fixed some mac and cheese for dinner like a good domestic boyfriend  boy-toy (since it’s not official official yet).

Pochi: You guys never give me anything that good….

Ronin, not being one who is able to resist manipulative sad self-pity puppy faces, tossed him a little mac and cheese.

Pochi: Why is it still raw? Are you trying to give me tapeworms?

Having no cooking skill points Ronin ended up burning it to a horrifying quality.

Ronin: Maybe I can tell her it’s just a lot of pepper….

Ronin: “I tried a new recipie that called for a lot of pepper. I hope you like it.”

Lacey: “I’m always up for something new!”

Lacey: “…I may have only been made real for a few days, but I’m pretty sure this is not black because of pepper.”

Ronin: “….”

After the dishes were cleaned up Lacey walked over to Ronin and took both his hands in hers to pull him closer.

Lacey: “Ronin, I’ve been thinking for a long time….”

Lacey: “I never wanted to share you with anyone before and I really don’t want to still. Can we make this official?”

Ronin: “Of course.”

He leaned in and placed a sweet chaste kiss on her lips to seal the agreement.

Lacey: “One day I hope we’ll have children too.”

Lacey: “Of course you’ll have to bare them while I work to bring home the bigger dough.”

Ronin: “Um… That’s not how I was told making babies work….”

Lacey: “Didn’t I tell you that imaginary friends are like seahorses?”

Ronin: “….”

…. 8(

Ronin: “She’s kidding, right?”

I… I think so, but I’m not sure… 8(

Ronin: “Lacey, I want to show you something.”

Lacey: “What is it?”

Ronin: “I want to show you this magic trick I practised just for you! As you could see before there was nothing in my hands….”

Ronin: “Ta-dah~!”

Lacey: “ohmeegee!”

Lacey: “OHMEEGEE!!”



I thought that she might start hyperventilating or something.

Lacey: “It’s soooo shiny!!”

Ronin: “Do I get a hug?”

Lacey: “Wait, I’m not done looking!”

Lacey: “OK!”

After she was done gawking she excitedly ran into Ronin’s open arms.

Ronin: “I love you, Lacey.”

Lacey: “I love you too.”


Thank you for reading! I had a lot of fun doing this part, so, I hope you guys had fun reading it too. :3 It was really the easiest part I’ve ever written.

I hope you’ll look forward to 3.5 when I get it up! I think I only need a few more pictures and then I can start writing stuff out. (So, it won’t likely be out as quickly as this one was. (>_>) )

Take care everyone!♥ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

9 thoughts on “The Belin Legacy: Generation 3 Part 4

  1. Have I mentioned how much I love Lacey and Ronin? 😀

    They are by far, one of my favorite couples haha, they’re a great if for eachother.

    Pochi is also cute, reminds me of my dog haha, she thinks we dont’ ever feed her or give her love, so she’s really good at playing the guilt trip.

    • Thank you!♥ I’m happy you’re enjoying them as much as I am having fun playing them. :3

      hehe, She probably just wants to be the same as everyone else, or at least where petting and food applies. XD

    • Thank you!♥ I can’t take all the credit though since it’s originally an EA house. (>_>) It’s nice to have a smaller house though. I only know how to make big houses. (@_@)

      lol Luckily right now (in my game that is) he’s too busy with child rearing to pay attention to the microwave. XD

  2. Phew, I finally got myself sorted out and had time to peruse my favorite legacy :3
    I love how you decorated the house too! It looks cozy and is even becoming nicer and nicer ❤ (simoleon is everything! /giggle) I'd love to see more of Ronin interacting with other appliances. I didn't know a 90-degrees rotated neck could be cute! +_+

    • Aww thank you so much!♥ (*^^*) lol At the moment he hasn’t had a chance to get to know the other appliances though because he’s so busy with kids and magic show gigs now. XD;;

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