The Belin Legacy: Generation 3 Part 2

Warning: a lot of sim events happen in this part, so, I apologise for any awkward flows.

And so the battle with the toilet continues on…. I don’t know why, but it’s the only toilet that gets clogged, and it’s always poor Ronin who has to deal with it.

Ronin: “Come on, Dixon! Let’s walk to the dog park!”

Dixon: Whatever you want! Just keep rubbing my ears….

Walking to the park wasn’t a good idea since by the time they made it into town the sun had almost gone down. :/

Lost Deer: Damn it! I knew that turn wasn’t the right turn! Now I don’t even know which town I’m in!

Later that evening Bunny gave birth to two little puppies!

Meet Pochi….

… and Floyd!

Names are curtsey of the game because I’m too lazy to be bothered.

Amber, er, I mean, Queen Ambear celebrated her birthday, but still has yet to grow out of her bear obsession. She is now an excitably insane computer wiz sim with a good sense of humour.

If they had the same hair and eye colour you’d think they were identical twins. :/

Dixon: Stupid couch, you can’t eat turkey.

Couch: *shattered dreams* 😥


Burgler: One small dog and a puppy? This place will be a snap!

Burglar: What’s that noise?! I feel compelled to run towards it!


Burgler: “OH NO!! THEY HAVE A BIG DOG TOO??!!!?!”

Dixon: We have a visitor?? Let me fetch you some comfortable slippers!

These dogs are useless….

Asima: “Get me the kitchen knives.”

Luckily the police officer was waiting for him to try and make an escape through the back door.

Burglar: “OW!! I’M SORRY!! OW!!! THAT’S MY FOOT!!!!”

Ronin: “I can’t watch! Tell me when it’s over!”

Lacey: “This coming from the son of a crime boss….”

Ronin: “My dad is a what?!”

Shush, Lacey!

OH NO!! RED!!!!!

Red: What?

Oh, thank goodness! I really thought the cat got to you!

Floyd: NOM!

Floyd: Such nice texture and sound! You are the most beautiful squeeky in the world.

Pochi: Don’t listen, squeeky bone. I know you are more beautiful than that hotdog. *pets*

Why are my pets forming intimate relationships with their squeeky toys?

Candace: “Is she naked back there?”

Ronin: “No, she’s wearing a hat.”

Queen Ambear: “The bear must rely on the stealth their natural fur colour provides when hunting… You wait, dear brother, that shirt will be mine….”

Candace aged up that night earning her a Workaholic trait and a LTW to reach the top of the medical career!

Even though I thought she was pretty before I can’t help but feel like she really grew into her features. :3

Dixon: What’s this?! What’s this?! I’ve never had this happen before!


Dixon: I don’t know if I have enough teeth for this any more….

“Anybody home?”

Ashleigh: “I didn’t expect you to arrive so early today.”

Ashleigh: “It’s so good to see you.”

Casper: “You too. I missed you so much I left right after work last night.”

Amber: “Dad?”

Amber walked up to her father and he took her into a warm hug.

Casper: “You’ve grown up into a beautiful young lady.”

Amber: “Don’t be so embarrassing, Dad….”

Asima: “You smell. I’m not hugging you until you have a shower.”

After the family finished their short reunion it was time for them to attend Candace’s graduation ceremony. I think her classmates voted her as most likely to be successful or something boring like that.

Ashleigh: “We are so proud of you, sweetie! Valedictorian and it was such a beautiful speech! You certainly didn’t get that from your father.”

Casper: “Hey….”

Afterwards the family went across the street to the restaurant to celebrate where Candace’s dinner spilled on her head and she received a fancy dessert for free which ended up just rotting in her inventory because I forgot about it.

When they arrived home Ashleigh and Casper walked out into the backyard to be by themselves, looking up at the very same stars they had been under what felt like a very long time ago.

Casper: “Brings back memories, doesn’t it.”

Ashleigh: “Mm-hm.”

Ashleigh: “You still get sweaty palms? After all these years?”

Casper: “Well, I may have licked my palm first.”

Ashleigh: “I hope you’re joking.”

The next day I sent Candace over to try and ignite a spark between her and Calvin Riffin without the threat of the police taking him away…

…but apparently he had already found someone and he kept avoiding her advances like a good boyfriend. 😡

Then suddenly during conversation they embraced each other….

…and he apparently could not deny her any more and they shared a passionate kiss on their own free will.

WAT. I swear I did not click that.

It was thwarted anyway by them going outside and trying to enter the bedroom through the wall. ( p_-)

Casper: “So, Son, any girls giving you any trouble yet?”

Ronin: “Well, Lacey keeps trying to get in the shower with me….”

Casper: “….I meant non-imaginary girls, Son….”

Ronin: “Then, nope.”

Unfortunately it wasn’t long before Casper had to return to Bridgeport, leaving his family behind again promising to return for the next graduation.

I found out where the wild horses live! So I guess they’re not as wild as I thought….

Grey Horse: I’m going to go pop some popcorn…

Grey Horse: Any of you guys want any?

Brown Horse: Sure! I need something to get rid of this grass taste in my mouth.

Queen Ambear: “I have bear feet too!”

Friend: “….”

And that was her final attempt at making friends.

Prom night arrived for both Ronin and Queen Ambear! It wasn’t as eventful as some proms in the past have been for the Belins, but eventful enough.

And by “world peace” she meant by not mauling them all to death.

Hopefully there wasn’t a tradition of the prom queen and king kissing because that would be rather awkward….

And then my game thought it would be cute to hook Ronin up with one of his long time school friends just to screw with my plans a little. (>_<)

Meanwhile Candace did a little hooking up of her own. :3

Lacey: “You hooked up with a girl last night, didn’t you! I can smell her perfume all over your clothes!”

Ronin: “What?! I didn’t even wear these clothes to prom!”

Lacey: “So it’s true then!”

Ronin: “It was just the chicken dance!”

Lacey: “Did you know that in some cultures that’s considered a mating dance?!”

Ronin: “No it’s not, Lacey.”

Lacey: “In chicken cultures it is!”

Ronin: “She’s not even a chicken!”

Lacey: “What if she was raised by chickens?!”

And we interrupt our crazy “lover’s spat” with few age ups that all happened during the same evening! This is Pochi!

Who reminds me of Queen Elizabeth I in his profile picture.

Pochi was followed by Ashleigh-clone, Asima, who gained the Friendly trait….

…followed by the real Ashleigh, who gained a Bad Back trait….

And last but not least, Floyd who I had to force age because the game said he still had a day left for some reason. :/

Floyd: Oh yeah! That’s the stuff!

The next day arrived and it was Ronin’s turn to age up that very night. Ashleigh approached him after breakfast with a plainly wrapped gift.

Ashleigh: “Your father left this for you. He wanted to be with you today, but he said he’ll be arriving tomorrow for your graduation instead.”

As Ronin took the box in his hands he looked down to read the small written note tied to the red bow:

Dear Ronin,

Happy birthday, son! Please save this for when the right time arrives. You’ll know when to use it. 

It was vague, but he knew what it was and he knew he had to find Lacey to show her.

Unfortunately Lacey was busy giving him the silent treatment

Ronin: “Geez, Lacey, are you seriously that mad at me?”

Later that evening Ronin aged up outside making it difficult to take a decent picture of him as an adult, especially with that EA pony tail hair that didn’t suit him at all. However, I am not surprised that he of all my sims would be a brony, but I figured he’d be more of a Fluttershy or Pinkie Pie fan.

Ronin gained a Childish trait, which in my mind was very fitting. (Unusual for a randomly chosen trait.)

He found Lacey inside of the house finally out of her doll form. He walked up to her and handed her the flask.

Ronin: “Here, Lacey. This is a gift from my dad.”

Lacey: “What is it?”

Ronin: “Just drink it.”

Lacey: “This isn’t poison is it? Or pee?”

Ronin: “Just drink it, Lacey.”

So she did and even after one gulp she could feel something inside her beginning to change.

Lacey: “So, what? Is there anything different about me?”

Ronin: “….”

Lacey: “What? Do I have three eyes? Whiskers? What?”

Ronin: “No… You look beautiful, Lacey…”

Lacey: “Really?”

Lacey: “You’re sure I don’t have an extra nose or ear on my face, right?”

Ronin: “No.”

Lacey: “‘No’ you’re not sure or ‘No’ I don’t?”

Ronin: “Um, here, Lacey! Since it’s your birthday too! Happy birthday!♥”

Lacey: “I’ve never been given flowers before! What do I do with them? Do I eat them?”

Ronin: “No, you put them in a vase and admire them.”

Lacey: “If I can’t eat them then what kind of gift is that? You better make up for it upstairs.”

Ronin: “….Uh…”

Ronin: “…Isn’t that rushing things?”

Lacey: “Are you kidding me?!”

Lacey: “I slept beside you in your crib when you were just an infant, and beside your bed every night throughout your childhood and teenhood!”

Lacey: “So, let’s get up there! Now!”

Ronin: “….”

She certainly wasted no time “strutting” up to Ronin’s room….

Lacey: “C’mon! I’m ready!”

Lacey: 😀

Ronin: “…..”

Poor Ronin. He was totally not prepared for this….

~ ♥ ~

~And the lived happily ever after.

~The End~

I’d like to thank Simperial for making Lavender Lazuli to be Lacey! She is absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to see gen 4! Thank you again!♥ X3

The next part will be up when I can get it up, as per usual! I’m going to work on shortening parts because I think this was rather too long and I even cut a lot out, which I had mixed feelings about doing especially because I wanted to have more for Casper’s visit, but it didn’t seem to be working out. 😦 If I feel any pictures are worth posting that didn’t get posted I’ll be putting them up on my simblr if you’re interested.

Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope you look forward to the next part!♥

10 thoughts on “The Belin Legacy: Generation 3 Part 2

  1. Oh how I love it when animals are talking in your story >_< And congrats all the girls grew up so pretty. Well, even though they look like identical twins or clones I think they are still pretty :3

    And…. haha why is Lacy so funny and adorable xD Now that she has a human face, I can even imagine her chattering voice lol! Ronin grow up so georgous too. I remember you said the other day that you tend to make your sims' noses long. And… apprently I like long noses too ?_?

    I like the idea about shortening parts. Because the shorter parts the more frequent posting intervals… no? xD I'm just kidding. But hope you figure out proper length/cycle that suit you. And yes! please! I definitely want to see more for Casper's visit. I was wondering why he had to come and go abruptly :0

    • Thanks!♥ 😀

      Lacey is so much fun to play now. XD (And since she has a pretty face instead of the IF face she’s not as creepy lol) She’s kinda perfect for him though because she’s very forward and blunt. :3

      Yesssss. I have an obsession with noses and for some reason when I see someone with a nice long nose I just stare at it. I’m such a weirdo. (>_>)

      lol Less time between posts is kinda the ideal plan too. XD;; I keep seriously thinking of taking them to tumblr, but since I know I have readers from LJ I won’t. Yeah, I was kinda disappointed with Casper’s visit. Not a lot really happened with him there and I think it’s because I’ve had a bunch of mental fatigue when working on this legacy lately. I may have to take a vacation from it if I can, but I don’t really want to. ( ;_; )

  2. I’m not sure if I’ve commented before…but if I haven’t, I’ve been following your legacy from the start! Glad Casper could come home for a bit! Also, I’m happy with Lacey’s looks. Most of the imaginary friends that grow up have that purple hair? Glad to see diversity, she is also very pretty!

    • You did because I remember your name and your simself! Thank you very much!♥ X3

      haha, The original Lacey had purple hair, but I had requested a sim to replace the original Lacey and Simperial offered and made her. I just replaced her in CAS via Nraas’ Master Controller. It’s fun to have other people’s styles of sims in the game, and she is really beautiful too. :3

      • Oh good! Haha I can never remember when I comment or not, and you’re wecome 🙂

        Good request haha. I really hate that purple hair, they should just make it random when they come to life. Simperial did a good job too! I wish I had that kind of sim-making ablities haha. THe only good-looking sims I have are in-game born :/

      • haha, I hear ya. Most of my attractive ones are born in-game too since I tend to make pretty boring sims a lot of the time. XD;;

  3. Asima: “Get me the kitchen knives.”
    – Oh god I literally laughed out loud!

    LOL my legacy home just got a bird & we have 2 cats, & when I saw the feathers on the floor I thought the exact same thing! I was like NOOO OMG THE CATS ATE U! lulz.

    Candace is so elegantly stunning -love her ❤

    Oh god, Pochi soooo looks like Queen E I in profile pic -lmaooo!!!

    Lacey is so stunning ❤

    • Haha, it’s scary because the feathers are just in this nice neat pile and what else are you left to think? XD

      Thank you!♥

      Simperial (@ tumblr) makes really great sims. Lacey doesn’t seem creepy any more now and her facial expressions are really cute. :3

    • You have no idea! I’m so in love with her! XD It’s funny because all sims make the same facial expressions, but when she makes them I absolutely love it!♥

      Your sims are amazing. I really love your style. :3

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