The Belin Legacy: Generation 2 Part 2

In which stuff happens.

Yeah… I got nothing…. *shamefully walks away*

Sandi had received a sudden call from Fiona McIrish concerning her mother.

Her mother  seemed to becoming more frail with the passing days. She knew her mother was getting older and that she probably only had so much time left….

So she called over her mother that day to try and convince her to move in. She even resorted to feigning difficulties with raising the children (which was true for one), but Molly didn’t buy it. There was only one thing left to offer:

Sandi: “If you want I’ll even have a room built for you with your own bathroom!”

Molly: “Well, in that case, how can I refuse?”

Salvador: “Would you quit sneaking around me? It’s kind of embarrassing and weird.”

What are little brothers for if not to embarrass and be weird and turn your Barbie carrying case into a toy gun case… Ahem, I digress….

Casper: “So, Hesper, I was thinking, we need to update our tactics. The eggs are starting to get old. I was thinking of flaming bags of poo although I’m not sure where we’ll get the poo from….”

Kristi: “Who the hell are you talking to?”

Molly: “Oh, I see! He’s talking to the pretty bird in the painting! Hello pretty bird!”

Casper: “….”

Kristi: “….”

Hesper: “Why does she think I’m a bird?”

I don’t know if she’s serious or patronizing him.

Casper liked spending time at his mother’s childhood home when he could. There was no information about his father’s parents, so, he liked reading the journals his Grandfather Alto had left behind.

Reading them gave him a sense of belonging in his family. It wasn’t as if no one in his family loved him, but he didn’t feel completely connected to them, at least not in the way that he was with Grandfather Alto’s words.

He also had another reason for visiting his mother’s house often: Ashleigh Frio. It was like she understood the deepest parts of his heart that no one else did, and it didn’t help that she had the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. They had both come a long way since they were children shooting spitballs up at the classroom ceiling.

But there was one awkward problem…. And it wasn’t seeing his mother in a sexy bikini. He was glad for his mother and he wanted her to have the happiness she deserved, but he wanted the same kind of happiness too. The kind that everyone else seemed to have. If his mother and Ashleigh’s father were to marry would he still be able to be with Ashleigh?

(I have no idea how the game recognizes step-siblings…(;>_>) )

Kristi: “Why are there no pictures? Who wants to read a book with no pictures? And what’s with this bulge thing? What exactly is that?”

Bedtime stories seemed to produce more questions than what Sandi was prepared for, even though it was technically her own fault….

Sebastian: “Zzzzz dragons zzzzzz”

Brice’s birthday finally arrived. (I cheated and extended their lives a little bit to try and get some screenshots… ( >_>) )

And  he aged up to a toddle the sparklies decided to smack him upside the head for good measure. Damn sparklies.

Salvador: “See? Right here. You put it through the hole that has the same shape.”

Brice: *noms*

Salvador: *sigh*

He tries to be a good big brother.

Brice: Oh dear, Mr. Cuddles. I’m afraid this doesn’t look good…

Brice: But don’t worry, I have good news! It won’t last long! You’ll be dead in a few days!

Cuddles: ….!

Glenda: “That’s it! I can’t stand all this transitioning and baby stuff anymore! I’m leaving!”

Rocio: “Peace out!”

Jonah: “Wait! What about your son! I’m not getting stuck raising these two alone!”

Later on the next day while the kids were supposed to be on a field trip…

Russel: “What the fuck was that?”

Salvador: “What happened? Weren’t we just inside the police station?”

Looks like patching is not only hard on the player, but for the sims as well.

(It’s kinda funny the first time, but I still wish EA didn’t do this….)

Russel: “I thought for sure it was the end! I thought I wasn’t going to see you again!”

Salvador: “So did I…”

Oh, shut up you two. It wasn’t that bad.

Russel: “Let’s make out to release the tension.”


It was convenient for Casper too because it meant that he could get out early and go meet up with Ashleigh.

By the time they had met up at the park the sun had already set and the city lights were already coming to life. He had made sure to pick a bouquet of her favorite flowers from one of the gardens in the park on his way.

Since there wasn’t much for teens to do in the park they decided to sit down in the middle of one of the fields to watch the stars. Even though the flowers had been an obvious sign of his adoration for Ashleigh, it still did not ease the beating of his nervous heart as he reached his hand out to place it over hers.

When she turned to look at him he could see that she was turning about as red as he felt.

Ashleigh: “It’s funny that you can move so coolly and when you’re hand touches mine it’s all sweaty.”

Casper: “Shut-up. Yours is kinda sweaty too.”

Meanwhile, at the Belin’s house something was wrong with Molly.

(I really do apologize for not waiting for the house to fully load….)

Sebastian ran as fast as he could into the living-room when he heard Sandi’s loud sobs.

Sandi: “Sebastian, please! Do something!”

Sebastian: “I’m sorry, Sandi, there’s nothing I can do….”

Molly: “No regrets. I’m sure it won’t hurt a bit.”

She was wrong.

Is it terrible that I found this absolutely hilarious?

Sandi: “She wasn’t even with us for very long!”

Sebastian stepped towards Sandi and wrapped his arms around her.

Sebastian: ” I know, I know.”

Sandi: “It’s not fair that she had to leave so suddenly!”

Sebastian: “But you know, she’s in a good place. I’m sure a part of her will always be with us.”

~Unnecessary foreshadowing~

Kristi seemed to be unable to sleep well after the death of her grandmother, and even though that was the case, she still insisted on staying in her grandmothers bed.

Kristi: “What is it with you and Mom and reading me these books? You realize I’m still a kid, right?”

Sebastian: “But without pictures you can use your ~imagination~! You’re imagination is a wonderful thing!”

Kristi: “Screw that! I want pictures!”

It didn’t take long for Kristi to fall asleep with the lack of pictures and all. Sebastian closed the book, tucked her in, and placed a kiss on the top of her head.

As he left the room he whispered a loving good night to both of his children before turning off the lights and heading to bed.

Jonah: “Wait, I thought you were leaving….”

Glenda: “Changed my mind. I’m playing golf now.”


Thank you for reading everyone! ( ^3^)

When I moved Molly in I thought I would’ve had at least a couple more days left in her life bar, and when I looked at it it was all full! I cheated a little because I didn’t want her to die the same day she moved in.  😦

Gen 2 Part 3: Sebastian finally decides it’s time to do something about Casper’s bad behavior + more growth spurts and CAKE! Although there always seems to be cake.

Take care everyone!♥ Hope you will join the Belins again next week!

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