The Belin Legacy: Generation 1 Part 2

Could love be around the corner?

Sebastian continued on with his case solving and stakeouts. Something big had to happen sometime in this small town. It was just a matter of time.

Sue: “What is that guy doing over there?”

Milton: “I have no idea. Maybe he’s birdwatching?”

He still occasionally saw Holly and would go on outings with her. He wasn’t sure how Holly felt about him and if she shared the same feelings as him.

But one evening when they met in the park it was Sebastian who was pleasantly surprised when Holly greeted him with her own confession.

She explained to him how she had liked him very much for awhile, but because of her family’s reputation she wanted to make sure that Sebastian’s view of her wouldn’t change.

Sebastian assured her that he saw her as who she was and not for her family’s past, and that his feelings for her were serious.

Holly: “Then I’ll be your girlfriend.”

Sebastian could feel his cheeks turn red and all he could muster out was a clumsy “OK”, but she seemed to know what he really meant judging by the way she smiled at him.

The stars were slightly dimmed from the lights of the town, but they still looked more beautiful to Sebastian than they ever had before.

Holly: “When you get a proper bed I might let you take me home one night.”

This made Sebastian very happy even though with his measly earnings he was far from being able to afford a double bed.

Before they parted for the night Sebastian gave her a quick kiss.

Sebastian had a lot to think about now. He didn’t have much to give or support Holly with. She would have to leave a completely different lifestyle that she grew up with. Holly wasn’t the materialistic type, that was true, but all Sebastian had to offer was an outhouse with a fridge in the back.

But he really wanted to be there with her. A lot.

Sebastian: “Hello! You’ve reached the Belin P.I. Agency. How may I help you?”

Old Man: “It’s about Holly Alto. I need you to dig up some dirt on her.”

Sebastian: “Who is this?”

Old Man: “Just meet with me outside of the Bistro.”

Sebastian ran as fast as he could across the street to the Bistro. There were only two people standing outside: a young woman playing a guitar and an old man in a red sweater. It was no question as to who is client was.

Sebastian: “You must be the one I was talking to on the phone.”

Old Man: “Yes, I am.”

Sebastian: “I’m sorry, but I’m not sure if I can do this one.”

Old Man: “I know you’re involved with Holly Alto. It’s why I asked you, and I don’t want to get my own hands dirty either. You see, Many of us want the Altos out of here, but they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. We want to ensure the peace and prosperity of this town. If Holly is anything like her parents she will be driven out as soon as her parents have deceased.”

Sebastian: “And who is ‘we’?”

Old Man: “Nearly the whole town, Detective Belin. You see this young lady here? She’s here to sing over our discussion so that no one overhears. The Altos have nearly everyone scared of them.”

Could he really spy on the one he loved? Money or no it seemed like a horrible thing to do. He trusted Holly, but it was obvious that this man did not. Maybe he could clear her name and prove that she had little to do with her family’s shenanigans.

Or maybe he would after a little supper first.

After he arrived home, Sebastian waited until everyone in the Alto household was out before running over to begin searching for his evidence.

He first went to search the trashcan, but he found nothing. Perhaps because the garbage truck had been by earlier today. Either way it seemed to please him.

He started to head towards the mail box when he heard a car drive up and stop in front of the Alto house. A cold chill went down his spine. It only lessened a little when he realized that it was Holly’s father, Nick Alto.

Sebastian: “Oh! Mr. Alto! Hello!”

Sebastian: “Lovely evening isn’t it?”

Nick Alto just walked by with a passing glance muttering something about cement and driving up to the cliff on the other side of town. Sebastian had the feeling that Holly’s father didn’t like him very much.

After the coast was clear Sebastian quickly went through the letters in the mailbox. There was nothing to be found incriminating about Holly. Her parents on the other hand…. But they were not what he was here for and the last thing he wanted to do was cause trouble for Holly. He was here to clear her name and that was it.

Sebastian returned the news to his client. Hopefully this would release any suspicion that the town had on her and maybe she could be freed from the criminal footprints of her family’s surname.

When Sebastian returned home he glanced up at the stars and thought of Holly and her doe-like eyes.

Even though he did what he did out of the goodness of his heart he hoped she would never know.

Mysterious Mr. Gnome: “Almost… there…. Very… quietly….”

The next morning Sebastian tried washing some the guilt away in a nice hot shower at the local gym, and to freshen himself up for Holly. He was going to do it. He couldn’t think of being with anyone else, and Holly was the first person he truly felt this way for. He wanted to wake up next to her. He wanted to take showers with her from time to time too. Sexy showers.

He was going to pop the question. Maybe after he had a cold shower first.

When he arrived he had to wait for Holly to come to the door since her father wouldn’t let him in. He seemed to take pleasure in making Sebastian’s life even just slightly more difficult.

When she invited him in he surprised her with a bouquet of red roses.

And she returned the flowers with a passionate kiss.

Sebastian: “Holly, I want to ask you something very important. It’s OK if you don’t want to do this for awhile, but I really need to ask you.”

She looked at him quizzically, but realization seemed to wash over her face as he got down on one knee.

Sebastian: “Holly Alto, I only want to spend my life with you. I want you to be a part of my new beginning and I want to be a part of yours. I only have an outhouse and I don’t even have a proper bed, but I can wait and work hard to get a proper place and bed….”

Holly: “Shut up you cheese! Of course I’ll marry you!”

Holly brought Sebastian to meet her mother and to announce the news to her.

(Really, introductions probably should have happened before, but whatevs. I only semi-planned this, and by semi I mean in that moment. >_> )

Vita seemed to like Sebastian very much, but she always had been a sucker for begging men.

That was until they discovered incompatible traits. (Good thing you’re not marrying each other! 😛 )

Sebastian used what he had saved up to rent the beach downtown to have their wedding party at.

Ayesha: “What the hell?! You’re getting married?!! I thought we had a thing! I thought we were going out!”

Sebastian: “But we were never in a serious relationship… And we only went out that one time…. I’m sorry?”

And they actually weren’t, although the game seems to think so. o_O Or maybe I forgot… oops.

They were stuck in a loop of her poking and yelling at him and I thought the wedding party was going to end without a wedding.

But just as the sun had set and the stars were peeking through the last of the sun’s rays Holly and Sebastian met each other near the bottom of the beach.

They said their vows….

And everyone who came looked on as they sealed their vows with a kiss.

Afterward they settled with a picnic basket and enjoyed their first meal as a married couple.

Ayesha: “I hope you choke on this rice.”


When they arrived home they were delighted to find a wonderful large house had been built for them while they were gone.

(I actually didn’t expect her to bring so much money into the family funds, although I did expect more than usual.)

Sebastian finally got his proper bed….

And Holly took up an occupation as a professional artist to sell her artwork to make a little extra money.

Mysterious Mr. Gnome was quite pleased with the house too and proud of his smart choice for a place to have his nest.

Food did usually taste better outside, but it was more fun inside with someone you loved.


Thank you for reading!~♥

I hope you enjoyed it! :3 A part of me regrets not having Sebastian continue his relationship with Ayesha, but Holly seemed to really like Sebastian and she really did make the first romantic move.

I want to give a warning, even though I will be posting an entry a week for a little bit, please don’t expect that I will be able to keep it up as much as I would like to. My job is pretty demanding of my time, and even though it probably might not seem like it, I do spend an awful lot of time on each entry. :S I will do my best to have a post every week though as much as I can. Sorry if this is a disappointment. 😦

Take care everyone!

4 thoughts on “The Belin Legacy: Generation 1 Part 2

    • Thanks again! I’m glad you’re enjoying it still! (๑◕ܫ◕๑) haha, Mr. Gnome does stick around for awhile. They’re too much fun to not have around. XD

      The hair mesh is called Bluebird and is by NewSea, but it’s re-textured by Lotus. (She has the option to have it without the ribbon which is what Holly has. The ribbon is cute too though.) You don’t need to download NewSea’s according to Lotus’ description.

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