The Belin Legacy: A Salvador special!

Aaahhh… The romance of France….

Because Russell’s occupation was nectar-making and since he didn’t know how to make nectar, the family decided to take a trip to the countryside of Sim!France.

Russell: “Well, I’m going off to the vine yards. I’ll see you both later.”

Justice: “Yeah, so, I was just thinking I’d just stay here at the inn and sit on the couch and watch some T.V.”

Salvador: “What are you talking about? We’re going to go exploring! It’ll be some fun father and daughter time.”

Justice: “This is going to suck.”

Salvador: “You could be a little more optimistic or at least humor Daddy for a bit.”

Justice: “That would be so uncool.”

Salvador drove them both up to the hills where Justice found the entry way into the tomb.

Salvador: “Aaaah, the smell of adventure!”

Justice: “It smells like mold and dust.”

Salvador: “There’s got to be a hidden switch or something….”


Salvador: “Well, I give up. Let’s go home.”

Justice: “Uh, Dad…”

Salvador: “Well, would you look at that.”

So, they continued on exploring…

Justice: “….”

…. and solving puzzels.

Apparently France is descendent from the Vulcans… or elves…. or those weird manga women with wings for ears which I can’t find a picture of and you guys probably don’t know what I’m talking about…. (;;>_>)

Eventually they arrived to the sub-level where they discovered what appeared to be an abandoned camp site.

Justice: “Why is there a skeleton over there?”

That must have been a really big candle if it’s been burning the whole time.

Salvador: “Oh dear, we should probably head out of here as quickly as possible.”

Salvador: “Just stay close to Daddy, Justice.”

Justice: “Treasure!!”

Excuse me while I second-hand hyperventilate. (x_X)

Justice: “All that trouble for a bottle of nectar?”

Salvador: “All that trouble to get your papa something for his and Daddy’s anniversary.”

Justice: “Barf.”

Salvador: “So, we agree we’re not going to tell Papa about this, especially the skeleton part, right?”

Justice: “I want a raise in my allowance.”

I’m starting to wonder if she’s really the secret child of Casper while he was away at boarding school….

The next morning….

Russell: “So, I heard you went on an adventure with Daddy yesterday.”

Justice: “Yeah. We grabbed lots of loot and saw the skeleton of some poor dead guy that had gotten himself locked in the tomb.”

Russell: *stops mid-step* “You saw what?”

Russell: “We need to talk about your adventure with Justice yesterday…”

Salvador: “I’ll just be eating over here at a safe distance….”

After their little talk Russell decided to head back up to the vine yard and explore the nectar cellar below the building.

Russell: “Oh my-! It’s *~*~BEAUTIFUL~*~*!”

He stumbled upon a well of glorious nectar! There was only one thing he could do….

… Somehow casually fall in it…


Russell: “I think I’m drunk….”

Russell: “Everything looks so soft and beautiful in this light!”

Russell: “OK, I’m sober again. What else is there?”

That was fast… (o_O)

Afterwards he immediately moved to the lounge area and took a bottle of nectar from the shelf.

You know, Russell, maybe you should slow down first….

(And I don’t get how it’s pouring out red, but clear-light-bluish-greyish in the glasses…)

Salvador: “Did I hear you just open a bottle of nectar?”

He ran all the way from the inn for this….

Salvador: Be still my beating heart….

Salvador: … but he has the smell of sweet nectar all over him….

Salvador: Siiiiiigh…

Why didn’t I choose you for heir regardless of not knowing about the whoohooer at the time. I mean, seriously. You guys are such dorks.♥

Russell: *swishswish*

Russell: *garglegarglegarglegarglegarglegargle*

Salvador: “What are you doing?”

Russell: “You have to know how to appreciate nectar. You just can’t down it.”

Salvador: “Watch me.”

Two nectar bottles later…

Salvador: “*hic*Aiwannahafsooooooooooomanykidswithyouuu….*hic*”

This want seriously popped up as soon as he was drunk.

Russell: “Just please don’t puke in my mouth….”

Salvador: “O *hic* kaaay… *hic*”

Salvador: “Your hair is soft… like a chipmunks….”

Russell: “….”

Meanwhile, back home, all by herself in an inn with other strangers….

The next morning after a night of heavy drinking is never very nice one….

Salvador: “What the hell is that smell?”

I believe it’s the “sweet smell of nectar” on Russell’s body.

Russell: “Mmmmm…. fermented vegetables….”

Russell: “Wait! Something’s wrong!”

Russell: “What-?! What is this?!”



Justice: “heheheheheheh….”

Later on Sal and Justice decided to do some less dangerous bonding activities for their last full day.

Salvador: *gasp!* *gasp!*

Salvador: *gasp!* *gasp!* *gasp!*

Salvador: “*gasp* Ok *wheeze* Daddy is done *wheeze* playing tag *gasp*.”

Justice: “What?? we’ve only been playing for 5 minutes….”

Salvador: “Daddy is not as fit as he looks…*gasp*”

Salvador: “Here, Daddy will give you a present instead. It’s a shiny rock!”

Justice: “SWEET!”

As the sun continued to set Salvador lit a small fire in the fire pit where they roasted…. lettuce heads?

Salvador: “Marshmallows are made from animals, so, they’re no good, but these are good for you!”

Justice: “That doesn’t make this look or smell any more delicious, Daddy….”

Russell: “Mind if I join you?”

wtf , Russell? (O_o)

Salvador: “Is that MEAT??!!”

Russell: “Gotta get my protein in too!”

Salvador: “There’s tofu dogs for that!”

Russell: *ignores*

Justice: *envies*

Then afterwards Justice told a scarey story…

Salvador: “I know this story!”

She is apparently really taking after Casper.

(In case you don’t remember, because it was awhile ago, this is referring to the scarey story Casper told Sal in 1.5)

Salvador: “I’m so glad I have you to sleep with! That story always gives me nightmares!”

Russell: “Are you serious?”

Justice: *sneaksneak*


Salvador: “Don’t do that, Justice! You’ll give Daddy a heart attack!”

Justice: “Only if you give me a raise in my allowance.”

Russell: “HAHA!! That was hilarious, Justice!”

Salvador: *glares*

She’s gotta be a secret love child of Casper’s. Even Sal is starting to wonder….

Russell: “Now, Papa is going to read you the most amazing bedtime story ever!”

Justice: “Is it about a dramatic jewel heist with helicopters and getaway cars??”

Justice: “Really, Papa? A book about nectar? How predictable can you be?”

Russell: “No, not just any book about nectar, but all the different rare types of nectar!”

After she fell asleep either from actual exhaustion or boredom Russell tucked her in for the night and headed to bed.

And the next morning….


So, apparently they had a bug that said they had 100 vacation days to spend…. (Or maybe I had a mod, I don’t remember….)

Since they achieved what they really went there for, Russell decided it was time to return home.

And apparently they walked all the way back from France….

Salvador: “If you had the SUV the entire time why didn’t you just drive us back?”

Russell: “A little exercise didn’t hurt us.”

A little exercise to Russell: Swimming across the ocean, trekking over hills, and through woods.

(since I live across “the pond” from France I imagine them needing to swim.)

When they arrived this teen was in their house….

He seems to have some kinda cute genes, but I don’t understand why he’s here… and I don’t know where his parents are either…. Is it normal for tourists to follow sims home? Because I’ve never had it happen before….

Sal and Russell decided to fulfill Sal’s want for another child and adopted a new baby boy named Colten.

Salvador: “Look at his cute wittle nose! Aren’t you just pwecious! Don’t pull too hard on Daddy’s hair, now….”

Salvador: “Why don’t you come over and greet your new son?”

Russell: “In a sec. I’m in the middle of an internet argument.”

Meanwhile out in the backyard Justice was playing with the strange tourist kid.

Tourist Teen: “Screw hopscotch! This is too hard!”

Justice: Yes! I’m winnning!

Eventually Russell came over to greet his new son. A feeling of joy swelled his heart as he held the small frail body to his chest looked into his husband’s eyes. They’re family felt perfectly complete.

Then he turned to look at his house and a realization fell over him.

Russell: “I think we might need a bigger house….”

Salvador: “Why? The acoustics aren’t that bad in here.”


Thank you for reading everyone! I hope you enjoyed it. :3 Next week (assuming everything goes as planned) we’ll be back to Casper and his family.

Take care everyone!♥

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