The Belin Legacy: Generation 2 Part 7

Rocio: “Look at all this stuff! We should have a party!”

Rasheed: “But we’re the only gnomes left….”

Rocio: “It’ll be a naked party! Naked parties always make up for the lack of gnomes!”


Casper: “So, I was thinking of having a pool party. Is there anyone you think you might want to invite?”

Brice: Why is he talking to me? We’ve never talked much before! Just respond appropriately so that he doesn’t realize you didn’t really hear what he said!


Casper: “Never mind. I’ll just sneak a look at your contacts later….”

Brice: That was hard. How do people smile so much without pulling a muscle?

Later on that afternoon everyone began to arrive for the party including Brice’s “friend”.

Trevor: “So, you really are 16. This is a bit awkward….”

Brice: “….”

Brice: Aaaaahhhh… Peace alone in the hot tub surrounded by water jets and bubbles!

Brice: I’ve never had bubbles go there before… I don’t know if I like the feeling or not….

Meanwhile, inside the house, Casper’s boss, Ayesha (who, if you’ll remember, was also Sebastian’s first date) bursted into a cloud of golden ash.

Casper: “Oh this is terrible!”

Casper: THIS IS FAR TOO PERFECT!! One less boss to overthrow!


Salvador: “Poor Ayesha!” *SOBSOB*

Kristi: “You never even met her before.”

Salvador: “I’m thinking of all the times I could have! The memories!”

Oh, over-emotional sims….

Russell: “I hope I didn’t gain any frowning lines after that. I don’t know what I’d do if this beautiful baby face was ruined….”

And snobby sims…. (p_-)

The next morning Ashleigh found herself rudely awaken by her stomach which seemed to be questioning her choice of food from the night before.

It turns out that it most likely wasn’t the food at the party that had made her sick, but the beginnings of generation three!

A couple days later Sandi suddenly realized that she had more joints than she ever felt before.

It’s totally appropriate to teach your son how to drive in a squad car.

Sandi: “Feel free to turn on the lights and siren if you want to drive faster.”

Brice: “Is that really a good idea?”

Ash, what are you hiding from me….

Goddamnit! I just bought you guys that because you broke the last one (and it was bugged and couldn’t be fixed)! What the hell did you do to it???

Kristi: “My last prom sucked, so, try not to embarrass me at this one.”

Brice: “I didn’t really want to go….”

Brice apparently has a secret social life at school that I was unaware of….




Sebastian: “So, you’re Casper’s new boss down at the art museum, huh? Want to see pictures of my cute granddaughter?”

Daniel: “Umm… wait, the what?”

Apparently Casper hadn’t mentioned to his father his career path choice.

Sebastian: “This is her first throw up! And her first diaper change! And this is her potty training!…”

(We’re pretending that those aren’t the same pictures that came with the wallet when he bought it.)

Sebastian: “I actually have a whole album of pictures if you like!”

Daniel: “That’s not necessary, Mr. Belin….”

What can I say, he’s a devoted grandfather.

Later on into the night….


Why are you still here?

Daniel: “I’m not leaving until I make this rhino love me!”

A few hours later after Ashleigh gave up and took a taxi to the hospital where she met up with Casper (who had been at work at the time), they brought home their new bundle of joy, Candace Belin. She hates the outdoors and has a good trait (apparently it’s genetic like the evil one).


Thank you for reading everyone!♥♥ I hope you enjoyed it. 🙂 Hopefully this wasn’t too short. I thought about combining it with part 8, but then I thought it might be too long, and it’s probably better to be too short than too long. (^^;)

The Next part will be up next week if I can have my way with it. I’ve been feeling kinda low, but I’m gonna try to not let that stop me. >:3

Take care, everyone! Thanks again! ( ・ω・)ノ♥

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