The Belin Legacy: Generation 2 Part 5a

Part A of Part 5

Part B to be posted later when I get a chance. I didn’t expect things to go the way they did. 😦

Sim Weddings: Where I find out how much I really hate myself by going through hundreds of pictures because I get picture crazy during sim weddings.

Salvador’s big day finally arrived.

Sebastian: “Not that I mind, but what exactly is going on here?”

Brice: “This is Major Brice to Ground Control. Are you there? I repeat this is Major Brice to Ground Control. Can you hear me?”

Cuddles: “I can hear you loud an clear, Major Brice! I can see you too!”

Brice: “Hey! You’re suppose to be on earth, not where I can see you.”

In the late afternoon everyone began to gather at small wedding park. Of course Russel was the only sim NOT in his formal attire that I gave him. 😑

Casper: “It’s lovely weather for a wedding isn’t it?”

Ashleigh turned around with a huge smile on her face and jumped into Caspers arms, hugging him tightly.

Ashleigh: “Casper! I’m so glad to see you!”

Before the sun set completely Sal and Russel took their place under the wedding arch.

Fine, you guys. Don’t use the seating I put there for you. Just go and crowd in the bush instead. See if I care. (Because I actually do. 😦 )

Vows were said…

…and the sealed kiss was made.

I would say meet Mr. and Mr. Belin, but Russel seemed to want to keep his last name. I don’t know why or how that happened.

Sebastian: “Is Sal cutting the cake now?! Yay!”

Sebastian: “Cake!”

Russel: “Wait your turn, old man.”

Salvador: “I love these family moments!”

Salvador: “Guard my cake. I’m going to pee.”

Russel: “OK.” *plans to eat it after his*

This is when I noticed one flaw in my beautiful wedding park: I forgot the toilets. >:/

After the wedding Salvador grabbed his things (and put them in his butt like sims do) and left to meet up with Russel in their new home by the beach.

The next afternoon Casper had called Ashleigh to meet up with him at the not so secluded beach behind the Wolff’s house.

Ashleigh: “My favorite colour! You remembered!”

Ashleigh: “I was afraid you might not come back. You really liked the city you were staying in….”

Casper: “The city was nice…”

Casper: “… but there wasn’t anything worth keeping me there.”

Ashleigh: “I guess it was silly….”

Casper: “Well, yes it was considering I was at an all boys school and I’m not particularly attracted to guys….”

Ashleigh: “What are you doing…?”

Casper: “Ash, will you marry me?”

Casper: “You can’t say ‘no’ to these adorable ears, right?”

Ashleigh: “Of course I will.”

Ashleigh: “I love you Casper.”

Casper: “I love you too, Ash.”

Casper: “At the end of this week, let’s get married.”

Ashleigh: “Really? Are you sure?”

Casper leaned towards her and whispered in her ear:

Casper: “I don’t want to spend any more days away from you than I have to.”

Things were finally falling into place for Casper. He had managed to get himself a place in the local gang. Now all he had to do was work his way up.

Brice: “Isn’t it my turn yet?”

Salvador: “One more!”

I guess at least they’re still hanging out together.

And then this is the secret he tells his brother. (;>_>)

Casper: “Why is there a ghost in my bed?! I can’t sleep with my step-mother’s dead mother! What would people say?!”

Well, when you phrase it like that….

So, I used moveobjects on and deleted Molly’s ghost. She has yet to appear again, so, I don’t know if she’s gone for good or not, but at least Casper got his new heir bed.


I will have Part B up hopefully tomorrow, or at least on Monday since I have that day off.Β  I really apologize. (;_;)

I hope you enjoyed it so far though! I will have part b up asap! Thank you for reading! ( ^3^) ~β™₯


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