The Belin Legacy: Generation 3 Part 1

The world is such a harsh cruel place….

The Belins had moved down the street into a new and slightly bigger house because the old house had gotten way too buggy. I lost a lot of imagination while building it, but it’s at least functional and not buggy!

They have a pretty big back yard to accommodate having Kaiser, but apparently it’s not enough for the dogs since they keep running into the neighbouring field to play chase.

(I wish they had made it so that sims could run off of lots on their own too or take short cuts like animals do.)

Amber got a special bed, book case, and desk, all bear themed. It looks almost as if the bear is watching over her, but not in a creepy way….

…Unlike Lacey.

Bunny: Guinea pigs are pretty cool.

Dixon: I thought we were talking about ants.

Dixon: I don’t care much for eagles.

Bunny: That’s OK. I don’t care much for cats either.

Animal conversations make no sense, even when it’s the same species conversing, they’re always talking about different things.

Bunny: Let me wet your nose for you.

At least there’s universals for “I love you”.

Asima: uuuuggghhh… Where am I?

Asima: When did I get here? Was I drunk last night?

Ashleigh: “Ronin, I need you to look after your baby sister. Candace has club activites today and my carpool is going to be here any minute.”

Ronin: “Can’t Amber do it?”

Ashleigh: “Are you being serious? Just feed her when she’s hungry, change her diaper, and entertain her for a bit until your sister gets home.”

Ronin: “Can’t I just let her go outside like Dixon and Bunny?”

I fear for generation 4…

He ended up taking her outside anyway.

Ronin: “OK, Asima. Whenever you’re ready to poop.”

Asima: I’m already potty trained and you’re doing this wrong.

They ended up having a good time in the end anyway and they stayed out there almost the whole evening.

Until Lacey interrupted.

Lacey: “Are you done yet?”

They returned back inside where Ronin gave her some weird Frankin bear thing to play with.

Asima: I know we’ve only just met, but I love you!

My first random gnome spawning that isn’t a Mysterious Mr. Gnome!! =DDDD

Lacey: “What do you got there?”

Ronin: “I discovered this potion, but I don’t know if it will make you real, so, I’m testing it first.”

Lacey: “How would that prove it if you’re the one drinking it?”

Ronin: “Well, I didn’t think that far through….”

But he drank it anyway.

Ronin: “I feel it burning inside me! I feel a change coming on….!”

Ronin: “… A change of clothes that is.”

Lacey: “….”

Queen Ambear: “What are you doing? You know that today is formal dress day, right?”

Ronin: “She’s right. It is formal dress day.”

Lacey: “I liked you better in your swimsuit to be honest….”

Puppies! I guess dogs do it anti-gravity style…

Kaiser: Hello my fellow horse friends!

Horse 1: What is that smell?

Horse 2: Smells like dirty socks!

Horse 1: Shun the smelly one! Shuuuuunnnn!

Kaiser: Fine. I’ll just hang out with this tomato seed instead.

Then he ate it.

Asima: Could this be?

Asima: It is! It’s strawberry!♥ I love you strawberry milk maker!

(Asima thanks you too, ohmysims! ;3 )


Ronin: “Stupid toilet! I know you’re out to get me! You just wait….”

Lacey: “So, it’s shower time as usual right?”

Ronin: “Lacey! Get out! I’m not going in there with you!”

Lacey: “Why not? You’re already naked and it’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”

Ronin: “That’s not the problem! Except that last part kinda is!”

Every morning is like this for poor Ronin, including the clogged toilet.

Queen Ambear: “Didn’t you get the memo? Today is athletic wear day!”

Ronin: “It is?? How come I don’t get these memos?”

Candace: “Because there are no memos.”

After school Ronin decided to take his new pink bicycle up to the small lake to wait and see if his unicorn friend would come.

The unicorn never showed up, but this smiling happy looking turtle did!

Turtle: I can’t help it. It’s just the way I look.

Ronin: “Hey there, Mr. Turtle. I’m going to call you Porky if that’s OK.”

Proky: Porky? What kind of name is that for a turtle??

Ronin: “I could just cuddle you forever, Porky!”

Ronin: “OW! You’re not very cuddly at all! Your shell is spikey!”

Ronin: “Well, I can’t take you away from your real home….”

Ronin: “Bye, Porky! I’ll come back and visit you!”

Proky: *waddles away as fast as he can* Please don’t!!

Ronin: “Today I made a new friend….”

That’s not your homework assignment….

While Ronin was out terrorizing poor turtles Candace had gone over to the Riffin house for a visit as per usual. With adulthood looming over the horizon she decided to come out with her feelings for Calvin.

Calvin: “You know, Cornell is upstairs.”

Candace: “I didn’t come to see Cornell. I came to see you.”

Calvin: “Huh?”

Somehow he’s been clueless the entire time even though she never actually hangs out with Cornell there.

Candace: *deep breath* “Calvin, I really like you. I’ve liked you a lot for a long time. I know there’s a huge difference in our age, but I’ll be an adult soon, so,  will you consider going out with me?”

(I wish I could have approached my past crushes with that kind of tact.)

Calvin: “Excuse me. I’m going to have to go and sit down to think about this.”

And then he went into the bathroom for a long time.

Meanwhile, Ronin had noticed the familiar light radiating faintly into the sky from the water treatment… place, so, he hopped back on his bike and peddled as fast as he could.

There he could see his unicorn running and playing with the wild horse herd.

He fed the unicorn treats and offered it many affections before he asked the unicorn again….

Ronin: “So, do you think you might want to come home with me today?”

Lacey: “The unicorn rejected you again.”

Ronin: “Yes….” 😥

To help aid in our befriending of the unicorn the Belins adopted an elder cat named French Fry.

I was tempted to re-name him Football Face because from the front that’s what his face reminds me of. (Or Football Head in honour or Hey Arnold!.)

As you can see, Ronin is the most loved sim in this house by default.

Bunny even sometimes joins them by sleeping in the clothes hamper.

Kid: “I wish my toupee would stop doing that.”

French Fry: It’s wonderful having a whole double bed to myself! I could lay here all day! Especially since my back seems to have given out….

After French Fry managed to roll off of the bed he headed downstairs to get some food.

Dixon: What kind of dog are you?

French Fry: I’m not a dog, I’m a cat.

Dixon: HAHAHA!! You make me laugh little fluffy dog! Cats don’t exist in this house!

French Fry: ….

Casper: “So, you’re still doing good in school?”

Ronin: “Yeah, but the teacher didn’t like my last homework assignment on my turtle.”

Casper: “…. Probably because that wasn’t your assignment was it.”

Ronin: “…. I thought it was good.”

Casper: “What else has been going on while I haven’t been around?”

Ronin: ” We got a cat named French Fry, and I think Candace has a boyfriend who’s a lot older. I don’t think Momma knows, but she’s over at his house a lot after school.”

Casper: “Is that so… I might have to meet this boyfriend of her’s when I arrive home.”

Ronin: Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned that….

Ronin: “When are you coming home, Dad?”

Casper: “Next week. I probably won’t be able to leave until Thursday or Friday.”

Ronin: “What about you, Dad? What have you been doing?”

Casper: “We’ll just say I’ve been trying to keep out of trouble. It’s getting late there, isn’t it? You should probably head to bed now before your mom catches you and we both get in trouble.”

Ronin: “…I guess so… ‘Night Dad.”

Casper: “Good night, son.”

Lacey: “Hey! That was your dad? Wow, he’s gotten all grey and old and stuff!”

Ronin: “Yeah….”

Ronin: “I’m kinda worried though…. He looked more tired than usual….”

The next evening Asima grew up without a birthday cake because we still have cake from Ronin’s birthday. (;-_-)

She gained a Friendly trait to join with her Artistic and Disciplined ones.

She’s adorable, but I’m pretty sure she’s still 100% Ashleigh clone. 😦

Bunny: I love you, Squeeky! We’ll be together forever!

Squeeky: ♥ :]

Bunny: Oh, hey, Ball! …..

Bunny: Squeeky, how do you feel about polygamy?

Lacey: “Be still my fluffy cotton hormones!”

Ronin decided to spend his Saturday practising his riding on Kaiser.

Ronin: “OK, Kaiser. Let’s go.”

Kaiser: ….

Ronin: “Why didn’t you tell me your head was over there?”

Lacey: “Where are you going?”

Ronin: “I want to practice my riding.”

Lacey: “Does your sister know? She’s going to kill you if she doesn’t and finds out.”

Ronin: “It’ll be fine. She’s over at the neighbour’s house again, so, she won’t know.”

And so Ronin and Kaiser were off on their first adventure together and it was very painful to watch. I could hear my past instructors in my head yelling “Keep your heels down! Use your legs! Keep your back straight!”. It’s ingrained into my conscience. (x_X)

Ronin: “Kaiser! Don’t run over the bird! Stop, Kaiser! Stop!”

Cardinal: !!!!!




Ronin: “OW!”


Ronin: “I’m sorry for scaring you, little guy. You want to come home with me? I’ll protect you and feed you and play with you!”


Cardinal: Well, OK.

Ronin: “We’ll be the best of friends, Red!”

Red: Kind of an obvious name, but it will do.

Ronin: “Uh, wait, Red! What are you doing?! Stay in the pocket!”

Ronin: “Not that pocket!”


Meanwhile Ashleigh was being interviewed and photographed by a paparazzi who had the decency to tuck in his shirt, but not his underwear.

Ronin: “I’m going to beat you home, Kaiser!”

Kasier! That’s cheating!

Ronin: “Hey, Momma, look what I found today!”

Ronin: “This is Red the cardinal! We’re going to be the best of friends!”

Red: “CHIRRRRP~♪!”

Ashleigh: “That’s nice, dear. Dinner will be ready in 10 minutes.”

Red: I thought I was pretty awesome.

Ronin: “Hey, Lacey! Check out my new friend! His name is Red!”

Lacey: “New friend?”

Ronin: “Yeah! He poops every 15 minutes, and sometimes he eats it too, but he really likes singing, don’t you, Red?”


Lacey: “Can he fit down the toilet?”

Ronin: “Don’t be silly, Lacey. Why would you need to know that?”

Lacey: “I have my own reasons….”


Thank you for reading and thank you for being patient with me as well as your support!♥ I was planning on going a little bit more in depth with what Casper has been up to, but even though I had enjoyed typing it up, now I’m too embarrassed to look at it, so, I couldn’t bring myself to post it. It’s part of the reason why this is so late…. (>_>) I hope you all enjoyed it anyway though. I wish I could be a more in depth writer, but it’s just too much for me on my own. (@_@)

Tune in next time and Casper may be making a return appearance! ;3 (Either the next part of the part after. I still haven’t organized and filtered through my screen shots yet….)

8 thoughts on “The Belin Legacy: Generation 3 Part 1

  1. Ohh, poor spikey turtle. He just wanted some love. I like Red, although, it seems Lacey is a bit jealous that (s)he got in Ronin’s pants first.

    I like how you did the whole video chat thing with the father, that’s pretty interesting and a good idea.

    Asima eeee, you purdy. :3

    • lol She’s a little possessive I guess. I blame it on EA for making IFs kinda creepy looking. Ronin is a little dense though, so, he’s not exactly returning her “affections” as much as she would like. (^^;)

      Thank you!♥ I was kinda worried about it because it felt a little awkwardly placed, but I wanted to show that Casper was keeping in touch with his family, and especially with Ronin since they have a close bond. :3

  2. I woke up this morning to find an update of the Belins! You made my day ❤

    You ARE a writer of depth. I've always felt you love every single character in your story. I would have never made my sims this real. Even animals are talking in your legacy xD! Oh, and, I love the new house. I only briefly played in Apaloosa plains, so didn't know it was such a beautiful world until saw your pictures. Especially the back yard is amazing @_@

    P.S. You are very welcome Asima ❤ Now that you are child you can't drink strawberry milk anymore, but oh well. You look so adorable :3

    • Thank you!♥ I was very touched by your comment here and the one you left on my post reply to you. I’m really glad knowing that they do have personalities that come off as different from the other. I think I let my insecurities get the best of me and lot focus for awhile. ( >_>)

      Appaloosa Plains has a lot of really beautiful spots, though I think the lighting mod coupled with your photoshop action really makes a difference. :3 In the pictures where Kaiser and Ronin are running I couldn’e believe how realistic it looked. It really reminds me of where my grandmother lives.

      haha, Ronin will have a couple little tykes who will get to enjoy it next. 😀 (I’m aiming for no more than 2 if I can resist the temptation. (>_<) )

  3. You’ve updated? How did I manage to miss this? D:

    This is amazing as usual and like Ohmysims said.. One can’t help but to love your characters (Even the creepy IF *Shivers*). And Ronin going horse riding in his swimwear is just priceless! Can’t wait for the next one XD

    • haha, It was posted kinda suddenly, so maybe that’s why. XD;

      Thank you!♥ I’m really relieved and happy to hear that since I’m not always sure how they come off as and if it’s just me. (^^;;) lol Lacey is the only IF that I’ve ever liked enough to keep this far.

      hehe, It’s surprising Ronin didn’t end up with saddle sores or something. XD

  4. OMG that IF peeking around the bed is soooo goddang creepy ohmygod *fleeees the scene in terror*

    The pets are all so adorable & hilarious -love the way you type them up *heartfarts*

    • lol The creepiest part is that when I first placed her in his room she was on the other side and facing the wall. Then she disappeared and reappeared there like that. XD

      Thanks so much!♥ :3 Sometimes I think I have more fun with the animals than the sims. lol

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