Belin update will be late

Sorry to anyone who may be waiting for the next update. I’m still in the process of deciding what I want to keep and how I want to edit the next part. Last week was kinda bad for me and this week I caught a really bad cold/flu that’s lingering around, so, my mindset has been really terrible. My apologies to you. (;_;) I will have it up as soon as I can though.


If you’re interested I have a simblr now, Simbico. I don’t post much on it since I don’t usually have much to post, but it’s there. (^^;) It may not always be considered work safe since right now I have a naked (pixel censored) elder on it…. (;>_>) Anyway, if you have simblr too and want to follow each other let me know. :3

Take care everyone! And thank you! ♥