The Belin Legacy: Generation 1 Part 1

You know how it begins…

(May contain language not appropriate for all ages.)

Meet Sebastian Belin! Freshly thrown out into the world after graduating from the Secret College of Secret P.I.’s Who Do Secret Stuff. Despite his genuine passion for snooping around he did not graduate at the top of his class, although he did well enough that they could not dismiss him from the occupation. Because of this they decided to send him to one of the towns with the least amount of terrible crimes: Sunset Valley.

And when they told him they would give him a beautiful spacious large lot to live on they neglected to to tell him that he would have to save up to build his own house and that all he had for shelter was an outhouse. Luckily he did think to bring his own sleeping bag.

But that was OK because he had a whole town to himself! And now he had to let this town know who he was!

So he decided to go crash someone’s party.

Sebastian: “Ummm… I can’t get in….”

Apparently I fail at creating lounges. 😦

But it worked out because the party was actually not at the lounge, but in the house next door.

When Sebastian entered the house he realized that it was not much of a party after all.

Sebastian: “Um, hey! I just came crash the party!”

Beau: “Hi! Thanks for crashing!”

Usually people don’t take that kindly to party crashers… but the two seemed to take a liking to Sebastian and it was a start.

Or at least they took a liking to him until he continued the forgotten meal Beau had abandoned.

Beau: “Dude. That’s totally inappropriate.”

Sebastian: “It’s OK. I can make the best [whatever it is he’s making] in the world!”

If the food hadn’t been sitting there waiting to spoil and if they all weren’t starving I could see it as a real problem of inappropriateness. o_O

Beau: “Omnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom”

Sebastian: “So, is it great or what?”

Beau: “This is shit!”

But he ate it anyway because sims are sims.

Beau and his wife started to head to bed despite the party not officially being over, so, Sebastian brought out his sleeping bag and decided to curl up on the floor of their kitchen.

Sebastian: “What the hell? There’s chicken in here!”

Beau’s wife, however, didn’t appreciate it and came downstairs to kick him out of the house.

So, poor Sebastian had to spend his first night out in the cold.

He woke up the next day feeling refreshed from the cool night air.

He did his duty to the city by paying his land taxes for his outhouse (as the papergirl laughed at him in his undies)…

… and ate a full hearty bowl of cereal.

Sebastian: “mmm, food always tastes better outside.”

He decided to start his day on the town at the library to look up any local postings for a P.I.

When he got on the computer to check for postings he was pretty disappointed. He had hoped for some more action and adventure, but instead all he could find was a posting for a man complaining about his kicked over gnomes. He ended up taking the case because, hey, money is money, especially when all you have is an outhouse.

Just as he was about to leave he almost bumped into a woman coming into the computer room. She looked at him and smiled holding her hand out to shake.

Ayesha: “Hi! You must be new to town! I’m Ayesha.”

Sebastian took her hand and shook it, smiling politely at her.

Sebastian: “Yeah, I just moved in yesterday. I’m the new local P.I., Detective Sebastian Belin”

Ayesha: “Oh! Uh! If anyone asks I don’t know anything about the missing diamond!”

Sebastian: “A diamond?”

Apparently she is in the criminal career track. Luckily that seemed to fly right over Sebs’ head.

Sebastian had an enjoyable chat with Ayesha, but unfortunately he had to go meet with his new client before the sun set any further. He found his client standing with an older woman outside of the small grocery shop.

Even though he seemed quite calm in stature Sebastian could see the ire for the poor little garden gnome in the man’s dark eyes.

Client: “You see, I know who it was! That young guy with the weird name! He wears kickers you see? What is his name?”

Woman: “Cycl0n3 Sw0rd.”

Sebastian didn’t feel this logic was strong enough evidence to convict someone of kicking gnomes, but he complied and said he would check things out. He needed the money after all.

His client gave him a piece of paper with Cycl0n3’s address written on it and followed the number on the houses until he came across the apartment building. He had to be careful and as quiet as possible to try and not draw attention to himself.

So he quickly twirled into his hat and coat disguise and started digging through the trash. Sure enough he found what he was looking for: a pair of beaten up kickers with paint scuff marks that could only match a gnome.

It was time to talk to Mr. Sw0rd.

Sebastian: “Hi. I’m Detective Belin. I’m looking for a Mr. Cycl0n3 Sw0rd?”

Blair: “Oh, I’m sorry. He’s gone for the night. Is something the matter?”

Sebastian: “Oh, Is that right. Hm… Well… I’ll meet with him tomorrow.”

Hopefully she wouldn’t tip him off and scare him out of town.

So, Sebastian returned home to enjoy a nice bowl of cereal (his new staple diet) under the twinkling of the stars.

The next morning he decided to catch up with Cycl0n3 at his work.

Sebastian: “I wish I could hop over that hedge. It’d be a lot quicker.”


Sebastian found Cycl0n3 just as he was leaving the building to head out on a news assignment.

Sebastian:  “Mr. Sw0rd, I have evidence that connects you to the vandalism of a garden gnome. Do you have anything to say for yourself?”

Cycl0n3: “I… What? What gnome?”

Sebastian: “I’ll sign you up for anger management and we can forget about this whole thing. That will fulfill your duty to the city enough.”

Cycl0n3: “What?? I don’t even know what you’re talking about.”

Sebastian: “Don’t get angry or I can have you arrested. Oh! Hello! Angry Anger Management? This is Detective Belin. I have someone to register….”

Cycl0n3: “But!”

Sebastian felt a sense of satisfaction as he walked away. He had completed a case and he had gotten help for a poor suffering individual.

Cycl0n3: “I don’t even know what’s going on…”

Client: “Anger management?! That punk deserved a jail cell! A jail cell and 10 years of re-painting weather worn gnomes!”

Sebastian was beginning to wonder if he had sent the right person to the anger management classes, but what has been done is done. Maybe he would go to the park.

When he got there, there were only a few people including a depressed looking business man having a hard time at grasping the game of hopscotch.

Sebastian walked towards two people playing chess next to the fountain and greeted the young lady.

Sebastian: “Hi I’m new in town. I’m the new local P.I., Detective Belin.”

Pauline: “Hi… I’m Pauline. Um, was there something that you wanted?”

Just her seat.

Just as he was about to leave  after a long grueling game of chess his phone rang. It was Ayesha.

Sebastian: “How did you get my number?”

Ayesha: “So, I was thinking, would you like to go out tomorrow night?”

Sebastian: “Ok, sure, but how did you get my number?”

Ayesha: “Great! I’ll meet you at the lounge! See you then, sweetheart!”

Sebastian: “….”

The next morning, unbeknown to Sebastian, a Mysterious Mr. Gnome had stumbled upon his food supplies and decided that his “house” would be an ideal place to start making a nest.

In the late morning Sebastian had received a call from police station about a possible tip. He quickly headed down to the police department and met with one of the police officers just outside (due to rabbit holes). She explained to him that there was a tip about two towns people hanging out at old abandoned warehouse. The tip didn’t provide enough information to bother sending one of their own, so, they decided to hire Sebastian to check it out just to keep the peace.

Sebastian found the perfect disguise and settled into a corner at the front of the old warehouse. It must have been about 25 minutes before he started hearing the sound of footsteps coming up the road.

It was Cycl0n3 and the young woman who lived next door! Why would those two be meeting in such a place? What was it that they had to be so secretive about?

Cycl0n3: “Aw hell, it’s that guy who signed me up for those anger management classes!”

Holly: “You’re the one who wanted to meet in such a strange place for such a silly reason.”

He was certain they couldn’t see him.

Everything they had said was in some cryptic code talk. Something about zombies and umbrellas.

Later on that night Sebastian met with Ayesha outside of the lounge, but unfortunately I had not fixed it like I had thought, so, they could do nothing except hang outside.

But despite their plans falling a bit short they managed to make the most of the night.

Gunther Goth: “Can I join? I’m very lonely.”


They headed to the dance bar on the beach which was apparently the most happening place in town. (These three were the only ones there.)

After a meal they decided to head to the hot tub in the back of the dance club.

Sebastian & Ayesha: “YES!! NAKED IN A HOT TUB!!”

Probably not the time to tell them what they can catch in public hot tubs….

The night was not so young, and after one make-out session it was time for them to leave.

Sebastian: “Someone keeps putting chickens in my sleeping bag!”

The next day Sebastian was back to finding more local cases to try and earn more money to build his future home. However unfortunately there were no cases posted.

As he ran into the park to practice his chess skills he spotted Holly standing alone. He immediately thought of the strange meeting that had occurred in front of the warehouse. The police department hadn’t gotten back to him about it, so, curiosity got the better of him. Who was Holly? What did she have to hide?

Sebastian: “Hi! I’m Sebastian Belin. I’m new to town.”

Holly: “Yeah. I’ve seen you around. I’m Holly.”

Holly seemed like the ideal angel of a young woman. She loved to talk about art and the best vegetarian dishes in town. The way her eyes lit up when she talked about the causes she stood for and supported made her adorable. It was hard to believe she had been talking about zombies the other day.

Sebastian felt strange when she spoke. He wanted to keep listening to Holly and whatever she wanted to talk about. He wasn’t sure if it was her voice or her own sense of justice. Could he be falling for someone so fast?


Thank you for taking the time to read part one of my new legacy family. 🙂 I do really hope it wasn’t too much and at least somewhat entertaining. ^^; There’s always the risk that these things can get boring due to the repetitiveness of it all. And if you did enjoy it I hope you will enjoy the next installments. 🙂

Take care everyone!~♥

9 thoughts on “The Belin Legacy: Generation 1 Part 1

  1. this is written so well, i love seb already (:

    may i ask what computer/laptop you use? the picture quality is just so good.

    ☮ ~ tamsyn.

    • Thank you so much! ♥ I’m really glad you like him. 😀

      My laptop is an HP Pavilion d7 Notebook PC. It’s kinda lagging a bit now that the house has gotten bigger though… 😦 But it’s pretty nice. It’s a few years old now, so, there’s probably a better model available for the price I paid for this one. (^^;) I bought it specifically for TS3 before it was released… (;>_>)

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