The Belin Legacy: Generation 2 Part 5b

This is part 5b!

If you haven’t read part 5a yet please go here! This was split into 2 parts because it was kinda large.

The backyard got a small makeover. The gnomes were very pleased with the new playground that they decided to play tag. It looked like poor Glenda was “it”.

Glenda: “If you don’t slow down I’m going to throw this cane at all of you!”

(Because the gnomes haven’t been given enough attention.)

It was time for Casper’s bachelor party! Everyone except Russel and some other old guy dressed especially for the occasion. (I’ve given up expecting anything better than that from him now.)

This is not very sexy at all….

Sal quickly took to the dance floor with one of the other old men.

Russel: “If you’re going to dance you gotta dance with me!”

Salvador: “OK!”

I never knew Russel was the jealous type.

The dancers arrived wearing what looked like Casper’s boarding school’s cheerleader uniforms….

Salvador: “What?! Only girls?!”

Russel: “This is stupid.”

So, they just ignored the dancers and danced together.

Russel: “You should change into your undies. That would make up for it.”

That would just be awkward! You remember who’s bachelor party this is, right?! D:


Casper: “This is FANTASTIC!”

Not-So-Sexy Old Man: “Now who will make us our drinks?”

Grim: “Good evening, gentlemen! I’ve finally arrived!”

Salvador: “No one invited you.”

Grim: “I know! And I was very hurt! So, now I’m taking your bartender away!”

Gage: “Whooooosh!” *zooms across the floor*

Grim: “What are you doing over there?”

Gage: “You can’t catch me~!”

Grim: “All I have to do is look at you, you old buzzard!”

Gage: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo……” *poof!*

You’re kidding me….

Casper: “Best bachelor party EVER!”

Everyone Else: 😦

But after 2 sim hours of waiting for Grim to show up he never did. I guess he really was hurt.

Casper: “Well, this was great guys, but I have a big day tomorrow. Night y’all!”

The others sneaked out and then there was only one guest left.

Random Old Man 2: “Well, this is very awkward… Should I just leave anyway?”

Upon arriving back at the Belin household at around 3am, it seemed Sebastian and Kristi were having their own little party.

Casper: “What the hell is going on here?”

Sebastian: “Come join us, son!”

Casper: “Are you guys drunk?”

Kristi: “Just Dad.”

I should hope so. It would at least explain his outfit.

The next day it was time to start planning the wedding. Only sims have the privilege of planning these kinds of things that very day.

The party guests started to gather at the wedding arch as the afternoon sun began it’s slow descent. I removed the benches so that the guests wouldn’t crowd in the bush like last time. :/

Despite the removal of the benches half the guests STILL tried to crowd in the bushes much to Casper’s embarrassment. And poor Brice was freaking out because of the crowd. 😦

Casper: “I’m really sorry about my family and friends….”

Casper: “They kinda grow on you though… eventually….”

Ashleigh: “….”

The vows went ahead as planned.

And as they exchanged rings….

… everyone decided to stare at poor Marie Hart who peed herself. At least perhaps no one will be fighting for that bush for awhile now.

Ashleigh: “Where’s the fucking cake! I’m starving!”

Casper: “Isn’t she beautiful?”

A match made in heaven.

Ashleigh: “So we need how many pieces?”

Brice: *hides from everyone*

And then it seemed everyone made a mad dash for the cake.

Ashleigh: “Would you damn people wait your turn?!”

Brice: “I don’t like weddings!”

Brice: “And now I feel kinda funny….”

But it was a good kind of funny because it meant that it was his birthday!

Brice: “Well, I’m outta here.”

And so he left to change into some more stylish threads. (Although I was half tempted to have him keep this.)

Later that evening….

Casper: “So, um, I’m actually not 100% sure where to go from here….”

Ashleigh: “Honey, no one really knows for sure their first time.”

And thus a night of discovery was ensued. ♥


Thank you for reading everyone!♥♥ And I’m sorry for being late! I’m still at the early stages of editing part 6 because I spent more time on this than I planned to (thanks to my brain and forgetting that Turkey Day was this Monday here in Canada), so, as I said before, I probably won’t be updating weekly, but I will try to at least aim for it. (Some of my plans for this gen kinda fell through too and that’s got me a bit behind and a little frantic since I have to figure out where I’m going to go with them because they are not helping me. 😡 ) Thank you for your patience.

Take care everyone and I hope you’ll enjoy the next part when I get it up! And happy Turkey Day to all my fellow Canucks! 🙂

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