The Belin Legacy: Generation 3 Part 3

Will this be the night the unicorn finally accepts?

Their first night together didn’t go exactly how Lacey originally planned, and she was left to read a book on Ronin’s beanbag chair.

(Because she fell off the map and I had to start from shortly after she turned into a sim. Damn you moveobjects on!)

Both Pochi and Floyd weren’t really sure what to make of her.

Floyd: I’m going to pee on her to see if I can make the funny smell go away.

Pochi: I’m pretty sure that won’t fix it…

The next morning Ashleigh had come downstairs to see her son and a strange young woman in the kitchen with him. Before she had overcome surprise Ronin excitedly introduced Lacey to his mother.

Lacey: I think it’s going rather well!

Ashleigh: “What are you thinking, Ronin?!”

Ashleigh: “You just became and adult and you’re already bringing home girls?! When did you meet her?!”

Lacey: “Have fun trying to explain that.”

Ronin: “She’s my best friend and she lives here.”

Ashleigh: “Since when?!”

Ronin: “Since I was born.”

Ashleigh sighed irritably.

Ashleigh: “Ronin, I don’t know what you’re talking about, but she can’t stay here!”

Ronin: “She has no where else to go! This is her home, Momma!”

Ashleigh: “I’m not having strangers stay in this house!”

Ronin: “Lacey’s not a stranger! If Lacey has to leave then I’m leaving too!”

Ashleigh: “Don’t be ridiculous! Where are you going to go and what income are you going to survive on?! You don’t even have a job!”

Asima: “Kitchen knives….♥”

Ronin: “We’ll figure something out!”

Lacey: “Don’t I get a say in any of this?”

Later on around noon was Ronin’s graduation. Casper had arrived a little late in the morning and he and Ashleigh arrived together just before the ceremony was to start.

It’s like his classmates knew he was the gen 3 heir.

Lacey: “I didn’t even go to school! Sweet!”

I’m thinking the class voted this because they didn’t even know who she was.

Casper walked up to his son and hugged him.

Casper: “Congratulations, son!”

Casper: “I’m so proud of you! You’ve grown into a fine man.”

A sense of pride swelled in Ronin’s heart as he heard his father’s words. His father’s recognition was all he needed to feel that he had finally grown up.

Ronin: “Dad, I have a favour to ask… Momma won’t let Lacey stay with us. Can you explain things to her?”

Casper: “I’ll talk with your mother about it.”

Ronin: “Thanks, Dad.”

Ashleigh: “She is NOT staying with us!”

Lacey: “I’m not really too thrilled about staying with you either.”

Ashleigh: “What did you say?! What are you trying to imply?!”

Lacey: “Ow. Loud much.”

Ronin sighed sadly while Casper chuckled at the two. At least someone was enjoying it.

Then Casper decided it would be a good idea to quietly sneak up behind his wife and let out a bellowing roar.

Casper: “RAAAWWRRR!!!”

Ashleigh: “What are you doing, Casper?! Don’t scare me like that! Are you trying to send me to an early grave?!”

Casper: “Just trying to lighten the mood a bit, dear.”

Shortly after they arrived home Lacey discovered the toilet for the first time. It was so amazing it put her in a great mood the rest of the night and made up for the awkward first whoohoo.

(I have to change her LTW… I thought the sim Simperial made would replace everything and it didn’t work that way…. (>_>) )

Afterwards she went downstairs to continue her discovering life as a sim.

Lacey: “I love being a sim! So much deliciousness! What is this again?”

Ronin: “That’s Momma’s special low cal orange sherbet ice cream. She’s going to be really mad.”

Lacey: “Oh well.”

The next day Ronin had discovered his new found interest in magic (thanks to installing Showtime), and decided he wanted to be a magician. He went to look for Lacey and use her to test his new found skills on.

Ronin: “Hey, Lacey, let me pull a coin out of your ear. Nothing up my sleeve!”

Lacey: “What are you going on about?”

Ronin: “It’s a magic trick! I’m going to pull a coin out of your ear!”

Lacey: “You’re going to WHAT?!”

Ronin: “Pull a coin out of your ear.”

Ronin: “It won’t hurt, I promise.”

Lacey: “How can you promise that pulling a large piece of metal out of my ear isn’t going to hurt? Shouldn’t a surgeon be doing this if I have metal stuck in my head?”

Ronin ignored her  and reached towards her ear anyway.

When he quickly pulled his hand back he was holding a large golden coloured simoleon.

Ronin: “See! It didn’t hurt at all!”

Lacey: “Is that one of those chocolate ones?”

Ronin: “Now, watch as I turn this wand into a bouquet of red roses for you!”

Lacey: “Yawn. Too slow.”

Ronin: “TA-DAH!”

Lacey: “Do sims eat hay too? Is that considered food or no?”

Ronin: “….”

Later that evening Ronin spied the light of the unicorn in the sky and did as he always did when he saw it.

Tonight he just knew would be the night that the unicorn would finally say yes to his invitation….

And then the unicorn, tired of all his persistent asking, turned Ronin into a plant.


Actually that was when I realized I have too many animals after the unicorn said “yes” and to compensate I guess the game threw Ronin under the ground and made the unicorn un-intractable, so, I had to start all over again. ( -_-) (Even though I have Master Controller and the mod that allows extra sims to show up on the side panel. I don’t know.)


Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed it. It was much shorter than past parts, but that might be a good thing. XD;; As long as nothing stops me I should have part 4 out soon since I’ve had a lot of positive energy lately. It’s my plan to have it posted in at least a weeks time. (Right now it’s a matter of finishing and proofreading the captions. It’s a little longer than this part, but not as long as my longest ones. (@_@) )

Tune in next time as Ronin and Lacey move on to try and build a life of their own together. :3

Take care everyone! (=⌒▽⌒=)ノ♥

4 thoughts on “The Belin Legacy: Generation 3 Part 3

  1. Ok, I’ve been following the Belins for a bit, and oddly enough, this update had me in giggles. xD I couldn’t help but laugh because of Ronin’s graduation cap was a baseball hat and he was having a serious moment. Maybe I’m just weird.

    • Thank you so much!♥ I’m really glad you’re still enjoying them. :3 lol It was pretty out of character for him to wear the baseball cap (or at least his character in my head anyway). I rolled my eyes when I saw him with it, so you’re not the only one. XD

  2. Ronin as a magician is too adorable ;___; Actually this was the first time I carefully saw all the interactions and expression related to the the career (because I’ve used Showtime as a SP lol). The humongous coin gave me a good laugh too. And Lacey, her reactions were soo cute xD I just saw the next part’s spoiler and I can’t wait for it >_>

    • haha, I’m pretty much using it the same way too. I haven’t explored the magician part too much more. All he can do right now is the flower-wand trick, a card trick (I think), and the coin trick. The coin startled me! I didn’t think it would be so big! (0_0) I can’t imagine carrying a bunch of those in my pocket. My pants would fall down!

      I’ll get it up as soon as I can! I might post a few semi-spoilers in the mean time. :3

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