The Belin Legacy: Generation 1 Part 6

The uniting of a father and daughter.

Despite the complications of life Sebastian continued taking cases and snooping through other people’s mail.

As well as telling bad jokes….

Rocio had taken to sulking in the walk way.

Rocio: “You can all just step on me. See if I care. I don’t care. Nothing compares to the pain in my heart.”

He apparently was not taking it well that he has to wear his hat.

After Holly had moved in with her new beau Sebastian had asked Sandi to move in with him.

He was finally able to see his only daughter, Kristi, and was determined to make up for his absence.

(The game wouldn’t let him see her before. 😦 )

Even though things weren’t as picture perfect as one expects, Sebastian felt that his family was complete.

Both Sandi and Casper celebrated their birthdays.

Casper grew up looking just as much like an Alto as a Belin.

Sebastian and Sandi decided to use some of their extra money to build a playground for Kristi…

… Though it seems it was just as much for them too…. (  >_>)

Glenda: “Well, this is an awkward view….”

And an awkward feeling….

After the escapade in the tree house Sandi started to feel a little under the weather during the mornings.

Casper: “My dear brother, you wouldn’t allow me to take a gander at your homework when you’re done, would you?”

Salvador: “You’re not copying my homework, Casper.”

Casper: “Then I’ll just stand here and laugh evilly has you do your homework! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!”

Salvador: “Alright, alright! You can copy my homework! Just quit it! You’re creeping me out!”

Casper: “Excellent.”

Casper: “Aw crap! I can’t even read his writing…”

And Sal wouldn’t help him further than that either.

Randomly during the night this girl stood across the street underneath the street lamp a la creepy style. (Kinda like a ghost.)

After I hovered over her, curious as to who she was, the name the game gave her was Hesper. Apparently feeling sad and rejected Hesper haunted this spot during random nights.

It made me feel kinda bad for ignoring her… ( >_>) Although she disappeared into Casper’s inventory on her own….

The limo arrived Friday to pick Sal up for his prom.

Salvador: “Dude, you know this is a formal event, right?”

Russel: “I’m wearing my formal pants aren’t I?”

And so the event began to unfold with Salvador winning king of the prom!

I’m not sure how the votes could be rigged if they were rigged by everyone, because that would mean that everyone voted…

Oh I get it.

And any question I had of whether or not this was a date or a buddy thing just went out the window. It just makes me wish I didn’t need a hack for male pregnancy so that Sal could have a chance at heirship. 😥

(I was gonna download it but it hasn’t been updated in a long while now and I’ve lost enough legacy families due to hacks and saving errors. Although it’s possible I can work around it and maybe get a “donor mother” and use some cheats… hmm….)

Oh God, that picture! Love forever! XD

So the night ended with a bash and Sal with his first official boyfriend. If only the crown was wearable, but I’ll take what I can get.

Casper: “I’ll make something amazing with this!”

I don’t even remember what he made, so, I doubt it was that amazing.

Kristi: Onward, Pinkie! Charge!

Apparently there was a time limit on it even when you own it. :/

Needless to say Kristi was not happy about it.

Kristi: Screw you! I’m not done yet!

That face! I didn’t know whether to laugh or squee! So conflicted! So I sqaughed.

Mysterious Mr. Gnome sadly passed away and I found this tomb stone in his place.

Rocio: *tear* It’s a great likeness of you, Dad!

Glenda: “It doesn’t do much for his ass though.”

Sandi was starting to show her pregnancy and was ready to give birth any day now.

Ummm what?

She was actually at the house the whole time looking for Kristi, who seemed to be playing hide and seek.

Sandi: “Is that pee in front of the door?”

Kristi: “Bwahaha! no one will think to find me here!”

Well, that is no one except Casper.

Sebastian had wanted to teach Sal to drive as a way to connect more with his son. However, as Sal drove at slower than a snails pace he was starting to wish that he had just signed Sal up for drivers’ school instead.

It was even painful for me to watch.

Sandi: “Oh God! The baby is coming!!”

Kristi: Mama, you’re in the way of my toy!

Rocio did a fancy little greeting to the new bundle of joy in the Belin house as they returned from the hospital. Or at least I think that’s what he was doing.

It was another boy for the Belin family: Brice Belin. He was a happy giggly baby, but didn’t really do much of anything that interesting, like most sim babies.

Casper: “Ugh. I’m in a bad mood. I need to cheer myself up.”

So, after breakfast he went over to his neighbor’s house with a carton full of eggs.

Apparently magic floating eggs too.

Malcolm Landgraab: “What the hell are you doing?! Get out of here before I call the cops, you punk!”

Casper: “Bwahaha! I think now I’ll go knock over his trash can for no reason.”

Casper: *kicks over can*

Which landed him in a cop car that drove him all the way home, and by all the way I mean right around the corner. Clearly sim cops have no respect for the price of gas these days.

Sebastian: “What the hell do you think you’re doing? You can’t go vandalizing the neighbors’ homes! What kind of reputation are you trying to give us?!”

Casper: “It’s not like I stole silverware or anything!”

Sebastian: “You are totally missing the point, young man! You are grounded until further notice!”

Casper: “I RULE MY OWN PERSON!!!!”

Sebastian: “You’re still grounded.”

So, Casper went and sulked on the toilet seat.

Kristi’s birthday arrived and the family had a private party to celebrate.

She grew seeming to have more features of her mother’s than her father’s, and with a very indifferent expression on her face.

Later on that evening Casper set up some little surprises for everyone.

Casper: “This house won’t know what hit them.”

The next morning…

Salvador: “What the…?”

Salvadore: “What??!”

Salvador: “WHAAAT?????!!!”

Salvador: “CASPER!!”

Kristi: “Meh. It goes with my clothes. I can deal.”

Sebastian: “Yay! Clean laundry! Today is going to be such a great day!”

Sebastian: *goes to sit down and watch t.v.*


Sebastian: “What?! *sniffsniff* That wasn’t me….”

Sebastian: “That damn kid….”


Thank you again for reading everyone! I hope you enjoyed it. 🙂

Looks like the Alto genes were passed on after all. Too bad Nick and Vita weren’t alive to see it. They would have been so proud. 😥

Take care!~♥ I hope you look forward to the next one!

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