The Belin Legacy: Generation 2 Part 10

Just how many parts am I going to have for this generation?? (@_@;;)


Casper and his family had been forced to move to the country side of Appaloosa Plains.

He had decided to adopt a dog for the family, partly for the children and partly to protect his family. He wasn’t sure how much he could trust the people he worked for anymore. He had misjudged the loyalties he had thought he had gained. Sandi had been right. He had been foolish.

Casper: “I had her under control! I wouldn’t have let her say anything to the cops!”

Arnold: “Sit down, Belin.”

Casper: “Don’t tell me to sit down! He murdered my step-mother! He went too far!”

Arnold: “Sit down, Belin! I won’t tell you again!”

Casper noisily sat down in the chair on the other side of Arnie’s desk. Arnie took his seat behind his desk and took a moment to breathe in deeply and exhale before speaking calmly.

Arnold: “We’re transferring you to a new neighborhood…”

Casper: “WHAT?! You’re fucking kidding me….!”

Arnold: “Just take a look at the file, Casper.”

Casper: “No fucking way! This is my town, Arnie! I grew up here!”

Arnold: “That doesn’t matter here. The boss is pissed off at you. He doesn’t forgive easily, you know that.”

Casper: “Pissed off…?! He had my step-mother murdered!”

Arnold: “Look, Casper, I’m pulling a lot of strings for you here. This is just until things cool down, especially around here. Besides it’ll be safer and better for your family.”

Unfortunately the babies were having a hard time adjusting to their new home in Appaloosa Plains.

Ronin: *SNIFF*

Ronin: I got Momma! I’m all better now!

Dixon: Little mistress is crying! I must do something!

Candace: “Doggeh!”

Dixon: Just please don’t pull on my ears…

The last owners had apparently forgotten to get rid of their food before moving.

Dixon: Oh wow! All these people have come to visit my family! My family must be very special!

Juanita: “I’m not really a part of the welcome committee, but I REALLY need to use your bathroom!”

Gracie: “So, you’re pregnant!”

Ashleigh: “Umm… yeah….”

Sometimes the best conversation starters aren’t always the ones where you point out the obvious.

But Ashleigh quickly became friends with Gracie as Gracie filled her in on all the gossip of the town.

Candace: “Ronen, I gots something for you to try….”

Ronin: “OK!”

Feeding your little brother boogers from your nose is not a part of having a good trait, Candace. 😡

(I don’t have any tots in my real life, so, bare with me when I type the way they talk.)

Juanita: “Auuuugggggghhh… I’m going to use your toilet again!”

I suspect someone came pregnant with AP…

After dinner the group decided to retire to the living room and watch Dixon as he watched TV.

Even I agree that that would be more entertaining that whatever I see on TV….

Juanita: “So, I hear you came from Sunset Valley. It seems like such a beautiful place. What made you move here?”

Casper: “Well, this and that….”

Jaunita: “I bet it has the most romantic sunsets!”

Later that evening, after everyone had left, they hadn’t even a chance to settle into bed before Ashleigh went into labor with their third child.

They had called the baby sitter service, and although he seemed a little out of it, they didn’t really have time to be too picky.

All the babysitter did was just stand there in Candace’s room staring vacantly at the floor.

He may have been high….

A few hours later Ashleigh and Casper arrived home with their brand new baby girl, Amber.

Dixon wasn’t sure what it was about Ronin’s favorite doll, but it was as if he could sense some kind of evil from it.

Ronin: “Da-dah… Can I tells you a secret?”

Casper: “Sure! What do you have to say, little man?”

Ronin: “You’re my most favorite da-dah in the whooooooole world!”

Dixon: What is it doing?

“Catcoon”: Just be the rock… He’ll go away eventually….

Candace’s childhood birthday arrived and the family decided they would have just a small celebration for her.

Dixon: Why is there so much noise? What is happening? 😦

Candace grew up and she is now a good sim who hates the outdoors and loves horse back riding. She’s gonna be a little conflicted.

Willow: Hey, kid! What’s up?

Fortunately for Candace and her horse loving ways the Belin house seems to be a popular short cut for horses who want to travel into town.

Candace: “I want to keep her….”

He’s not yours to keep. He belongs to someone else. (I don’t even know if Willow is a “her”….)

Candace: “Having all these horse related things in my room is just mocking the void in my heart.”



I’m sorry for the extreme lateness. I’ve been feeling dissatisfied with my posts a lot lately which makes it hard to build the confidence to publish them. :S Tumblr is probably partly to blame since I feel so comfortable on it, and it feels less awkward when I jump from one moment to the next, plus I feel like I worry about flow a little less. ( >_>)

Anyway, thank you again for reading, everyone! Take care! (^3^)~♥

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