The Belin Legacy: Generation 2 Part 11

Sometimes you don’t get to choose your BFFs either….

Ashleigh was now in the process of weening Ronin from the bottle to actual food.

Ronin: She seriously expects me to eat this crap?

Ronin: ….

Ronin: Quick! While she’s distracted get the dog over here so he can eat this!

Ashleigh: “Sorry Momma had to take that call. You finished all of your food though! What a good boy you are!”

Ronin: Hopefully it won’t kill the dog. *stomach grumble*

Ashleigh: “Oh, are you still hungry? Do you need Momma to make you some more? You must be growing so fast!”

Ronin: Damnit! How could you betray me like this, tummy! You’re going to regret this too!

After a second helping it was time to go patrolling the house for house hippos!

Ronin: OK, Dog. This is what we’re going to do…

Ronin: We need to set up bait! You distract Momma and I’ll raid the cupboard for chips and peanut butter! I’m depending on you, Dog!

Dixon: ??? *can’t understand tot telepathy*

Later on that afternoon Ashleigh went to pick her daughter up from school since it would give her a chance to meet a few of the other parents. While she had been talking with one mother she heard Candace call out to her.

She bent down to hug her daughter and Candace returned it with a little giggle.

Ashleigh: “Did you have a good day, Sweetie?”

Candace: “Yeah. There was this one boy who kept shooting spitballs in my hair, so at recess I force fed him boogers!”

Ashleigh: “That’s my girl!”


Candace: “I’m home! And I have homework, Daddy! I need help! ….And who is that?”

The family decided to higher a butler despite that I’ve heard bad things about butlers. Surprisingly this one is awesome though. (Better than the butler I have for the Belin-Koffis. (;>_>) )

Candace: “I’m pretty sure that’s not how you do order of operations!”

Casper: “You didn’t tell me that’s what it was!”

Candace: “It’s right here! On the paper! How can you not even tell?!”

Casper: *whispers* “Maybe I should tell her that I actually went to an art school and didn’t do much math….”

Candace: “I can hear you even though you’re whispering, Dad.”

After homework and supper were done with Candace decided to play with her little brother until bedtime.

Candace: “This will be fun, Ronin! Cover your eyes like this!….”

Candace: “And then… BOO!”

Ronin: “WAH!!”

Candace: “Isn’t this fun?”

Ronin: Oh yes! So much fun! I’m probably going to be laughing through all the nightmares I have tonight! ha… ha…

Later on during the evening Ashleigh was forced to celebrate her next growth stage.

Ashleigh: “What the fuck is this shit.”

At least you got sparkles.

What’cha doing, Dixon?

Dixon: Guarding my family!

Dixon: It’s only a matter of time before they attack!

Meanwhile, on the side of the street in front of a suspicious “abandoned” house….

Casper: “In the name of the moon I will hold you up at gun point and steal all your money, and then drive away really really fast!”

…. So, yeah, Casper got promoted and aged up as well.

If anything we hope this will not give Amber nightmares and instead desensitize her to burglars or “catccoons”.

That’s one way to get a tot out of the crib….

Ronin: How do we get out, Momma?

Ronin: Look, Dog! I can float on my butt when I fart!

Dixon: Something smells… I can’t decide if it’s food or not….

Casper: “How’d you get out here? Did Dixon help you get out?”

Casper: “You’re gonna be a little rascal like your Daddy aren’t you!”

Ronin: *GIGGLE*

Casper: “You’re my only son and you’ll be growing up. It’s hard to believe.”

Casper: “No matter what kind of man you become I know I’ll always be proud of you.”

Casper then brought Ronin into the kitchen and over to his birthday cake.

Ronin: What is this! It’s pretty!

Casper: “Come on, Ro. Blow out the candles with Daddy! On the count of ‘three’. One… Two… Three!”

Ronin blew as hard as he could, though ultimately it was his father who had actually blown them out.

Ashleigh: One less diaper to change! Yay!





Casper: “You all can seriously stop now….”

Ronin: I’m going to be beautiful!

Ronin: Like a superstar!

Not only was it Ronin’s birthday, but it was also Amber’s as well. There’s going to be cake forever.

(I’d let it go without cakes, but I feel bad when it’s kids aging.)

Amber rolled the traits Insane and Excitable.

Ronin: “Make her stop. She’s creeping me out.”

You and me both… Why is her head tilted like that??

Ronin’s current traits are: Insane, Couch Potato, and Animal Lover (which I cheated and gave to him because I want a damn unicorn). Since he looks a lot like his dad he’s going to have to work hard to earn my ~ultimate love~.

Ronin: “But I’m really cute, aren’t I?”

Cute =/= heir (although it may help a little…).

Lacey: Yo, Bear! Why don’t you put on some clothes? You gotta be chilled to the bone over there! Haha! ba-dum-bum-CHING! I’m so funny!

Bear: Please grow up with your kid. I don’t want to have to talk to you anymore…. :<

Dixon: What kind of animal are you?

Dixon: Do you have a sim baby stuck in your throat or something? It looks painful. I’d get that looked at.

Ronin: “Well, what kind of preservatives does it contain? Is it local? You don’t use beaver pee for the vanilla flavoring right? I mean, I love animals, but I don’t want to eat their pee….”

Ronin: “All you had to say was that you had local strawberry ice-cream. You didn’t have to throw it at me. How do you keep business?”

Ethan: “Shouldn’t you be wearing a shirt?”

Ronin: “What? And cover this gorgeously smooth chest?”

Selma: “He’s right. Put on a shirt.”

And thus Ronin made his first friends at school.

Casper: “I don’t want you to ever grow up! You are too precious and cute in this bear costume!”

Amber: Oh, please, Daddy. I will always be precious and cute in everything.

Candace: Stupid homework. I can’t ask for help from Dad unless it’s arts and crafts, and Momma is always so grumpy.

Candace: I can do this! I’m in a library with thousands of knowledgeable books at my disposal!

Candace: Unfortunately none of them contain the exact answers to these math problems… sigh….

See those rectangular lights in the background? They are not suppose to be there or even in the picture. I haven’t seen something like this happen since the attack of the trees in TS2 on my old laptop when my graphics card had enough. Not a good sign! (Because I can’t afford a new computer!)

(I later discovered that I had “optional updates” that seems to have fixed the problem. I am learning not to rely on automatic updates and to check for them myself.)

Lacey: “Hey best pal!”

A cold chill ran down Ronin’s back at the sound of an unfamiliar voice behind him. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to turn around or not….

Lacey: *slaps with a random pillow* “Let’s play!”

Ronin: “What the hell?!”

Perhaps he should have….

Ashleigh: “No! Make the sun go away!”

Ashleigh: “I refuse to get up!”

Eventually she got up, fed Amber, and decided to take her out for a late morning walk.

Dixon: The coast is clear! You’re safe to go!

Dixon: Wait! You can’t go without me!

Dixon: Please can I come?

He ended up getting sent back home and hanging out with Casper in the bathroom.

Dixon: I wonder if that toilet bowl is any good. Last time I went to drink from one I got a surprise that didn’t taste very good….

Amber: The bear emerges from her cave cautiously after a long winter nap. A bear can never be sure if there are hunters around.

Amber: So, just to be safe, she hops in her tank and rumbles out into the wilds looking for evil trappers!

I think I gave the Animal Lover trait to the wrong sim….

Ashleigh: “Stupid frickin-fracken dishwasher! How dare you break down on me!”

That’s not a very pretty face, Ash…

Ashleigh: “I’ll show you a pretty face!”

(o_o) *backs away slowly*


We’ll give Ashleigh some space and end it there for this part I think… (it’s probably long enough anyway (^^;) )

Thank you for reading everyone! I should have the next part up next week since it’s nearly done *knock on wood just in case*, so I do hope that you will look forward to it. :3 Take care!♥♥♥ (>3<)

3 thoughts on “The Belin Legacy: Generation 2 Part 11

  1. Never start a fight with your Sims, you’ll always come out worse 😛

    & IFs urghh mine have a tendency to vanish from existence, and the ones that stick around creep me out. I like how you made yours be a surprise for the kid, like, “Oh god what is this”, makes a change xD (Still creepy though).

      • np! If you’re use to LJ it’s easy to forget. (At least I’m pretty sure you can leave comments under a name without being a member.)

        All IFs creep me out too. lol Lacey actually did vanish for awhile because she got mad over something I can’t mention because it’s in the next part. ;D Lacey is pretty good though because she seems a bit different to the other IFs I’ve had. She’s not bent on pleasing Ronin at all unless it suits her. XD

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