The Belin Legacy: Generation 1 Part 5


And so forth.

When we last left the Belins, Sebastian had confessed to Holly about his affair and the child that had been born as a result of it.

He had willingly taken over Salvador’s bedroom…

… while the boys shared their own room and got their own bunk beds to sleep in.

Holly ignored Sebastian’s presence for the most part when their children weren’t at home and took her anger and hurt out on fixing the constantly breaking appliances.

After a few days and only when Holly wasn’t home did Sandi come to visit Sebastian. He explained to her that he had finally told Holly the truth.

Seeing the anguish contorted in his face all she could do was hug him and try and console him.

She reassured him that if he wanted she would still stick with him. She told him how much she loved him and that she wanted to be with him, but only when he was ready.

Boo: “Oh, bestest buddy! How you have grown!”

Yes, I seemed to have lost track of the birthdays again…(  >_>) But considering how much birthday cake they still have it wasn’t such a bad thing.

Apparently it was Boo’s next age transition too? (o_O)

They get creepier the taller they get. (;_;)

Salvador: “Sorry, Boo. I’m a teen now. I can’t have have imaginary friends anymore.”

Boo: “Et tu, bestest buddy!” D:

This actually broke my heart a little.

And, so, with his new virtuoso trait Salvador was ready to take on the world as a teenager.

But he apparently wasn’t ready to give up his bicycle.

He dreamed of becoming a great musician and seeing his name up on the billboards all over his town.

But in the meantime he would have to settle for playing in the park.

Casper: “Casper Belin presses the pedal to the metal! He Swerves by all the cars to get ahead! Vroom! Vroom! And he’s broken away from the pack!”

Casper: “But what’s that?! Holy crap! Is that a Lazy Boy chair??? I didn’t know they could move so fast!”

It seemed at first my game was feeling guilty about suggesting all the drama that had occurred between Sebastian and Holly that it decided to give them a free vacation for two for an undisclosed amount of days.

Which meant that the boys were now home alone to fend for themselves! Could they survive on their own? Who would prepare their meals now that the birthday cake was finally all gone?!

So they celebrated their time without parents by telling ghost stories. (And I will not blame you one bit if you just skim through this. (;;>_>) )

Casper: “Three friends were driving one dark night. The road was pitch black  and there was barely any moonlight shining through the trees that lined up along the side of the road. Suddenly the car jerked as they drove over what felt like a large speed bump! The driver stopped suddenly and all three friends looked nervously at each other.

‘It’s probably just an animal,’ the friend in the back reassured.

‘Then you get out and check! Make sure it’s dead!’

‘I’m not going out there! It’s dark out there!’

‘Just take this!’ the friend in the passenger seat said and gave their friend in the back the flashlight from the glove compartment.

He was silent for a short moment. ‘Fine,’ he complied as he went to open the door, but just before he could open it there was screeching of metal against metal coming from the back of the car, like a hook being dragged across the door of the trunk. They all looked at each other with wide eyes, not one daring to breathe until it stopped. Simultaneously they all quickly locked the doors.

‘What was that?!

‘How should I know!’

‘Well, look out the window!'”

Casper: “The friend in the back cautiously looked around through the right window and slowly turned around to look out the back and let out a sudden gasp! The back window smashed and he was suddenly grabbed by his neck and pulled out through the broken window, leaving small traces of blood on the sharp bits! His other two friends screamed his name and continued to scream hysterically before the driver pressed as hard as he could on the pedal, speeding away leaving their poor friend behind!”

Salvador: “And then what happened?”

Casper: “In their frantic get away the car crashed into one of the trees! Neither of the friends were hurt badly, but it wasn’t long before they heard the sound of boots crushing the gravel of the road, getting closer and close…. Both held their breaths and refused to move an inch. A dark shadow loomed over the driver’s side, but both refused to look up, hoping to pass for dead. A man stopped in front of the driver’s side window and leaned one arm heavily over the roof causing the car to rock to one side. In a rough gravelly voice the he spoke to them:

‘Did you boys drop something?’

Instinctively both friends looked towards the shadow, and in the hand of the man leaning over their window they saw…!”

Salvador: “Yeah? Yeah?”

Casper: “It was the body of their dead friend dangling by his jaw from a large hook the man was holding up with his other hand. the friend’s dead eyes stared at them with terror etched in every line in his face! The friends screamed and it was the last scream they would ever screamed again! dun dun dun!”

Salvador: “Great! Now I’m never gonna be able to sleep!”

And then Casper, being the evil sim that he is, snuck up behind his brother and yelled:

Casper: “Did you drop something?!!”

Salvador: “Quit it!!”

Casper: “Only if you give me 10 simos.”

The next night, after I clued into what the trip was really for, Salvador decided he wanted to have a teen party, so, he ordered some pizza.

Pizza Man: “That’ll be 30 simoleons, kid.”

Casper: “You think I have a job to pay for this?”

Pizza Man: “Very funny, kid. So, where’s you parents then.”

Eventually the pizza man got his money when Salvador quickly came to the door.

Mysterious Mr. Gnome: “Quit your moaning, son! You’ll wear your gnome hat even if it kills you!”

Rocio: “But it’s not fashionable, Dad!”

Glenda: “Whoa! Drama!”

And suddenly I’m having flashbacks of that Rudolph claymation movie where everyone is an asshole, even Santa.

Sal greeted his two guests for the party, the only other two teens in all of Sunset Valley. -_-

But the party had barely started when Sal received a call from some anonymous sim that one of his neighbors had called the cops to break up his teen party! D: (We’ll blame the pizza guy.)

However, he couldn’t usher his two friends out fast enough before the police officer showed up.

Officer: “What were you thinking, huh? Having a party without your parents being home?”

Officer: “That’s how orgies happen!”

Salvador: “What??! Who was going to have an orgy??! There was only 3 of us!!”

Yeah! An orgy is 4 or more!

Officer: “I’m calling your parents right now!”

Casper: “What a great party! I love this song!”

While they waited for their parents to return Sal did his homework with his brother.

Casper: “Can’t I just copy yours?”

Salvador: “Our homework isn’t even the same.”

Casper: “But the teacher will think I’m a genius!”

Salvador: “No.”

Casper: “Awww.”

When the parents arrived home Holly immediately approached Salvador and started to lecture him on the dangers of teen parties and possible sudden orgies, and proceeded to ground him.


Salvador: “Please, Mom! I won’t do it again! I promise! Please, don’t ground me!”

Holly: “Well, I guess you look like you’ve learned your lesson, and you’ve always been such a good boy….”

It pays being best friends with your mom apparently. I don’t know how many other people can vouch for that.

The house environment had gone back to normal despite the vacation. Sebastian was distracting himself with his work and feeling like a real detective with his chem lab…

…while Holly busied herself with her own work.

Prom was coming up and Sal had not asked anyone to go, but Russel from the party had called to ask Sal if he would like to go with him.

Does this mean he’s asking him as a date? As a buddy? What?? What???

Salvador: “Yeah! Going to the prom!”

But is it a DATE????? I want to know this!! *hates being in the dark*

Holly had eventually decided to head back into the dating scene. She decided to meet up with her old beau before she had met Sebastian. He had lost his wife, Agnes Crumplebottom, to old age a few years ago and they had decided to reconnect. She didn’t have any expectations, but for now she was happy to be with him.


Thank you for reading everyone!~♥ Hope the “scary” story wasn’t too much of a bother. I tried to think of a way to shorten it, and it may have been because I’ve been so busy and exhausted these few weeks that I couldn’t think of a shorter one…. I apologize. (-_-)

I’m also trying to make it up to Holly because she deserves to have a good life too, and I’ve kinda ignored her a lot since all she wants to do is paint. (<_< )

Please take care everyone, and I hope you’ll enjoy the next part next week. 😀

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