The Belin Legacy: Generation 2 Part 14

In which Ronin discovers he doesn’t understand girls at all.

Lacey: “Are you sure doing this in the dark is a good idea?”

Ronin: “It’s fine.”

Then my game crashed and I lost everything that happened that day, which thankfully wasn’t much. Thanks, Ronin.

Ronin: “Here, Salvatore! Eat up and be healthy! We’re going to be great friends.”

Lacey: “You seem to have become my competition. I’ll give you the choice of death. Toilet or battered and fried with a side of chips.”

After school Ronin finally brought home his first friend, Sarah (who is the child of two sims I made).

Sarah: “So, Ronin, I really like you….”

Ronin: “I like you too. Why would I invite someone over that I didn’t like?”

Sarah: “…You don’t really get it do you…”

Ronin: “Get what?”

He missed all her subtle messages like when she said it was OK to borrow her strawberry scented and shaped eraser.

Sarah: “You know, I mean LIKE like. Hugging and stuff.”

Ronin: “Why? Did you want a hug?”

Sarah: “Not what I was really hinting at, but close enough.”

Ronin: “Huh?”

One day he’ll understand, Sarah.

Then they went for a round of subtle messaging pillow fighting.

Ronin: “That’s my butt!”

OK, maybe not so subtle.

Ronin: “Lacey, you should join us!”

Sarah: “Who’s Lacey?”

Ronin: “She’s my friend.”

Sarah: “You didn’t tell me you had a girlfriend….”

Ronin: “Huh?”

Lacey: That’s right. You’re not needed here.

Ronin: “Dad, I don’t understand girls….”

Casper: “Are we having this talk already?”

Meanwhile Candace, who had become good friends with Cornell Riffin discovered his hot older brother, Calvin.

Calvin: “So, you’re one of my brother’s friends. Candace right? He talks about you a lot.”

Candace: omgomgheknowsmyname!! Keep cool! Say something, Candace! “kadsjfnkjdcbkiebw hi!”

And that was all I got with them because the curfew warning popped up. (;_;)

Poor Casper returned home from a rough day at work.


Casper: “….”

He also had a rough day at home before heading to bed.

Dixon: You can not take my food. I will sit here and guard my food. Even while I am starving to death….

Dixon: …You can’t get past me.

Ashleigh: Why is he staring at me like that?

Asima aged up on her own while everyone except for Dixon was in bed. (Because I aged her up a little early.)

Dixon: Should I alert the Master and Mistress? Is she still alive? I’m kinda afraid….

Don’t worry! She’s well and happy! Maybe a little too happy….

The following evening (or more technically very early in the morning) Casper arrived home after reaching the top of his career. He now had a few days of rest before he would have to leave for Bridgeport. It would be only a matter of time before everything he had worked for would be realized, but he wasn’t entirely sure how he really felt about it with the sacrifices he would have to make.

Ashleigh had been there to greet him as she usually did, and when he told her his news she seemed taken aback at first…

…But she quickly seemed to gather her composer and forced a smile on her face as she spoke, leaning in closer to him.

Ashleigh: “That’s fantastic, baby! I’m so proud of you!”

And she was. She knew being with him would lead to this eventually. It just seemed to be happening so quickly.

She ran her fingers through his thick dark hair as she pressed her lips to his.

Ashleigh: “We should celebrate before the kids are up.”

(Please no more surprise babies. (;_;) )


Asima: “Luvs you.”

Patches: …. *so conflicted*

Ronin: “Hey, Dad! I’m wearing my fancy pants!”

Casper: “I don’t know if it’s too late to start worrying about him or not….”

Asima: ….


Ashleigh: “How about a nice plate of mushed up peas and turnip!”

Amber: “Dat’s fine too! As long as it’s not brussel sprouts.”

Candace: What’s this feeling of evil behind me?!

Dixon: I am so confused! Master smells evil, but I know he is a good man! *whinewhinewhine*

Ronin: “Dad, have you seen my tux? I can’t find it anywhere!”

Casper: “Sorry, I think the washer bunny ate it.”

I did have a cake laid out for Amber (as you can see in the screenshot before this), but the sparklies beat me to it. 😦

Well, hello there Ronin 2.0. (Actually, she’s more of a Casper 2.0 with grey eyes instead of green.)

Amber grew up adding Computer Wiz to her list of traits (Insane and Excitable).

The Minnie Mouse ears were the closest I could find to something remotely bearish to keep her bear theme going.

I did manage to get Ronin to his cake, mostly because he wasn’t suppose to age up until the next day, but oh well!

Casper: “Now, this half will be Dad’s piece….”

Amber: “Don’t you dare! That’s my piece! I will MAUL you!”

Lacey: “YES! I can’t wait for bath time now!”

Ronin: “….”

And Ronin added the Grumpy trait to his Insane and Animal Lover traits.

Lacey also aged as IFs do. I have nothing else to report about her except that she has gotten a little more creepier (as IFs do).

Lacey: “So, will you be taking any trips to the shower any time soon?”

Ronin: “….”

He did try to lock the bathroom door whenever he took a bath, but apparently Lacey now has the ability to teleport. (o_O)

Meet Bunny, the newest addition to the Belin family!

(Originally I wanted to wait until my new computer arrived because I can’t get pet fluff on my current computer, but Dixon isn’t getting any younger for puppy making.)

Bunny: It is wonderful to be a part of your family. Please treat me well.

Ronin: “Hmmm… It’s been awhile… What would you recommend?”

Ice-cream Vendor: “What do you like?”

Ronin: “Well, I love animals and pink is my favorite colour….”

Ronin: “I can’t eat this. It has eyes.”

Ice-cream vendor: “Take it or leave it, kid. Either way it’s gonna melt. No refunds either.”

Ronin: *sad sigh*

Ronin: “I’m sorry, cute pink rabbit! *nom* You taste so delicious though! *nomnom* I’m sorry!”

Freezer Bunny Pop: (QωQ)

Every night Ronin would keep watch for signs of the unicorn, and one night he noticed a light radiating into the sky from the direction of the park where they had first crossed paths. He had quickly hopped on his bike and when he had arrived he approached the unicorn where they greeted each other in their own ways.

Believing that their special bond between them had grown strong enough he asked the unicorn to come join his family.

Ronin: “But- but I thought we were best friends!”

In his mind he could hear a voice like the gentle wind reply…

Unicorn: First you must prove to me that you are a friend to all creatures.

Ronin: “But, I already love animals! How else can I prove it?”

Unicorn: You’ll have to figure it out, Ronin.

Ronin: “It’s because I ate that rabbit shaped ice-cream isn’t it….”

(WHAT IS THIS SHIT?! Unicorns are jerks! D:<)

Feeling sad and rejected, Ronin returned home to a dead Salvatore floating belly-side up in his fishbowl. Bunny was only there because his bed is more comfortable than her’s.

Asima: HEY, DADDY!!

It’s OK, Casper. Her happy face scares me a little too sometimes.

Amber: “Now that my brother is no longer a child I can finally rule over this vast three chairs long and one chair wide table top kingdom!”

Amber: “Yes! This new kingdom will be glorious!”

Amber: “And there will be NO complaints! Kapeesh?!”

Uh, um, whatever you say Amber….

Amber: “That’s Queen Ambear!”

Yes, yes! Queen Ambear! Just please don’t hit me! I’m sorry!

Ronin: “I’m going to find a potion to make you real, Lacey.” *serious duck face* Then maybe I won’t have to worry about her teleporting into the bathroom anymore.


Ronin: *COUGH* Sorry-! *COUGH* Lacey! *COUGH*

Lacey: “Your attempts seem to be win-win for me, actually.”

The following Saturday came and it was Casper’s last full day to spend with his family before heading to Bridgeport the next day. They decided that the family would spend the day at the beach beside the river.

Queen Ambear: “Don’t worry, Dad. I’ll take care of Ronin while you’re gone.”

Ronin: “Excuse me?”

Ronin: “Az! You should be nicer to your IF! You know that they’re alive, right?”

Asima: “BAH-BAH GAH!”

Patches: Save meeeeeeeeee……!

When they returned home that evening they found that Kasier (Candace’s horse) had decided to hold a party while they were gone.

Where were the party police for this? Huh? Huh?

It was late the next morning by the time Casper had started putting his things into the trunk of his car. He was about to open the trunk and throw in his last suitcase when he heard the front door open and close. He looked up and watched as Ronin approached him, but the boy never directly looked up at him.

He stood at the edge of the driveway shifting uncomfortably and looking as if he wanted to say something, but was too hesitant.

Knowing that Ronin wasn’t going to say what he wanted to say Casper set his suitcase down and motioned with his hand for his son to come closer.

Casper: “C’mere, son.”

When Ronin was close enough he surprised his son when he took him into a tight hug.

Casper: “You can call me any time, and I’ll be back for your sister’s graduation. It’s not that far away.”

Ronin: “I know….”

They were shortly joined by the rest of the family and Casper gave a round of hugs to the rest of his children.

Ashleigh: “You better call as soon as you get there. I don’t care what time it is.”

Casper: “I feel like a kid going off to college, you know.”

Ashleigh: “I’m serious. If you don’t, I will, and you won’t like it.”

Casper: “You’ll take good care of the family, won’t you boy.”

Dixon: I promise I will protect them while you’re gone, Master.

Casper knew he was in for a very lonely life without his family with him every day.


I’m sorry that this was long. I struggled a lot with deleting stuff and I just felt that it had to end here to officially move it onto generation 3 (even though I’ve been primarily focusing on the kids anyway). Hopefully it wasn’t too painful to read either… ( >_>)

I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you will look forward to the next part when I can get it done. Hopefully it won’t be too long away….

Take care everyone! And Thank you for reading (and putting up with the length of this post)! (^3^)♥ Knowing that you guys are reading it makes this more fun to do. X3

5 thoughts on “The Belin Legacy: Generation 2 Part 14

  1. Writing a long chapter must be hard. But as a reader, I couldn’t be happier ;D especially when it is my favorite legacy.

    “Toilet or battered and fried with a side of chips.”, “strawberry scented and shaped eraser” and poor Patches. haha I loled too hard omg thank god, I wasn’t drinking hot coffee xD

    The Minnie Mouse ears is soooo cute and Ronin really grew up well. I mean I love all your male sims. Why are they so handsome! They are sooo my ideal type @_@

    And Dixon the faithful dog!! He will always be my favorite :’3 I can’t get over the last picture *sobbing*

    • Awwww thankyoooouuuuu!!!♥♥♥♥ ( ; 3 ; ) Your words totally moved me! I’m so happy you enjoyed it, and really glad you weren’t drinking anything hot. I would have felt bad if you had burnt yoursefl. XD

      I think shortening it was the hardest thing to do. (@_@) I might post some of the extra pics on tumblr later if I can justify them.

      lol They must have gotten all the good genes out of Sunset Valley. XD

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