The Belin Legacy: Generation 2 Part 12

Little brother is watching you….

(NUDITY WARNING! You don’t see any private bits since I don’t add those to my sims, but I would classify it as NSFW.)


Dixon: ….

Dixon: *pantpantpantpantpant*

Casper: “Geez, Ash. Didn’t you brush your teeth? What the hell did you eat last night” *rolls over*

Dixon: …. ▽¬ ェ ¬▽

Dixon: HAHA! This show is so funny, Master! You should be watching this! 

They are the bestest of buddies.

Ronin: “It looks like someone is approaching the ship!”

Ronin: “It looks like Lacey….”

Ronin: “LACEY! Over here! Quick!”

Lacey: “I’m coming best pal!” *runs over excitedly*

Lacey: “I’m coming up, Ro!”

Ronin: “No, wait! Stay there for a sec!”

Lacey: 😡

You can’t tell me you didn’t see that one coming….

Ronin: “Are you still mad? I had to make sure it was you. I can’t let just any one on board this ship, you know.”

Lacey: “I’m not talking to you!”

Ronin: “You just did.”

Lacey: 😡

Dixon: I know my master is a good man because he loves me.

Dixon: And he knows how to style my fur so that I always look good.

Dixon: I love you, Master, because you are a good man who loves me.

Casper: “Now, give Daddy a smooch!”

(I was actually disappointed with this. I was hoping Dixon would have at least licked his face or something.)


Casper: “That damn dog….”

This is every morning, roughly 4 hours after Casper arrives home and gets into bed.

Dixon: Will you play with me, little master? 😥

Being an animal lover, Ronin always understands what Dixon wants and is always happy to play with him.

Dixon: I love my little master too!♥

Candace’s birthday arrived and they decided they would hold a party. All the guests except for Cornell Riffin started booing poor Ronin and his fancy tux.

Cornell: “Quit it, guys! You’re all jerks!”

Meanwhile, in the backyard Candace was getting ready to blow out her candles. She closed her eyes and sucked in her breath before yelling out her wish.

Candace: “I WANT A PONY!”

And then she blew out her candles.

Candace: “Omg I’m sparkling… Maybe I’m going to turn into a pony! ”

Candace: “Damn…”

She rolled Family Oriented and I absolutely love her genetics! I see so many of her past relatives in her even though she looks more like an Alto than anything (more specifically Vita I think).

Dixon: Go, Ball, Go! Bounce! Be free!

Ashleigh: “Casper, I need to talk to you…”

Casper: “Why? What’s wrong?”

Ashleigh: “Well… I’ve been feeling sick in the morning, and I took a test to be sure…. I’m pregnant again.”

Casper: “That’s good news though, isn’t it?”

Ashleigh: “I’m so glad you think so! We weren’t trying, so, I wasn’t sure….”

Casper cut her off as he leaned forward and kissed her passionately.

Ashleigh: Omg he’s still so good….

Casper: “No matter how many babies we have, each one of them is going to be loved. I would have been happy with one, but I’m in heaven with four.”

You liar. You’d never be happy with just one. You keep wanting babies every time after she gives birth. You should have been given Family Oriented.

Casper: “Here, turn around. I’ll give you a nice back rub.”

Ashleigh: Oh, yes….

Later on in the week Casper adopted a horse for Candace. According to the shelter the horse was a foal, but it was a lie. His name is Kaiser.

Dixon: You’re a funny looking dog. Do you want to go play ball?

Candace was so happy she quickly ran outside to greet her new steed and feed him a carrot.

Ashleigh: “C’mon, Amber! You’re almost there! You can make it!”

Amber: Don’t fail me now, feet! This is the first milestone!

Amber: I’ve evolved, Momma! I am now the great ‘grizzel erectus’!

Amber: Now, to master this puzzel….

2 hours later….

Amber: Oh! I get it! The like shapes fit in the correspondingly shaped holes!

Amber: Now to compose the national anthem the world will sing when I rule over them all!

All tots ever do is want to take over the world.

Casper had spent another night in jail in place of his boss. It seemed like every night his boss was setting him up with the cops. Perhaps it was a test of loyalty because of his background back in Sunset Valley. That irritated him even more. It was his family that had been wronged after all.

He was starting to wonder if this was really worth it to make it to the top. His children didn’t seem affected by it, if they even realized his occupation. He never talked about his job with them and all they knew was that he worked while they slept.

He subconsciously rubbed his first tattoo as he thought about the nightmares that had begun to creep into his sleep at night. They weren’t detailed, but somehow he knew they were linked to Sandi. He had never thought very much of Sandi, he didn’t feel he had any reason to, but her murder still angered and guilted him. He would make it to the top and he would make sure that everyone responsible would pay.

Ashleigh: “Time to have a lay down, little bear.”

Amber: NO! I’m not tired! Put me back down!

Amber: No! I protest! I will not sleep! Let me out! I have so many bear related things to do! Besides, it’s daylight out!

Ashleigh: “Have a good nap, sweetheart.”

Dixon: Master seems restless… I wonder if he’s dreaming of chasing cars like I do.

Casper: “The baby is growing some fast! She’s going to be so beautiful, just like her sisters!”

Ashleigh chuckled at her husband’s enthusiasim.

Ashleigh: “How do you know it’s a girl?”

Casper: “Because I can hear her singing like an angel.”

Ashleigh: “Don’t be ridiculous. Besides, boys can sing like angels too.”

Candace: “I finally finished my homework, Kaiser. Did you miss me?”

Candace: “They gave you to us for free because they said that you were so hard to tame and no one would take you….”

Candace: “But you just don’t like strangers touching you, do you. You’re really a good horse. I’ll prove to you that you can trust me, Kaiser.”

Dixon: I remember a time when you would share all your food with me, little master….

That’s only because he didn’t trust anything that didn’t come in a bottle then.

Ashleigh: “Oh ffffffuuuuu-! My water just broke!”

She didn’t want to bother her husband at work, so, instead she wandered awkwardly down the hall, through the kitchen, and  into the living room looking for their butler.

Butler Alanna came out from Amber’s room and started at the sounds of Ashleigh’s restrained cries of pain.

Alanna: “Mrs. Belin?!”

She ran over in front of Ashleigh and started panicking.

Alanna: “Let me take you to the hospital! Mr. Belin will angry if I don’t!”

Ashleigh: “No! I’m doing this at home! I had three kids already! I can do this here!”

When Casper came home he took over from Alanna, who had decided there was nothing she could do and headed to bed.

Casper: “Ashleigh! Let me take you to the hospital! Please!”

Ashleigh: “I’m fine. I can do this. I just wish it would hurry up so I could go to bed.”

Casper: “Talk some sense into her! Please!”

Don’t look at me. I don’t see the problem with this either.

In a burst of pixel sparkles Asima Belin was born! Her random traits are Artistic and Disciplined.

Dixon: I don’t suppose she’ll share her food with me?

Um… not yet….

Dixon: Little master, it’s 6:00 am. *whinewhinewhinewhinewhinewhinewhine*

Ronin: “What the hell! Why did you have to wake me up, Dixon? I was trying to sleep in!”

Dixon: I was lonely…. Get ready and we can go play before the bus gets here, OK?

(I didn’t know pets could autonomously wake up their owners. Thought it was extra cute that he went for Ronin. I guess he gave up on Casper. XD )


Um, EA… Why do horses look like they’re pooping when they’re peeing? (probably because it was easier to just lift the tale rather than change the stance… but it looks funny….)

Ronin: “So, since Candace got a horse when she became a teen I can have a unicorn when I become one too, right?”

Ashleigh: “If you can find one you can have one.”

Ronin: “You make it sound like you don’t believe in unicorns!”

Ashleigh: “Well, sweetheart, they don’t really exist. ”

Ronin: “Just because you’ve never seen one doesn’t mean they don’t exist! Just like you don’t believe me about Lacey!”

Ashleigh: “You’ll understand when you’re older.”

Later on very early the following morning Casper arrived home with great news.

Casper: “I got a promotion, honey. I’m getting closer.”

Ashleigh: “Congratulations, baby. It won’t be long now.”


Thank you for reading! I’m going to try and have the next part up next week. I’ve been feeling mentally exhausted lately for some reason, so, I’m not sure if I can get it done in time, but I will do my best!

Take care, everyone!♥

9 thoughts on “The Belin Legacy: Generation 2 Part 12

  1. Wheee. Moar Belin :]

    Re: the horses thing, I like to think that they were going to include poop (maybe to clean, or fertilise?) but then decided that it was a bit gross.

    Amber is the cutest~ I don’t want to ever not have a little bear tot wandering around the Belin house, hear?! 😛

    Also lul men. How do they think birthing happened before hospitals were invented 😛

    • HAHA That would be gross! But great for gardens. XD

      Unfortunately Amber is going to have to grow up eventually. lol I’m going to try and keep as much of her bear theme as I can while she ages though. :3

      ikr? Silly men. lol

      Thank you for reading and I’m glad you enjoyed it! 😀

  2. omg I started laughing so hard from the telescope scene xD why why everyone is so cute in this chapter!! Dixon is soooo adorable and I agree Candance has super amazing unique genetics!

    • Thank you! I’m glad you liked it! XD I never get tired of seeing the water pail prank.

      Dixon is such a good dog. He keeps bouncing back and forth with being BFFs with Casper and Ronin. He loves his masters. :3

  3. Hi 🙂 I don’t think I’ve commented yet at all…which isn’t good since I do read this legacy and every update lol.

    What I really wanted to say is that your sims always look so perfect, makes me jealous….good jealous though. Also, I love Ashleigh and Casper’s relationship, they are such a good and cute couple!

    • No worries! It makes me happy knowing that you enjoy reading about them! Thank you very much! (๑>ω<๑) I think their looks are owed mostly to the CC. XD;; Those two are very much in love. They always have wants for each other, which is really cute. It's like my game created Asheligh for Casper to fall in love with. :3

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