Casper & Ashleigh: for download

Casper & Ashleigh

After struggling for weeks to find all of the CC I used for Ashleigh I decided I’m going to upload my sims without their custom content. If anyone really wants them with their CC you can ask me. I just feel like I’m doing it in vain because I don’t think anyone is really going to download them anyway. ( >_>) Here is how they will look in your sim bin if you do download them:

Ashleigh is a born in-game sim and the daughter of Colin Frio and Agnes Crumplebottom. She is artistic, a computer wiz, evil, grumpy, and a loser. Her wish is to become a rock star.

Casper is charismatic, evil, excitable, a light sleeper, and a savvy sculptor. His wish is to reach the top of the evil career track.

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