The Belin Legacy: Generation 2 Part 3

Warning: Naked pixelated sim butt!

Just thought you might want to know.

Friend: “What the hell are you wearing?”

Kristi: “What the hell are YOU wearing?”

And this is why Kristi has no long lasting friendships…. That and my game seems to be very bad at spawning npcs for my sims’ kids, so, there isn’t really much choice….

The gnomes have now given up golf and decided to give cricket a try.


Jonah: “Don’t worry! I got it!”


Jonah: “It’ll buff out!”

Sandi was still finding it hard to come to terms with her mother’s death. For many evenings she would venture to her mother’s grave and sit while overlooking the ocean’s horizon.

Casper and Ashleigh were still continuing their relationship. He spent every evening after school with her, which always ended him up in trouble since he tended to lose track of time and stay out past his curfew.

Casper: “Who the hell are you? Can’t you see we’re on a date?”

I don’t know who she is, but she came down the path, sat at the picnic table behind them and watched them for awhile before walking over to join them.

So, Casper decided to move over a seat closer to Ash.

Casper: “Can I have one of yours?”

Ashleigh: “No way! You ate yours!”

Casper: “But they didn’t taste very good…. Besides, boyfriends and girlfriends share stuff. It’s romantic.”

Ashleigh: “….”

Casper predictably had stayed out too late and was caught by a police officer.

Sandi: “Where the hell were you?! It’s bad enough that it’s way past your curfew, but a police officer had to bring you home?!”

Casper: “I was on a date! I wasn’t doing anything bad! I lost track of the time!”

Sandi: “Your father was in a fit worrying about you! He’s coming in to have a talk with you.”

Sebastian came in the room and threw up his hands in frustration as he approached his son.

Sebastian: “What were you thinking?! You didn’t call! You didn’t tell us where you were going! Don’t you think about anyone else?! Do you know how worried we were?!”

Casper: “Dad….”

Casper had never seen his father so angry. He didn’t say anything, he just watched as his father let out a long drawn out sigh as he closed his eyes.

Sebastian: “I don’t know what I can do for you anymore, Casper. I’m at my wits end and I’m getting too old to keep up with you now.”

Sebastian: “I’m going to send you off to a boarding school.”

Casper: “WHAT?!”

Sebastian: “You’ll like it there. It’s an art school. I know you like to sculpt. It’ll give you a chance to explore that.”

Casper: “But… I have a girlfriend… I don’t want to go, Dad… Please….”

Sebastian: “Look, Casper. It’ll be OK. This will be good for you. Right now what’s important is sorting your life out. The older you get the harder it is to do.”

Casper: “…When am I leaving?”

Sebastian: ” The morning after tomorrow. A taxi will come to take you there.”

Casper sighed shakily. He only had one day left to be with Ashleigh and after then things would be so uncertain. How would Ashleigh take it? He felt he would die if she suggested they go their separate ways for the time being. “The time being” usually meant forever didn’t it?

The next afternoon Casper met up with Ashleigh and greeted her with a hug.

He had tried to hide his emotions as best as he could when he saw her, but he certainly was no actor.

Ashleigh: “What’s wrong, Casper?”

Casper: “My dad… He’s sending me off to a boarding school tomorrow morning.”

Ashleigh: “Why didn’t you tell me? How long did you know?”

Casper: “I just found out last night. I wasn’t sure how to tell you, Ash. I was worried about what you might say…. ”

Casper: “I don’t want to go Ash! I don’t want to leave! I don’t want you to leave me!”

Ashleigh: “Casper!”

She let him cry on her shoulder for a moment before she pushed him back to look him in the eyes.

Ashleigh: “Casper, Why are you assuming that I was going to leaveΒ  you over this?”

Casper: “Well, it’s far away….”

Ashleigh: “What day and age do you think we live in?”

Casper blushed and looked away with embarrassment for his overreaction.

Ashleigh: “I’m not going to leave you so easily.”

Casper was silent for a short moment before he pressed his open mouth to hers. He didn’t want to forget how soft she felt, the way her hair smelled of a tropical citrus fruit bowl.

Ashleigh: “So, we may as well try to make the most of this night, right?”

Ashleigh: “You’re hands still get sweaty….”

Casper: “So do yours.”

They listened to the sound of the roaring waves and watched the stars as the peeked out from the blanket of the suns last rays.

My sims do this on a lot of dates….

Ashleigh: “Well, I guess we better head back. I don’t want you to get into anymore trouble than you already have.”

Casper: “To be honest I don’t think it would make that much of a difference now….”

Ashleigh: “Promise you’ll keep in touch and you won’t forget about me.”

Casper: “Me? I should be worrying about you. I promise I’ll email you as much as I can.”

Hello there, Molly.

Oh, I wouldn’t sit there if were you….


Molly: “That damn boy!”

The next morning, after Salvador and Kristi were off to school, the taxi showed up to take Casper off to Le Formage Art School for the rest of his teen life.

Sebastian did have doubts as to whether or not he had made the right choice.

But it had been done and he had to believe that it was. He wanted the best for all of his children, and he hoped that they would all reach their full potential.

Not having Casper around bothered Kristi a lot. She didn’t like that he wasn’t there to sit with her and keep her company. She didn’t like being around many people and Casper was one of the few she did like to be around.

Kristi: “You better be home for my birthday, Caz.”

Casper: “I can’t make any promises, Kristi. I’m sorry. I’ll give you call though. I promise.”

Although Salvador wouldn’t admit it out loud, he too felt the emptiness in the house, though it was nice to not have someone poking his mattress at night while he was trying to fall asleep.

Brice: I changed my mind. I don’t want to be picked up right now. I’d rather pass out on the floor, thanks.

Salvador’s birthday finally arrived….

…and everyone tried to crowd into the kitchen to celebrate and I immediately regretted separating the dining room from the kitchen.

What is with this game and this CC hair?? (I don’t even like it that much. Why did I download it? I know why I still have it… I’m just lazy….)

With the hair of a lion! Roar!

I just hope I remember to do this for all the kids now….

Sebastian: “Here, son. This is a gift congratulating your coming of age.”

Salvador: “Sweet! A keyboard!”

Somewhere in in an alternate universe Gallifrey still exists and they are marketing gift boxes to sims. (Sorry to the non-Doctor Who fans who may not get that….)

Salvador: “Thanks, Dad!”

Salvador: “Here, Kristi. This was once very special to me and I would like you to have it now.”

Kristi: “What is this crap! Hand-me-down socks or something?!”

Salvador: “Here I am, giving you a present on my birthday! He was my very best buddy when I was your age!”

Kristi: “I’m not impressed.”

Salvador unfortunately went a little crazy at his party and ate some hotdogs that made his vegetarian stomach sick.

*sexy pose*

*sexy pose*

What the hell is wrong with me…. (p_-)

Kristi: “Mom, it’s morning, why is grandma still here?”

Sandi: “I have no idea.”

Molly: *stares into the very depths of your soul*

Salvador’s graduation day arrived and I was quite surprised that EA actually thought to have a parent bring any toddlers in the house along making the hiring of a babysitter a waste of money, but it’s better to be safe than have a social worker take away the babies.

Sandi: “There better be sandwiches. I’m starving!”

The graduation felt about as painful as my own did, until I realized I could use the speed 3 button. If only real life came with that sometimes.

Hey! No fair leaving early if I have to stay! 😑

Salvador: “YES!”

Salvador: “Now to blow all my education and join a rock band!”

Salvador: “But first you need to feed me!”

What the hell? Do you think you’re some kind a helpless pet? Go get your food yourself!

The next day Kristi celebrated her birthday.

Unison noise makers! Yes, it is one of the most annoying sounds in the world! (I had to take my earphones off.)

….I’m getting flashbacks of TS2 alien hybrids… It’s probably just the lighting…. ( >_>)

She’s Sandi’s clone alright. I don’t see a Belin in her except maybe eye colour, which is the same as Sandi’s anyway. 😦

Later on Sal had called Russel up to meet him at one of the secluded beach sites behind the Wolff’s house, which I guess doesn’t make it quite that secluded, especially when there’s a voyeuristic shark there watching.

Salvador: “So, Russel, we’re alone on a beach by ourselves…”

Salvador: “How would you like to do a little ‘stargazing’?”

Russel: “That sounds fantastic!”

Russel: “See that? That’s actually a planet and not a star. That’s why it’s so big and bright.”

Salvador: “When I asked if you wanted to ‘stargaze’ I didn’t literally mean stargaze….”

Russel should know better. When did he become so innocent? (o_O ) Or perhaps he’s just teasing….


Thank you for reading everyone, and I’m sorry for being a little late. I hope you enjoyed it! I got so sick of looking at this part, so, I really do hope it was OK… (;>_>)Β  And I hope that you will tune in next time to see little Brice grow up and more naked pixelated butts. Sorry, I’m so tired right now I can’t think clearly.

Take care everyone!~β™₯ ( >3<)

4 thoughts on “The Belin Legacy: Generation 2 Part 3


    Casper is such a sweetheart, haha. It's hard for me to pick a favorite between him and Sal. They're both incredible.

    I love how much personality you give your characters. This is my favorite legacy by far. ❀

    • Thank you so much! That means a lot, thank you!β™₯ I’m so glad you enjoy it so much! (ΰΉ‘οΏ«β€ΏοΏ©ΰΉ‘) I think it’s sheer luck that they have some kind of personality since it doesn’t always seem to come out when I play them, and I tend to have trouble focusing on more than one sim. XD; But I do try because I want each sim to be special in some way. I like them both the same too, although it’s funny because I started really liking Russel the most recently. XD;; I’m very much kicking myself for not downloading the male pregnancy hack just for them. (Still could I suppose though. (^^;;) )

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