The Belin Legacy: Generation 2 Part 4

Now extra shiny! Er, no sorry, that’s just the ring and my over-brightening of the image. nvm.

(WARNING: contains naked sim butts and suggestive sexual situations. MAY NOT CONSIDERED WORK SAFE. But it is not porn. Sorry. I think I’m already bordering trouble.)

Sebastian made sure to remember to call Casper every other day to be updated in his son’s life.

The family is paying for this?!?!

Salvador had invited Russel over to the house one evening and excitedly greeted him as soon as he walked through the door.

Salvador: “I have something I want to ask you. You remember when we were younger, you said that if we were still together that we should get married?”

Because it was only, like, a week ago.

Salvador: “Well, I really want to marry you Russel! You’re still the best thing that’s happened in my life.”

Russel: “It’s about damn time you asked!”

And then it was sexy shower time.

Salvador: “Sexy is my only time!”

I see….

And after Russel was giving him the sexy look over while Salvador was on the toilet. I don’t know what to think and it’s probably better that way….

So we moved on to Brice’s second birthday!

Brice: “Ta-da!”

Oh dear….

Brice: “What’s up with this haircut?”

The haircut wasn’t the first thing that caught my eye….

Sebastian: “So, when you have the wedding you’ve got something nice to wear, right?”

Russel: “Why? What’s wrong with this? I’m wearing my formal boxers.”

He’s kidding, right? This is a joke, please?

Sebastian: “Come here, I got a secret to tell you….”

Nice, Sebastian. You know that Gobias is his dad, right?

Brice: “What the hell is this?”

… A bed…

Brice: “I’m a child now. I should get my own bed like everyone else did.”

You’ll get your bed when I feel like giving you one. For now you sleep in Casper’s. If you want you can fight with your ghost grandma for the top bunk.

Brice: “The least you could’ve given me were my own sheets. Purple isn’t even remotely close enough to pink.”


He’s actually dreaming of exercising, but it was appropriately cute.

And the next morning…. (And by the way I’d like to mention that Russel hasn’t even moved in.)

Yeah…. This is pretty much all they do…. ( >_>)

Salvador: “Do you even understand this game?”

Russel: “Not really. I just like watching.”

Watching what exactly?


Salvador: “You broke the T.V. with your dirty thoughts.”

Russel: “I did no such thing!”

But it was fine because it gave them an excuse to go back to what they were doing before.

Repair Woman: “This is the most awkward job I’ve ever done….”

Sebastian: “So, boys, what are the plans for today?”

Sebastian: “When I was your age this was my favorite movie. It’s what inspired me to become a detective.”

This was when they decided that they would take it back to Sal’s room. It’s awkward living with parents sometimes. (And parents probably sometimes say that it’s awkward living with kids too.)

Sebastian: “Need any help with your homework. son?”

Brice: “As a matter of fact I have this history paper due soon… like, tomorrow soon….”

Brice: “Since you’re old and stuff you’d be able to provide an anecdote and that would save me SO much time instead of looking up resources at the library!”

Sebastian: “… I’m not quite that old, son….”

Brice: “Surely you must remember some of this stuff!”

Kristi: “Well, I’m off to prom. Be back whenever.”

And where do you think you’re going in your fancy attire?

Brice: “Prom.”

Yeah, no. Prom is for teens.

So, Brice decided to host a tea party with Cuddles instead.

Brice: “I’m sorry, sir. We’re all out of tea. What’s that? Yeah I know this is a tea cafe, but there’s no tea left. There was a mad rush, you see.”

So, Brice gave Cuddles some juice instead, and cruelly left it out of reach.

Brice: “Enjoy your juice and please come to The Tea Cafe again!”

Cuddles: *struggles to reach*

Brice: “Now we’ll make kissy faces like Sal and Russel!”

Cuddles: !!!!

Kristi’s prom night was a mix of success and failure. She somehow won queen of the prom, but got into a fight, got rejected by her supposed crush, and somehow tore down the deco while chasing said crush. Maybe there was something in the punch bowl.

Sebastian: “So, How was prom?”

Kristi: “I don’t want to talk about it.”

The next morning Cuddles decided to expose himself to Brice.

Brice: “You’re alive?!”

Cuddles: “You see, it makes me uncomfortable when we play kissy face….”

Brice: “YOU’RE ALIVE?!”

Jonah: “Don’t look behind you now, Glenda, but there’s a ghost!!”

Jonah: “Oh no! Glenda is possessed!”

See how much the rest care.

Glenda: “What is going on with my legs?!”

I have no idea! D:


Sandi: “I have a funny feeling something is about to happen….”

She was right because not 10 sim minutes later in a burst of confetti Casper appeared on the edge of a road leading into Sunset Valley dressed in his graduation robes. Crappiest graduation celebration ever. What the hell did we pay for? :/

He called a cab to come pick him up and drive him back into town.

When he arrived home he was warmly greeted by both his father and older brother.

Casper: “Art school was great! I won honors for this song I wrote! Wanna hear it? It’s called ‘Butter’!”


Kristi had just arrived home from a pool party and walked right past Casper. Before heading towards the stairs she stopped and turned her head to look.

Kristi: “Casper? Is that you?”

Casper: “The one and only!”

Kristi: “Why didn’t you tell me you were coming home tonight!”

Casper: “Well, it was kind of a surprise.”

Casper gave himself a hair cut and traded his sideburns in for a patch of facial hair on his chin. Somehow.

He decided that he was going to make sure this town didn’t know what hit them until it was too late.

Well, it’s going to be fun living up to that expectation. Thanks, Caz.


I wanted to give everyone a heads up that my updates will probably be slowing down soon. I’m starting to catch up with myself now, and also my brother is having his wedding near the end of October. I’ll be very busy with work plus helping out where I can and preparing for the wedding since I’m both close family and a part of the wedding party. (@_@;;) I apologize and I will do my best to bring out the updates as close to a week apart as I can. Pets will be out during that same week too and that will slow me down until the mods I use are updated because I don’t think I’ll be able to resist not installing it. You all understand, right? XD;;

With that out of the way, THANK YOU FOR READING!♥♥♥♥ Part 5 will have 2 parts to it since it’s a DOUBLE WEDDING! I could have split them into 2 completely different parts (ie: part 5 and part 6) which would have been more favorable for me, but I kinda didn’t want to….

I’m bad with words most of the time so I’m saying this while I seem to be on a roll: Thank you everyone for your continued support! I appreciate it very much and I hope I can continue to make this legacy entertaining for all of you.  ( ^3^)>~♥

And one more thing in case you haven’t noticed: Salvador and Russel are available for download if you’d like to download either or both of them.

Take care everyone, and I hope you’ll stop by for the next update! :3

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    • Thank you for all your comments!!♥♥ And thank you for reading all those parts too! I’m glad you liked the Belins and I hope you’ll enjoy the rest and future parts too. X3

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