The Belin Legacy: Generation 2 Part 6

Getting down and getting groovy. Or something.

Small note: This part was intended to give Kristi and Brice some attention. It’s purpose was to try and build some personality in them. I don’t think I was very successful…. (;;>_>)

Casper finally decided that it was time to pick up the wedding gifts that had been sitting in their mail box all week.

Agnes Crumplebottom, who happens to be Ashleigh’s mother, sent them a gift from the grave. Kinda eerie.

Brice: “That was fun.”

And thus was the end of Brice’s rebellious side.

He also apparently has a friend! I have no idea when this happened, but the guy keeps calling. He’s also not from school, so, I feel a little concerned…

Brice: “I keep telling you! I know I have a deep voice, but I’m still only 16!”

Very concerned….

Kristi: “How the hell does my anti-social brother have more friends than me?!”

Well, for the record, he only has the one and I have no idea how they know each other…. I guess that is more than you.

Kristi: “Something must be done about this!”

Why are you putting this on me?! I tried!

So, the game responded accordingly and we all know what that means!

Kristi: “So, I was thinking of throwing a teen party… What do you mean I can’t?! Who are you?! The teen party police?!!”

I have reason to believe that they really do exist….

So, we tried again and apparently teen parties have to start at a certain time. EA just wants teens to get in trouble with the law. :/


Are you trying to tell me something, Brice?

Kristi’s party guests arrived, the only other two teens in the whole neighborhood, one of which decided to turn around and leave when she was half way up the walk way.

Kristi: “That’s alright. I can work with this.”

Cornelius: “Should I go home and change then? Because I was told this was a casual party.”

I don’t think that’s what she meant….

Kristi: “You really don’t have to be here, Brice.”

Brice: “But I bought the pizza.”

Kristi didn’t even get a chance to make any moves on Cornelius before she received the warning call.

(Seriously, teen parties are pointless if they don’t even get to do anything.)

Kristi: “HAHA! Come all you want, stupid cops! See if I care!”

Wait for it to set in… waaaait for it…


Cornelius: “In a minute, babe. let me finish this riff first.”

Kristi: “GET HIM OUT OF HERE!!! NOW!!!!!!!”

So, eventually he left and Kristi went to quick work making the house spotless and clean of any evidence.

Kristi: “Please Brice! Play it cool! Please don’t say anything!”

Brice: “You were kind of mean to me…”

Kristi: “Pleeeeeease Brice! I’ll make it up to you, I promise!”

Police Officer: “I got a call saying there was a party here, but I guess it was just because the music was too loud.”

Police Officer: “But, if you do happen to have a party just make sure to invite me too, OK?”

Brice: “….”

Krisit: “So, I’m not in trouble then?”

After the two teens had gone to bed and the night passed, the house got a bit of a makeover.

Because, you know, it’s always a good idea to have a bar next to a pool. Nothing can go wrong there.

Kristi: “What the hell…? When did this happen??”

Kristi: “It’s all nice, but a little unsettling….”

Brice decided to spend the day downtown and headed towards the bookstore to stock up on some skill building books for the house.

Brice: “That was a happy memory.”

Really? Because I can’t seem to tell with you anymore. 😐

While he was in town he decided to pay Sal and Russel a little visit.

Brice: “…. So, everyone left me and Kristi and went to Hawaii without us and Kristi kinda doesn’t want me around and I don’t really feel comfortable with her by myself, so, can I stay here?”

Sal: “You didn’t really have to give an excuse, you know. You’re always welcomed here.”

Russel: “Are you sure that’s a good idea? How long is he planning on staying because the walls aren’t that thick here.”

Brice: “I don’t care! I’ll sleep outside if you want!”

Russel: “Why can’t you sleep outside at home?”

Salvador: “Don’t listen to him. You can sleep in the spare if you want.”

So, Brice decided to do some reading while Sal and Russel got down and groovy.

I’m not really sure what dance move Russel is doing…. He looks like an awkward Barbie doll from the 80’s.

Salvador: “You know, when you come to visit others you should at least try to interact with them a bit…”

Brice: “Uh-huh.”

Russel: “Come on, mac and cheese! Why do you have to be like this?”

Salvador: “Russel?”

Russel: “Yeah?”

Russel turned around was was greeted by an embrace and kiss.

Salvador: “I really want to have a child.”

Well, this is sudden…

Russell: “Of course. You can have anything your heart desires.”

Salvador: “We’re going upstairs, so, feel free to blast the radio if you want.”

Brice: “Roger.”

Wait- what? (o_O)

Ummm, guys?…. It doesn’t really work that way… I don’t have that hack (yet)….

And then the social worker appeared with a baby. Well, I’ll be damned….

And left the baby here where Brice could care less.

Salvador: “Look, Brice! This is your first niece! Her name is Justice.”

Brice: “You’re not going to make me baby-sit are you? I might need to find a new place to hide out at….”

Sal took Justice upstairs to her new crib to put her to sleep for the night.

Salvador: “You’ll have lots of protection with two daddies watching over you.”

Sal: “Being a dad isn’t so hard.”

Russel: “So, where were we?”

And the very next morning….


Salvador: “What is this ungodly hour that a baby must be fed?”

It’s past 6:00am….

Later on Sebastian decided to pop in for a visit to meet his first grandchild.

Sebastian: “Aren’t you just the most adorable little baby girl ever! I will have many wallet pictures of you!”

Salvador: “Let’s go upstairs quick. If we’re loud enough he might take her out for a walk.”


I AM SOOOO SORRY THIS TOOK AWHILE TO POST!! It really shouldn’t have, but I was agonizing over it and had life stuff on top of that… (;;>_>) Anyway, thank you for waiting and thank you for reading! I hope I can get the next part up sooner. I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to organize and then post the next entry. (x_x)

Take care everyone!♥

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