The Belin Legacy: Generation 2 Part 8

Sebastian felt that his purpose in life had finally been realized all over again with the births of his granddaughters.

They were now his world and he wanted to spend all of his last days with them.


Justice: TA-DA!

Yeah, you’re little evil trait probably loves this….

Salvador: “Why are you always doing this to me?!”

Grim: “You’re just always in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Salvador: “I LIVE HERE!!”

Grim: “Well, that’s inconvenient.”

Sebastian: “Please spare me! I just got my grandchildren!”

Grim: “You think it would be fair if I gave into that just for you? If I do it for you I’ll have to do it for everybody else.”

And considering how many old people live in this town, that’s nearly everybody.

So it was then that Sebastian Belin was laid to rest in a corner of the Belin estate. 😥

Kristi: “You know that Dad just died, right Mom?”

Sandi: “I’m on a swing! Nothing is going to ruin my happiness right now!”

Casper: “Oh, hey there, babe! Looking pretty smoking there.”

Casper: “Oh! Ashleigh! I didn’t see you there! I was just-! Uh-! I THOUGHT IT WAS YOU!!”

Casper: “Excuse me. I’ll just do up my fly here….”

(o_O) I’ll just go see what Brice is doing then…. *awkwardly moves away*

Brice was sitting outside in the backyard hanging out in his old sandbox….

Stop depressing me, Brice. 😦

Brice: “Why? I’m fine and happy.”

I… I can’t tell if that’s sarcasm or not! 😥

So, anyway, Kristi’s birthday finally arrived the next evening…

And she grew into a pretty decent clothing combo… I’m surprised. (o_O)

Kristi: “Now I have to leave this home filled with all my childhood memories for the rest of my life….”

Kristi: *sigh*

Kristi: “Oh, who am I kidding. It’s awesome and I’m outta here.”

And so I built her, her own little place.

I have small hopes. (That were painfully destroyed when my Sunset Valley game files suffered from a saving error…)

Ashleigh: “So, how long until you’re here for?”

Brice: “….”

The house is big, but there’s only so many rooms in it because I didn’t plan it well… (;>_>)

Because who’s happy with just one baby in their legacy family? If there is someone I want to meet you to prove you exist because I don’t believe it.

Brice was starting to warm up to his new niece, and seemed to finally find happiness in helping to care for her.

Brice: “Babies are cute.”

He hasn’t had to deal with her crying yet…

One cool night Sandi decided it was time to finally venture out to Sebastian’s grave. She had so much on her mind since his passing, and holding it all in made her feel even more lonely.

She stood silently at his gravestone until the sadness of her loss overtook her body and she let out a choked up gasp before bursting into tears.

Sandi: “I don’t know what to do, ‘Bastian! I know your son has gotten involved with a local gang…”

Sandi: “Even though it would break your heart I wish you were here…. What should I do…?”

The Belins decided to have a party (because it’s like party central here for some reason) and invited their neighbors, family, and co-workers to celebrate Candace’s first birthday.

I have no idea what Russell has against Marie Hart….

As soon as all the guests had arrived Casper took Candace to her cake to blow out her first candles before people decided they were bored and leave.

Candace: Why didn’t I get any hair?

Casper: “Look out! Here comes the spider! He’s gonna eat you!”

Candace: D:

Casper: “Haha, just kidding! He’s just a tickling spider!”

Ashleigh: “I thought you left awhile ago….”

Russell: “No, I just remembered we forgot the kid at home.”

Sim parenting: there are so many words that they can’t even be said….

Ashleigh: “It’s time for you to go to bed, Candy-bear.”

Candace: But my party’s not over yet! I want to stay up until the end! Hey! Are you listening to me?!

Candace: I’m not tired at all….

Russell: “Now, Papa is going down to have a drink, so, you be good up here, OK, sweetie?

Shortly later after Ashleigh had finished putting Candace to sleep she decided to go check on her niece.

Ashleigh: “Come to auntie Ash! Let me see what you got!~♫”

Justice: “Baabaa!”

Ashleigh: “Haha! Sucker!”

Justice:  Why would you do that? I only wanted a hug…*tears up*

Ashleigh: “Awww, but you’re so cute! Give you’re auntie a hug!♥”

She’s going to be such a confused child… but I guess she got her hug.

Sandi: “Don’t you think you should be looking after your daughter?”

Russell: “Nah. She’s fine.”

At 3am everyone in the household had gone to bed (and Casper had gone to work), but Russell was still here working out in front of their TV.

As the sun was just starting to rise he finally decided to take his leave…

You’re such an ass, Russell… Was that even necessary?

Soon after Ashleigh was awakened by the pains of labor.

My only picture of baby Ronin’s first day in the world is this one. Clearly I was very tired at this point and wasn’t paying as much attention as I should have….

Ashleigh: “I suppose I shouldn’t leave him on the floor.”

You think?

Meanwhile, out in the backyard there was still one party guest hanging around, Ash’s boss,… what’s-his-name.

Bartender: “It’s 10am, I’m gonna have to cut you off now.”

Ashleigh’s boss: “Bwut jus won marr…”

Bartender: “No. I should have been home 7 hours ago.”

So he wandered into the house and came across their maid.

Ashleigh’s Boss: “Ya know ya can clean ma clocks anay taim.”

His pick up line seemed to work because they got a new maid the next day.

After Casper had woken up from his sleep he finally was able to greet his new son for the first time.

Casper: “….”

Casper: “You really stink….”

Ronin: Snuggles! Snuggles!

Sandi decided that she was ready to retire, so, she gave work a call to tell them she wasn’t coming in anymore.

I just find the whole confetti thing rather humorous.

Brice: “Congratulations, Mom! Now you don’t have to shave again if you don’t want to!”


Seriously, though. What the hell is this sign suppose to mean? EA, what drugs are you pushing on your employees?

Candace: What the hell is that?

So, having Hesper be passed down to Candace was a failure. I kinda expected that. :/

But that didn’t stop her from playing with him.

Hesper: I was suppose to be a grown up like King Casper! 😥

This is an example of when I take free will off and forget to put it back on for the Belins… This just tells you how bad of a caretaker I am….


That awkward moment when you find your deceased husband’s ex-wife in your bed….

Casper: “Look out, Candy! Here comes the scarey spider!!”

Candace: Not this again… I suppose I can humor him….


Casper: “It’s coming to get yoooouuu!”

Candace: Oh, Daddy, you’re so funny!…. haha… ha…ha….

Candace is very much Daddy’s little girl. :3


Up next I will have a special part dedicated to Sal and his family! So, I hope you will look forward to it, and hopefully it will be something to look forward to. XD;;;

Thank you for reading, and to all my neighbors down below (USA), happy Thanksgiving to you!! \(^▽^)/

Take care, everyone!♥

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