The Belin Legacy: Generation 2 Part 1

Warning: Mushiness, and, oh yeah, a little swearing. (; >_>)

Holly had decided to move into her parents’ old house.

It was almost haunting without them there, and the memories of her childhood clung to every wall and object. Every time she turned a corner she almost expected to see her father or mother standing there.

She had moved there so that she could be closer to her boys instead of living on the other side of town.

Connor and his daughter from a past marriage had also come to live with her. She had decided that she would make new memories here, and was determined to have them remain happy to overcome the old.

And when I returned to the Belins (which, mind you, was barely enough time for them to do much) I found poor Brice on the cold hard floor.

When Casper had looked out the window one evening he saw what looked like a girl standing across the street. For some reason it made him think of Hesper. He picked Hesper up and quickly ran for the door.

But when he ran to the edge of the road the girl was gone.

He held Hesper tighter as he looked longingly in the spot the girl had stood. He didn’t know why Hesper had suddenly stopped coming to him. He figured that maybe it was something that happened when a sim grows up.

Sebastian: “What are you doing out here?! Did you forget you’re grounded?!”

Casper: “But, Dad, I thought I saw someone….”

Sebastian: “That’s no excuse!”

Casper: “But I thought… I thought… I saw Hesper….”

Sebastian: “Look, Casper, you’re old enough to tell the difference between your imagination and real life. Go back in the house.”

Casper: “But she’s-!”

Sebastian: “Inside. Please.”

Casper reluctantly turned around and walked back towards the house followed closely by his father.

Inside their typical meal of salad was waiting for them (since Sal is a vegetarian). Evening meals were rarely ever lively, but the silence seemed to loom heavier than usual, and made more obvious with Sebastian’s attempts at conversations with his sons.

Casper finished his meal as quickly as he could, and stood up from the table before anyone else had finished. Sandi looked up as if to say something to stop him from leaving so soon.

Casper: “I’m just going outside to play with Kristi.”

She continued to look at him even though she didn’t say anything and it irritated him.

It irritated him whenever she tried to be his mother. Even though he didn’t want her in his life he didn’t mind that Kristi was. Maybe it was because they were siblings or that he felt most comfortable around her because she didn’t mind him for the flaws that everyone else nagged him about.

(flaws meaning sticking whoopie-cushions under cushions and hair dye in the showers. (;>_>) )

Sebastian: “I don’t know what to do with Casper. Every time I turn around he’s getting into trouble. He wasn’t this bad when he was a kid.”

Sandi: “He’s a teenager, Bastian. He’s going to try and stretch his boundaries a little.”

Sebastian: “I know, but I still can’t help but think that maybe there was something I could’ve done… Sal has never been like this….”

Sandi: “Sebastian, you’re not a bad father. Trust me, I know. Things will come around, you just have to keep showing him you care for him, especially when he tries to push you away. He’ll realize sooner or later.”

Sebastian: “You’re probably right, Sandi. Thank you.”

The next day…. (Sometime after Sal got a hair cut at some point… (<_< ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Salvador: “Casper… I’m going to kill him.”

Salvador: “You gotta fucking stop booby-trapping the toilets! It’s really gross! the hair dye and whoopi-cushsions are one thing…”

Casper: “What booby-traps?”

Sal glared at his brother silently while Casper tried to fight off a grin. Sal released a defeated sigh.

Salvador: “Seriously, Casper. Dad’s worried about you.”

Salvador: “You’re hanging too much onto your childhood. It’s time for you to grow up.”

Casper didn’t say a word and continued to slowly eat his breakfast until his brother had finished and left the table.

When he got out of his seat and turned to face Hesper, Hesper was surrounded by colourful sparkles.

Casper: “This great, Hesper! Welcome back!”

Hesper: “Thank you, King Casper!”

Casper: “I’m jut glad there’s someone in this house who understands me!”

Despite it all at least there was one thing that had gone right, and it was enough to make Casper happy.

Rocio: “Ugh, what time is it? I have the worst headache…. Where is everyone? What happened last night?”

After school, like you’d expect of a typical good son, Casper came right home, albeit sneaking in as if he had done something bad.

Sandi: “Where do you think you were?!”

Casper: “I was at school….”

Sandi: “What are we going to do with you, Casper?! You know you are not to leave the house! You’re going to lead your father into an early grave!”

Casper: “But, it was just school!”

Casper: “Can’t you let me off the hook? I just want to go to school!”

Sandi: “Let me think about it…”

Sandi: “No!”

Casper: “But you’ll ground me if I fail in school too!”

Seriously, EA, this is messed up. :/

(I’m not sure if the newest patch fixed this or not. I’d be pretty surprised if it did though, and very happy.)

Casper: “I’ll show them. I’ll show them all!”

Casper: “You watch the door, Hesper, while I conjure up something horrid. I’m gonna make them regret grounding me! They’ll wish they never kept me inside of this house!”

Hesper: “Will do, King Casper!” *watches door*

Unfortunately it didn’t go quite as planned, but Hesper continued to vigilantly watch the door.

Meanwhile the good son was out on the town with his boyfriend.

(Is anyone else seeing the faint irony here?)

Russel: “Pizza? That’s not very romantic…”

Salvador: “Your outfit at prom was about as formal as this pizza.”

Russel: “Are you STILL upset about that?”

Salvador: “Nah, I just want pizza.”

After the pizza the boys returned to the dancing floor.

Salvador: “Russel, I really want to tell you, you’re one of the few best things to happen in my life.”

Russel: (๏ฝกโ—•_โ—•๏ฝก )

After staring at Salvador for a few seconds Russel crushed his lips against Sal’s. Caught off guard Sal felt his body melt against Russel’s.

Russel: “If we’re still together when we grow up let’s get married.”

Sal’s reply was a breathless “Yeah… OK,” as he tried to regather his composure.

He’s kinda easy-going like that.

And it seemed that Glenda had a new bundle of joy and celebrated by kicking into a dance.

Rocio: *wipes eyes sleepily* “What’s with all the noise? Some gnomes are trying to sleep around here….”

And what is this? Is this some kind of gnome infestation?! Where do they keep coming from?! You let one stay and they all think it’s some kind of safe haven!

Jonah: “Oooh, a sand box! I like this place already! Toilet facilities and everything!”

No one said you could stay! Go away! Don’t you dare poop in that sandbox!

After a near week of being grounded and re-grounded Sebastian decided it was about time to let Casper get back to a regular teen life.

Sebastian: “Look, Casper, I don’t want you to waste your life stuck in the house all the time. Just stay out of trouble, OK?”

Casper: “Does this mean I’m off the hook??”

Sebastian: “This time, but stay out of trouble, all right?”

Casper: “But I’m off the hook, right?”

Through one ear and out the other….

And like all things sims, Casper is now glitched and sneaking everywhere.

And things still hadn’t changed at all. (p_-;)


I get so embarrassed when I have to write captions for mushy scenes. I’m like an 6 year old kid I think. (๏ฝก๏ฝฅ_๏ฝฅ๏ฝก )

Sorry for the lateness of this. I was going through a bad two weeks and had a hard time feeling satisfied with this (I’m still kinda not satisfied, but oh well… (; >_>) ). I hope you enjoyed it though. Thank you for reading! Take care! โ™ฅ I will try to have the next part out Thursday or asap.

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