The Belin Legacy: Generation 1 Part 4

Hai thar!

During Sal’s nap times, Boo often felt a little lonely with the bear playing dead and everything.

But sometimes he also missed his loneliness.

Meanwhile Sebastian was moping about his age over a hot plate of goopy carbonara.

He began having desires he never thought that he would ever have. He still wanted to have fun and feel young again! Did he move too fast for himself? It wasn’t as if he regretted having his children, he loved them dearly, and he cared about Holly….

He left early the next morning for a new case someone had requested of him. Unlike most of his cases he was actually going to meet with his client to explain that he would not be able to do it. He was tired of all these black mail cases people kept requesting, and he wasn’t desperate for the money from them anymore.

He met up with his client at the park where his clients seemed to always want to meet up.

Sebastian: “I’m sorry Ms. French, but I’ll have to turn down your case…”

But Sandi interrupted him in a low hushed voice.

Sandi French: “You see that woman over there?”

Sandi: “That’s my mother.”

Sebastian: “You want to blackmail your mother?”

Sandi: “Heavens no! You must have misunderstood my e-mail! I do need you to look up on her though. She’s been acting strange lately.”

Sandi: “Please, Detective? I’m really worried about her.”

Sebastian hadn’t felt this kind of feeling in a long time. Before he knew it he found himself saying “yes”.

After the meeting Sebastian decided to visit the salon to get a new wardrobe change.

However because the game didn’t designate it as a salon he had to create his own wardrobe which he very well could have done at home, but a change of scenery is always nice.

Casper aged into a toddler, forgotten about by yours truly due to being slightly distracted and forgetting he was going to age up that day. He grew up relatively happy despite being stuck in a dirty diaper during the transition.

Mysterious Mr. Gnome: “Where did my baby go??”

Rocio: “I’m over here, Dad!”

Mysterious Mr. Gnome: “Where?? I don’t see you anywhere! Who’s this guy over here??”

Casper wasn’t the only one to age transition apparently.

The days were passing by and Sebastian was feeling further and further from Holly.

Even though they sometimes ate meals together it almost seemed lonely. He often wondered if Holly felt the same way, but was afraid to ask. Holly had come from a family who strained  to stay together and he didn’t want her to have to experience that again, nor his own children.

But as the days continued on he began to find himself with Sandi more often after his cases. Somehow they had connected. Sebastian couldn’t say exactly when it started or who had made the first move. Maybe it had been a mutual move.

He felt like a teenager again with her, sitting on her back porch and watching the moon light bathe her face as they waited for the stars to appear one by one.

He knew it was wrong, but he still gravitated closer to Sandi. Every day he wanted to feel the warmth of her body brushing against his. Just the slightest touches excited him.

And when she whispered in his ear to come upstairs…

… even though he should not have let it get even that far he still followed her to her room.

While back at home Holly would lull their sons to sleep.

Sebastian didn’t think about how to put on his mental blinkers, he just did, and some how it made it easier to still fall asleep in the same bed as Holly…

… and it made it bearable to spend play time with his sons.

Sal’s second birthday arrived and Holly and Sebastian decided to try and hold a party again for their eldest son. It pretty much went the same as before minus a sudden child birth.

By the time Holly managed to bring Sal to the cake it had gotten late and people had begun to leave.

But Sal transitioned anyway…

… somewhat successfully….

Salvador: “Ugh! I can’t even see through this hair! Where’s the cake?”

Just as guests were leaving Vita Alto started feeling a little light on her feet.

Despite the untimely death of Vita Alto the party was somehow a hit. (Perhaps it’s why it was a hit.)

Even though they didn’t always get along, Sebastian still found himself mourning her death.


I swear I almost soiled my pants. What the hell, EA?? I’ve heard about these being creepy, but nothing prepares you for it when you see it for yourself in game. (o_o)

Boo: “Hey there, bestest buddy!”

Salvador: “….”

Boo seemed determined to follow Sal all over the house which included when he went to go pee or shower. (Which was annoying because it sometimes canceled those actions.)

Sal still enjoyed hanging out with his bestest buddy. His favorite activity seemed to be telling Boo scary stories.

Sal: “The night was dark and the moon couldn’t even be seen in the sky…”

Salvador: “… Then suddenly a bright electric light appeared in front of them!”

Salvador: “And in a crackle and fizz all the moths diiiiieed….”

Boo: “Nooo! The poor moths!” *cowers*

Only Boo found them scary however.

Boo: “Is the soup to your liken, bestest buddy?”

Salvador: “It will do. Good job, Boo.”

My imaginary friends never did this for me… We set places for them to eat.

Glenda: “Hey guys! My name’s Glenda! Mind if I crash here too?”

Mysterious Mr. Gnome: “Yes, but you’ll have to do pointless random poses too!”

Glenda: “Will do!”

Where the hell did he come from? O_o

While finishing up one of  his cases Sebastian received a call from Sandi. She told him it was urgent that she speak with him.

He rushed over to her house and met with her on the edge of her walkway.

Sebastian: “What is it? What’s wrong?”

Sandi: “I’m pregnant, Sebastian. Can’t you tell?”

Sebastian stepped back. He couldn’t believe it! She wasn’t showing much, but he could tell it was true!

Sebastian: “When? How long have you known?”

Sandi: “You have to decide what you have to do. I’m not keeping this secret from our child and it won’t be long before the town and your family finds out about it. Figure out how you want them to find out.”

Sebastian could only look on has she walked back towards her house.

Although his exterior didn’t show it much his thoughts were running frantically in his head. He knew this was bad. While his feelings had faded for Holly it didn’t mean he didn’t care for her at all. She was the mother of his children after all.

By the time he had returned home everyone in the house had already gone to bed. He got himself a quick bowl of cereal and just stared at it. He didn’t feel much like eating, but at the same time his stomach was grumbling for food.

Time passed and Sebastian was procrastinating. Every morning he planned to tell Holly, but the days went by without a confession. Sebastian still kept in touch with Sandi, but he seldom saw her. She refused to meet with him until he told Holly about the baby she was carrying.

Sometimes Salvador would just look at Sebastian quietly as if he wanted to say something to his father, but wasn’t sure. Sebastian wondered if Salvador knew something was up, and if he did Holly probably did too.

Casper’s second birthday arrived and the family opted for a private party after the headaches of the past big parties.

Casper was excited. He had never seen birthday cake before! (Thanks to my easily distractable mind.)

Casper: “Hey! Those are MY candles! Get out! Find your own!”

Even Mysterious Mr. Gnome showed up for Casper’s age transition!

Mysterious Mr. Gnome: “Damn kids and your damn sparklies!”

Then they all ate cake together for the first time as a family. It made Sebastian think that he couldn’t believe he had ruined this. Despite his procrastination he knew better than to think it would last.

Salvador: “This means cake for every meal for an entire week again?”

Casper: “Look, Hesper, if we’re going to be a great duo you’re gonna do as I say, ‘kay?”

Hesper: “Sure, friend! Let’s be the best!”

Casper: “First thing you’re gonna have to do is stop following me into the bathroom.”

Hesper: “But I get lonely….”


Mysterious Mr. Gnome: “Get up and do your random pointless poses, you lazy good for nothing whippersnapper!”

Glenda: “Zzzzzzzz….”

A couple days later Sebastian received a call from Sandi one morning.

Sandi: “Have you told her yet?”

Sebastian: “No, I… I need more time.”

Sandi: “Sebastian… She was born last night, our daughter.”

Sebastian: “What?! Why didn’t you call me?!!”

Sandi: “You won’t have much time. You have to talk to Holly.”

Sebastian: “Sandi, tell me, does she look anything like me?”

Sandi was quiet for a moment before she spoke, but when she did he could hear the smile in her voice.

Sandi: “She has your eyes, Sebastian. Her eyes, they’re beautiful.”

Casper: “All bow down to King Casper!”

Salvador: “Would you go somewhere else? I’m trying to do my homework.”

Casper: “What would happen to the people if their king left his post because his brother was doing his homework? They would be sad and lost, that’s what!”

Salvador: “Go take out the trash like Mom said or I’ll tell her you were goofing around.”

Hesper: “Look, King Casper! I’m taking the garbage out for you, my great friend!”

Casper: “Very good, Hesper. Now I can continue my reign like the great king that I am!”

Later that evening , after Sebastian arrived home he approached Holly in their living-room.

Sebastian: “Holly, I need to talk to you about something….”

Sebastian: “I did something terrible… And I’m so sorry…”

Holly just looked at him sadly without saying a word, so, Sebastian continued.

Sebastian: “I’ve… I’ve been seeing this woman… and it’s been going on for a little while… and we didn’t mean for it to happen, but… but we.. she had a child… The child is my child… I’m sorry, Holly, I’m so sorry!”

Holly: “You-! You idiot!”

Sebastian: “I know! I’m sorry!”

Casper: *opens door*

Holly: “Just SHUT UP!”

Casper: *closes door*

Holly: “I knew there was something going on. I didn’t want to see it, but I knew, BUT what I didn’t know is that you would have been so FOOLISH to make this worse for our children! You’re a selfish asshole.”

Sebastian just stood there without saying a word. There was nothing he could say, and he knew he had no right to try and defend himself.

He had made his bed and he would have to live that. That part he was prepared for, but it was that his family would have to live with it, and that was where he wasn’t sure of what to do.


So, yeah, Sebastian’s a dick and an idiot even though technically I was playing him, but I blame the midlife crisis in the game. (  >_>) (This had actually not been in my plans at all.)

Anyway, thank you for reading everyone! Hope you enjoyed it. I ended up doing a lot of editing and deleting of pictures, and my brain is not cooperating anymore for this part, so, I hope this read OK. (@_@)

Take care everyone!~♥ The next parts will start focusing a bit more on generation 2, so, I hope you will look forward to them! :3

3 thoughts on “The Belin Legacy: Generation 1 Part 4

    • They do the best way they can. That’s all I really should say. XD;; (Not that I think I’d be spoiling anything big… ( >_>) ) Glad you still like him though because he’s gotta stick around. lol I fought so hard with this. After I had done it, uploaded the pictures, I sat back and thought “What they hell did I just do? How can I write this? (;_;) “.

      Thank you for your comment! ♥ X3

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