The Belin Legacy: Generation 2 Part 13

And it was love at first sight….

Lacey: “Bwahahahaha! Can’t you wear your clothes right?”

Ronin: “Everyone else just wears their’s wrong. One day my style will be appreciated.” *serious*

Since there wasn’t much else for Kaiser to do while Candace is at school he decided to wander next door to the small jumping grounds.

Horses look so stupid when they smile, but I love it.

Kaiser: Well, hello there. Where have you been all my life!

Since Kaiser’s trip to the jumping grounds was actually boring I went back to the Belin house after the kids arrived home to see what was going on. Apparently there was some childish flirting going on.

Ronin: “I like you Lacey. We should be friends forever! Maybe we can get married and have stuffed babies together and we’ll use their stuffing poop to make pillows and start a business and be rich forever!”

Lacey: “I think you’ve said too much….”

Candace: “I don’t know if I should be concerned about what he just said or that he’s saying it to nothing, but air.”

FINALLY I get to use this! This swing is so great!

Or at least it is most of the time….

Poor Asima ended up getting sick on the swing and her crying woke up Ronin because his bedroom is so close.

Ronin: “Doesn’t she know it’s past 1am?”

Ashleigh: “She’s still a baby, honey. She doesn’t understand that yet.”

Ronin: “You should put it on the priority list.”

Lacey: “I agree (even though she can’t hear me).”

Dixon: You are such a good man, Master. You are so brave to sacrafice your fashion sense for the good of your family.

Ronin: “Shoo, Lacey! I want to have a shower! Girls aren’t allowed to see boys shower!”

Lacey: “It’s not like you got  anything I haven’t seen before. I mean, I’ve been sitting in your crib since you were born.”

Amber: Testing, testing… not sure how I feel about this yet….

Amber: “I WANT OUT!! LEMME OUT!! OUT!! NAO!!!!!”

Amber: “Oh-kay, wanna go again!”

Ashleigh: “….”

Don’t look at me like that. I’m mostly just the observer.

Ronin wandered into the study room where he found his father deep in strategic thought over the chessboard. His father glanced up at him and he stopped in mid-step. A gentle smile formed on Casper’s lips.

Casper: “Hey there, little man. Sit down. Have a game with your old man.”

Ronin: “OK.”

Casper: “You have anything going on this Saturday, Ro?”

Ronin: “Um, not really.”

Casper: “How’d you like to spend the day with your Dad? Maybe we could go up to one of the lakes and do some fishing.”

Ronin: “OK. Can Dixon come too?”

Casper: “Of course. He’s one of the men too.”

This happened on the same day my washer broke. I should have taken it as an omen.

Ronin: “I made this outfit myself.”

…. I can tell….

Ronin: “…And if you vote for me, pancakes 3 times daily for everybody!”

You’re supposed to be the king. There is no election.

Ronin: “That hardly seems democratic.”

…. It’s not.

Saturday arrived and soon after breakfast Casper packed the picnic basket and he, Ronin, and Dixon hopped into the car.

Ronin watched the scenery of the passing fields and houses as they drove up the hill coming up to a dirt road. At the end of the road he could see a waterfall cascading into a small lake surrounded by a heard of wild horses. As soon as the car had driven up though the horses had scattered behind the hill out of sight.

Ronin had never been here before. It was relaxing and beautiful. Nature was everywhere and the only sims here were just him and his father. He couldn’t stop looking around.

Casper: “You like this place, huh? I figured you might.”

They unpacked their fishing equipment and Casper baited both his and Ronin’s fishing hooks. The boy then took his fishing rod and quickly ran to the edge and threw the line out as far as he could, shortly followed by his father. This was the first time he had gone fishing with his dad and probably the first time in a long while they had spent time alone.

Casper: “So, have you had any thoughts about what you want for your birthday?”

Ronin: “I told Momma that I wanted a unicorn, but she told me that they didn’t exist because she’s never seen one.”

Casper: “Well, I’ll tell you what. If you can find one and talk it into coming home with you, you can have your unicorn.”

Ronin: “Really??”

Casper: “But just in case you don’t find one is there anything else?”

Ronin: “I think I’ll wait and find my unicorn.”

Casper: “Well, you think about it, OK?”

A long moment of silence passed between them before his father spoke again.

Casper: “You know, one day you might have to take my place in the family.”

Ronin was surprised at the change of the atmosphere of their conversation. The way his father spoke, it almost seemed like there was a hint of grimness in his words.

He was smiling, but it wasn’t his father’s usual smile. His face looked very serious as he looked on ahead of him over the surface of the lake.

Casper: “I don’t know why I’m telling you this now. It’s not something you’ll have to worry about for a little while longer. I haven’t even told your older sister yet. My job will probably take me to the city when I’m promoted high enough. Your mom and I discussed it, and even though she wants to come I told her I want you all to stay here where it’s better for you.”

Ronin: “Why do you have to go? Why can’t  you stay?”

Casper: “It’s part of the job, Ronin. I know it’s hard to understand now, but you’ll understand when you get a little older.”

Ronin: “But-!”

Ronin’s protest was interrupted by a loud splashing. Something strong had started tugging on his father’s line, but his father was stronger and quickly reeled in a large trout.

Casper: “Look at this! It looks like I’ve caught us some supper! I wonder how your mom would feel about gutting it…. I don’t really want to do it….”

Ronin: “Look! I caught something too!”

Casper: “Good job, Ro! Let’s try to keep that one alive. We can pick up a fish bowl on the way home and you can have it as a pet.”

After they had packed up their fish, keeping Ronin’s in a bag full of water, Ronin approached his father looking up at him with all the words he couldn’t find to say written in his eyes. He didn’t like knowing that his father would be leaving him. He was closest to his father more than anyone else. He had Lacey and Dixon too, but they weren’t his dad.

His father bent down and kissed his forehead taking him into a strong hug.

Casper: “Geez, Ronin. Don’t look at me like that.”

He loved the feel of his father’s stubble when it gently scratched against his softer cheek, and his father’s smell that enveloped him made him feel secure.

Ronin: “I don’t want you to leave, Dad….”

He wouldn’t cry. He wanted to be strong like his dad.

Casper: “It’s still a long way off and you know you’ll always be able to reach me, and I will come and visit when I can. Just remember that you’re precious to me, no matter what.”

Casper: “Now let’s put this serious talk behind us and throw the old pig skin. Whattya say?”

Ronin: “That’s not how you throw a football, Dad!”

After a few tosses and Ronin getting hit in the face so many times they decided to try a less dangerous activity.

Ronin: “For someone who works out every day you sure don’t have a lot of stamina for tag, Dad.”

Casper: “I *gasp* don’t do *wheez* cardio! *gasp*”

Ronin: “You sure you’re OK, Dad?”

Casper: “*gasp* I’m fine…”

Dixon had suddenly started barking loudly and both Ronin and Casper had turned to see what the dog was excited about. As soon as Ronin’s eyes laid on the site before him his whole face lit up.

Ronin: “DAD! LOOK!”

Casper: “Well… I’ll be damned….”

Ronin: “It’s a unicorn! A REAL unicorn! If only Momma was here!”

The unicorn walked closer, but turned before getting too close and started walking past them until Ronin called out to it. It stopped, looking up at the two them with it’s ears twitching.

Ronin: “I’m gonna see him.”

Casper: “Ronin, don’t get too close….”

Ronin: “It’s OK, Dad. Unicorns don’t hurt you if you’re nice.”

Casper followed his son, standing close beside him just in case he’d have to protect him.

Ronin: “See? Even the wild horses won’t let me do this!”

It was like love at first sight for Ronin. Something about their meeting felt like it was just meant to be.

Ronin: “If you come home with me we could be friends forever and I would feed you and brush you. Don’t you want to come home with me?”

Ronin had spent a lot of time with the unicorn trying to coax it in returning home with him, but it seemed to show little interest in the propsition.

Without warning the unicorn’s horn and eyes began to glow as it bowed its head down. Startled and frightened Ronin jumped back and called out to his father.

Ronin: “Dad…!”

Suddenly he was overcome with tingling warmth that filled his entire body. His body felt numb and he gasped when he suddenly couldn’t feel the ground beneath his feet.

He was set gently back on his feet. He felt a little light headed, but otherwise….

… he had never felt this much happiness and confidence in his life! It was like he was blessed with super powers! ….That didn’t really do much of anything….

Casper: “Ronin! Get away from him!”

Ronin: “It’s OK, Dad.”

Ronin: “He was just marking me with good luck.”

Casper: “Still… We should get going, Ro…”

Ronin: “But, Dad! Just a little longer! I’m sure I can talk him into coming home with us.”

Casper: “I’m sorry, son, but it is getting dark. Momma will be wondering where we are.”

Ronin: “You’ll think about it, right? I hope you’ll come and stay with me one day. I bet you and Kasier would get along really well.”

The unicorn only twitched its ears in reply.

Meanwhile, back at the house I had turned aging back on and guess who is aging up.

That’s right. The horse that was suppose to be a foal, but arrived has an adult horse and hadn’t aged since. I think Kaiser was a glitch horse. 😦 It really bugs me that his muzzle turned completely white. I’ve never seen an old horse with a white muzzle unless it always had been white. :/ )


Thank you for reading everyone and thank you for your patience again! I had hoped to get this out sooner, but unfortunately that didn’t go as planned. (^^;)

Take care, everyone, and I hope you will look forward to the next part! 🙂

7 thoughts on “The Belin Legacy: Generation 2 Part 13

    • Thank you very much!♥ I really hope you enjoy the rest too. :3

      I’m not sure how much or long plots will be incorporated in future generations since I don’t really plan them. They just tend to be in my mind at the time while I’m playing. (^^;)

    • Thank you very much! (●´ω`●)
      I’m actually not far enough to say,so I have no idea, but I’m hoping he’ll be able to meet up with the unicorn again and convince it to go home with him. :3 (I haven’t been able to play much because it’s been a little laggy off and on. 😦 )

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